Captains – Round 14

Well RVP let us all down, who could have seen that coming. Just quickly on his situation, if you feel the need to trade him and reckon it will benefit you then do so, but I can warn you his drop in form won’t last to long. I will be away until Wednesday afternoon so I am posting the captains early this week for the midweek fixture. I will write my transfer talk, News wrap and Captains for next weekend on Thursday and Friday. Busy week ahead! Let’s take a look at some captain options for GW 14.

The Contenders:

Hazard – After another failure last week, just one attacking return in his last 4 games patience is running thin with hazard. A home game against Fulham will surely be his last chance for most and there must be goals in this game. I really believe he will score this week, however not enough to be making him captain.

Berbatov – After a predictable blank last week against Stoke Berbatov will be keen to bounce back this weekend. Fulham have a big trip to Chelsea and while it may seem like a bad fixture, Chelsea’s lack of clean sheets and Berbatov’s solid form suggest to me that he could get on the scoresheet. Add in the unrest at Chelsea and what he did at Arsenal and he doesn’t look like such a bad option after all. Certainly start him if you own him, maybe not captain this week though.

Aguero – An away trip to an in form Wigan will provide Man City with a stern test. However they conceded 2 to Reading and could leak goals here again. if you have any Man City players don’t rule them out, Aguero is favourite to get on the scoresheet but maybe not the most owned player. Good choice if you have him.

Lambert –Β  After producing attacking returns in his last 2 games Lambert is building momentum once again. A home game against Norwich should hold a goal or two for Southampton and Lambert could be a decent captain differential if your struggling for options.

Silva – Similar to Aguero, Man City should have goals in them midweek and Silva is usually central to most of their attacking play. However I don’t feel he is the type of guy to notch big scores and probably isn’t the best captain option out there. Not for me.

Rooney – While Man U have struggled for fluency lately, they still proved on Saturday that they are capable of scoring goals in quick succession. Rooney assisted one and very nearly assisted another, while he also had a few eyes at goal too. for those few who have held him he could be a great captaincy option this weekend, but not the best. He isn’t showing enough consistency yet…

Suarez – After producing a blank on Sunday he will be out to make amends against Spurs. I really fancy him for a goal and if it wasn’t for his tough away trip for Spurs he would be right in my top 5. I can’t see him racking up a huge haul and there are other options out there this week that should do better.

Michu – Finally for the contenders Michu has home comforts against West Brom this Wednesday and while they have been in top form, they are still leaking goals at the wrong end of the pitch. Michu could step it up again and hit double figures, he is a decent point of difference if you still hold him.

TOP 5:

1. Van Persie – after letting me and about half the fantasy premier league community down last week I’m sure some will be out of patience. I am willing to give him one more week however, he is too good a player not to score this week. he will be hungry after a 3 week dry spell and he should duly repay my faith on Wednesday against West ham. Whether you keep him or not is your call, but make sure you can use the extra cash wisely. If it doesn’t help you, don’t trade him. If you keep him, you should captain him.

2. Tevez – After not starting on Sunday he is bound to start against Wigan and should be free to run amok. Man City should notch a few and I’m tipping a classic Tevez double figure haul. Great option if you have him.

3. Mata – Mata gets my number 3 spot this round. A home game against Fulham should provide Chelsea 2 or 3 goals and surely Mata will be amongst the scoring. After last Sundays blank Chelsea will be keen to make amends.

4. Bale – yet another home game gives Bale another chance to shine, this time against Liverpool. he is in here over the likes of Suarez, Rooney, Silva and Berbatov because he seems to step up for the big games. After scoring against both Man United and Arsenal, I’m tipping another Bale goal here as well.

5. Fellaini – Fresh of his suspension last Saturday Fellaini will return with vengeance. Everton have only won 1 of their last 7, and after a poor draw to Norwich at home last week the traveling Arsenal supporters should be worried. They have beaten the likes of Manchester United at Goodison and could do the same to the Gunners on Wednesday. I reckon there’s goals in this game and Fellaini may be a decent option. Good to have him back anyway.

That’s all I have for this gameweek. See you lads on Thursday with a wrap up of the past two gameweeks before we look straight ahead to GW 15! Keep up to date with everything going on right here, busy week for all. Cheers.




21 comments on “Captains – Round 14

  1. mad romeys says:

    Just knee-jerked Mata oit thos week, probably a bad decision. Was gonna bring in Bale but decided against it.
    So RVP and Fellaini are the contenders, dont know who but probably gove RVP his first go.

  2. Factor x says:

    long or morrison on the field this week?

  3. Dan says:

    Probably RVP but two failures in a row has me reconsidering perma-captain status…new recruit Sess vs qpr at home is tempting

  4. burkltan says:

    Got all 5 candidates soooo…. Very tough choice! Surely RVP will tear West Ham a new one?

  5. Rami says:

    Why not Fletcher?

  6. stiffysexton says:

    is there a selection feature on this site for this mid-week gameweek?

  7. Glory says:

    Caulker or Petric for last spot on the field?

  8. stiffysexton says:

    i am going to downgrade foster, who should i get?

    • mattcraigdt says:

      I am under the influence right now so probs best if you second guess my judgement here, Begovic is your best, Mignolet should do well but options are few and far between.

      • stiffysexton says:

        i didnt see your message until now. i was going to get federici but reading are an awful team. glad i didnt do that. i might just hold out and wait till foster comes back after west broms encounter with win

  9. Factor x says:

    lol… the highest scoring team is someone with 48 points with all QPR, AV and sunderland players!

  10. Shaun Curnow says:

    Mignolet scores 8 on debut for me!! Probably best return ive had from keeper in months! Currently 8 from 1 player πŸ™‚ That has seen me jump upto 5478 overall in live standings πŸ˜€

  11. mattcraigdt says:

    When my number 2 and 3 don’t start due to rotation what can you do… Tevez isn’t even rotation. At least RVP, Bale and Fellaini are on the board so far!

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