Captains – Round 15

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After all my picks who started scored last week I’m hoping to continue that trend this week. Guessing each managers rotation systems at this time of year is near on impossible so if a player benches then I do apologise but it’s just unlucky. I’ll try to pick the safest 5 possible! Now let’s get down to business…

The Contenders:

Silva – A testing home game against Everton should bring the very best out of Silva. Goals look to be there for the taking with Everton failing to keep a clean sheet in their past 10 games and David Silva will be heavily relied upon. I’m not confident enough in his consistency to place him in my top 5 just yet.

Sterling – A home game against a leaky Southampton will have Sterling in firm contention for all those without Suarez. he should be apart of at least one goal and could very easily notch his second double figure haul. I like him but once again, not consistent enough to make my top 5.

Tevez – Similar to Silva, goals should be there for City and Tevez is likely to be amongst the points… IF HE STARTS! I don’t know anymore, and this lack of confidence in his starting position makes me uneasy in putting him in the top 5 again. However if you still have him I have a feeling he may bounce back on Saturday.

Walcott – A home game against Swansea gives Theo the perfect chance to continue his great scoring run, notching in each of his past 3 outings. He looks the most likely of all the Arsenal squad and could be a good captaincy choice this week. However Walcott has been plagued by inconsistency in the past so coming up against a solid Swansea I’ll pass this week.

Cazorla – Not in the same vein of form as Walcott, Cazorla will be looking to bounce back against Swansea at the Emirates. I like his chances to score but once again his inconsistencies mean that I can’t say that with enough confidence to place him in my top 5.

Mata – Benitez rested him against Fulham and paid the price, he will be back this Saturday against West ham and if Chelsea can score I’m betting he’ll be amongst the points. However it is Chelsea’s overall form that has me worried here, hence why Mata doesn’t make my top 5 either.

Nolan – After 3 games without a goal Nolan will be hungry to turn his form around against a struggling Chelsea. While they have not looked likely in attack, they have kept clean sheets in both games under Benitez. Nolan is a good chance to score but not good enough for the top 5.

Enrique – The final contender is the big mover in my opinion. His wing play has been sensational lately and he has gone so close to scoring on numerous occasions. A home game against Southampton gives him the perfect opportunity to notch a massive score with a clean sheet and attacking points likely. However we have learnt our lesson through Baines not to captain defenders. Southampton have looked decent in attack also so perhaps we shouldn’t hastily hand Enrique the armband, great option though.

TOP 5:

1. Suarez – This was an easy pick for me. Previously before tough trips to Swansea and Tottenham, Suarez was on an incredible scoring streak. A home game against Southampton should provide goals aplenty for Liverpool and I’m almost certain Suarez will be amongst them. I fully expect a double figure haul and he is a captaincy lock if you have him. He simply must start for Liverpool and Southampton have kept one clean sheet all season… surely it will be Suarez’s round.

2. Van Persie – A close second, Van Persie returned to his goalscoring ways yesterday with the quickest goal of the season so far. An away trip to reading should bring United more goals and you would have to think RVP will be amongst the points again. he isn’t in top form at the moment so he takes my number 2 spot.

3. Bale – When the welsh wizard gets going he is almost unstoppable. He seems to get on these rolls and just destroys opposition, no matter who stands in his way. 3 goals and an assist in 3 games shows the kind of form he’s in and a trip to Fulham shouldn’t phase him. Purely on form he takes the number 3 spot.

4. Ba – My trust with Ba has slowly faded with Newcastle’s form, however a home clash against Wigan is a must win for the struggling Newcastle. Placed 14th they need to get goals on the board and you would think Ba will be key to doing that. He is a good option if you have him but he only manages 4th place this week.

5. Berbatov – My final pick this week is Berbatov. He has drawn 3 consecutive blanks now but don’t fear, goals are just around the corner. A home game against Spurs should see him back on the scoresheet and back in the points. He is a good differential this week and takes my number 5 spot. Great to see him running around in top form at his age.

That’s it for the captains this week, hopefully your picks succeed and we can have another high scoring round! News wrap will be up tomorrow to cover any injury issues affecting our teams. Cheers.



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  1. Dan

    ??not sure where my last comment ended up…anyway I think you’ve convinced me…for the first time in about 10 weeks, RVP not gonna be captain

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