Midweek in round chat

I’m back so if there’s any questions or issues you have during tonight’s fixtures then just chat away here! A very dull start to the round last night so let’s hope for some goals tonight! Good luck all.


17 comments on “Midweek in round chat

  1. Liam says:

    Dull? Got my sunderland clean sheet will take it and leave it from those two games

    • mad romeys says:

      Bad couple of games, really hoping that someone misses out so I can get Ciaran Clarks 6 points, second week in a row that I have done that.

  2. mattcraigdt says:

    Hmmmm…. Tevez benched again? Is there an injury we don’t know about or is mancini just high? Apologies to those who captained him, I didn’t see that coming 😦

  3. Louie K says:

    I traded Tevez in for Ba this week on the back of his bench start on the weekend. Wasn’t expecting him to miss out completely tonight. Poor form Mancini!

  4. stiffysexton says:

    ive taken your advice two weeks in a row with bale as captain and has turned out nicely…thanks guys, your site is awesoem!

  5. MattyZach says:

    Safe to say that Bale was in everything. Assist and a goal.. And then a yellow card and an own goal. Pretty busy day at the office!

  6. stiffysexton says:

    should i trade out baines or hazard? baines has a hammy by the way if you already didnt know and we all know how hamstring injury’s can make prolonged absences……

  7. mad romeys says:

    1 attacking return in Hazard’s last five and both of their last two games ending in with no goals has me getting rid of Hazard for Bale.

    And if I had made the right decisions this week I could have well been the highest scorer but nahh too bad, goes to show what knee-jerking can do.

  8. kingcolesy says:

    traded out routledge to puncheon last minute this week, bad move! and michu the other week before his goals. Seems I’m really stomach punching myself lately!

  9. Shaun Curnow says:

    46 this week which sees me jump up into 6,703 overall. Had Tevez captain after last minute change from Bale. What makes it worse is that I didnt even have Bale as VC, that went to Hazad for some reason!!

    This week im looking at trading out Jaaskelainen to Tremmell who should get good games now that Ruddy is out for 3months. Then ive gotta decide if I take 4 point hit or wait til next week and do Pogrebnyak to Saurez.

  10. mattcraigdt says:

    Transfer talk up later today, then captains tomorrow 🙂 Will do an injury wrap on Saturday, quick turnaround!

  11. Dan says:

    Baines > Garrido and Crouch > Suarez for the weekend for me

    Now the dilemma of captain RVP vs Reading or Suarez vs Southampton….

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