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Due to my absence I was unable to post my transfer talk in time for the midweek fixtures. It just means and extra long wrap up today! I’ll attempt to cover all the winners and losers from the past 2 gameweeks and decipher who you should be targeting!


  • Enrique – Over the past week Liverpool’s formation change is starting to look more permanent, in a move to try and reduce the stress placed on Suarez. Enrique is now playing as a winger and is being told by coach Brendan Rogers to try and score some goals. Named as a defender in FPL this is gold, especially with Liverpool’s defence looking solid. Great option, I’m now on board.
  • Walcott – He has now scored or assisted in each of his last 3 starts and is looking a real quality option at just 8.7. Arsenal’s fixtures are very enticing and with Walcott showing glimpses of consistency it might just be time to jump on board. The one issue I see is Wenger is very careful with him, as fixtures get closer and closer together he may get rested, only problem I can see.
  • Fellaini – After an astonishing amount of managers dropped him for his one game ban, he returned with a bang yesterday notching another goal against Arsenal. He is a must have in midfield in my opinion and doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. A man in top form and it should continue this way for the time being.
  • Bale – Another man in peak form, when Bale gets on a role he tends to destroy oppositions. After a slow start to the season I fell into his trap and traded him out before he ruined United. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake this time yet a lot of people did, trading him out only to see him score in his last 3 games in a row. With midfield premiums struggling thanks to Abramovic, Bale looks to be the safest option of them all.
  • Michu – The Spaniard is returning to form with 2 goals in his last 3 outings. He was very unlucky not to have scored more yesterday, and with clear fixtures on the horizon Michu could come back into our thoughts with a lot of popular selections struggling. 8 goals already for a midfielder is sensational!
  • Odemwingie – After a slow start he seems to be recapturing his form of the past 2 seasons, and with the Baggies resurgence he looks great value at 6.9. Our forward line options are already breaching capacity, but he still presents an option if needed.
  • Lambert – With 3 attacking returns in his last 4 outings Rickie is once again hitting form. Probably not one to go chasing yet but if you have him, certainly keep him! Southampton are in top goalscoring form and he is amongst most of their attacking plays. Good option.
  • Hernandez – Finally Pablo Hernandez makes my winners list. After a slow start in English football he is really finding his feet now. Another top performance yesterday backs up his starting spot in Swansea’s best XI and it should remain that way for the foreseeable future. Great point of difference.


  • Mata – Rafa Benitez is my worst enemy right now, resting Mata for yesterdays game agai9nst Fulham. Funnily enough they were shocking without him, and in his 27 minutes on the pitch he created the most chances of anybody during the whole game (3). He is an interesting option right now, I’m looking at selling him for Walcott for the next few gameweeks, with Chelsea having a blank in GW 17. Juan is still firmly in my sights after this however, I am certainly not writing him off. If you can’t afford to trade him then don’t, luxury trade.
  • Tevez – This time Tevez didn’t even come off the bench, wtf Mancini. Not sure what’s happened but after his 19 point haul he hasn’t started. Hard to carry a player with questions over his game time, Suarez is certainly a much safer option if you can get him. If you can’t I reckon Tevez will start this week, but that’s only a guess.
  • Baines – I traded him last week and am glad I did so. He is a liability at his price and unless he scores, you can get better returns from Stoke and Sunderland defenders alike. Too expensive to hold in Everton’s defensive form, Enrique a great replacement.
  • Hazard – The Belgium is really struggling at the moment. Just one attacking return from his last 5 games has me trading him this week, especially with Benitez really messing up all that Chelsea had going. Just venting my anger at Abramovic for making the most useless managerial change in history, Pep must have promised something…
  • Nolan – 3 blanks in a row has a lot of people’s finger on the trigger. I traded him out when the bandwagon started rolling purely due to West ham’s fixtures, they are just too tough for the Hammers. There are better options at the moment so maybe trade him for now, if you can reach guys like Michu and Fellaini then do that for sure.
  • Podolski – The Arsenal forward has been recapturing his form of late, but was left out of the squad completely yesterday. This would have hurt some but he should be back this weekend. We can never be certain though as we learnt with Tevez, better options out there at his price (Ba, Berbatov).
  • Rooney – Finally Rooney caps of the losers for this week, yet another blank for the United man has many wishing they had never traded him in. He is midway between the likes of RVP and Suarez so a decision has to be made, up or down. If you really want some of United’s attacking resources then RVP is brilliant, otherwise there are plenty of other options to choose from.


  • Mata – I talked a little bit about this before, it really depends what situation you are in. For me I am happy with my squad at this stage and will use my free trade to get Walcott in next week, before getting Mata back after Chelsea’s blank. Don’t go taking hits to do this though, I’m not sure it will pay off for you if you have other problem areas that need fixing. He will start this weekend and hopefully get back to his scoring ways.
  • Cazorla – With plenty of easy fixtures on the horizon Cazorla needs to be held in my opinion. There are many reasons to sell him, I don’t fully trust his fantasy abilities yet either. However other midfield premium options are scarce so we might have to stick it out with him for now unless someone else screams pick me. Silva hasn’t reached that stage yet for me.
  • Ba – Ba has been struggling for goals lately, which mirrors his drop off after a great start last season. If you still have him I suggest you hold him for the home game against Wigan, he will surely get on the scoresheet and return some points for those who have the faith. Hold this week but look for an out clause if he doesn’t perform.
  • Shawcross – This is more of a warning, Stoke’s easy fixtures are coming to an end quickly and there are better options out there right now. Guys like Gibbs and Mertesacker should reap the rewards from Arsenal’s easy fixtures, and at a similar price I reckon they are much better options. Enrique is just 0.5 more and Garrido presents great value at 4.8. There are cheaper options into Stoke’s defence and I don’t reckon Shawcross is worth the extra cash at 5.4. Don’t jerk him in.
  • Berbatov -Rounding up this week’s action is Berba. 2 blanks had to be expected away to Stoke and Chelsea, a home game against Spurs gives him a much better chance to redeem himself and I fully expect him to score or assist this week. Hold him if you still own him.

That’s it for today, captains will be up tomorrow morning so stay tuned! Cheers.



17 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW13/14

  1. MattyZee

    Thinking I will trade Hazard this week. I have Fellani, Bale, Cazorla and Michu as my other mids, so I am leaning towards a downgrade option and playing my 3 fwds.

    Any ideas between the likes of Morrison, Hernandez, etc for my 5th mid position?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I’d be looking at either Sterling, Hernandez, Morrison or Sessegnon (DGW). Hernandez seems a good pick but fixtures are against him for now. Sterling has great fixtures and will free up your budget a lot. Morrison is solid with decent fixtures but I’d be leaning towards Sterling. Chasing players from double gameweeks rarely works out, Sterling my pick 🙂

      • MattyZach

        Thanks very much. 🙂
        At that stage I hadn’t thought about Sterling, and I agree that it’s not worth chasing the DGW. Looking at it I’m definitely leaning towards Sterling, which would allow me to upgrade Gorkss to Enrique with stacks of budget left over (the week after. Not taking a 4point hit this week).
        That move would give me so much flexibility with my team make up, could easily play 3 fwds or 5 mids whilst rotating my backs depending on fixture.

  2. Shaun Curnow

    This week im looking at trading out Jaaskelainen to Tremmell who should get good games with Vorm out. Then ive gotta decide if I take 4 point hit or wait til next week and do Pogrebnyak to Saurez.

  3. stiffysexton

    should i go minus 4 points this week with baines>enrique & hazard>…………., or hold off on hazard until chelsea’s blank gameweek? just dont like losing value.

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