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After another interesting gameweek in which most of the template midfields dominated, it’s time to pick up the pieces and look at some of the big winners and losers this week…


  • Michu – The biggest winner of the round, Michu showed just why he is rated the buy of the summer with a 2 goal haul at the Emirates. A 16 point haul demonstrates the ability he has and at just 7.7 he is probably the second best value midfielder in the game. He’s not totally fixture proof however, the next few weeks will test him. This weekends home game against Norwich will be a good chance for points, great option.
  • Fellaini – He continues to surge on, 6 attacking returns in 6 games in just an incredible run. He can’t stop scoring and even when a lot of people wanted to bench him last weekend at Man City, I suggested we all start him and he repaid the faith. He is now pretty much fixture proof, a home game this weekend against Spurs could be a captaincy opportunity…
  • Rooney – In what was an incredible first half Rooney cashed in on some horrific defending to score 2 and assist 1. His 16 point haul will be very encouraging for his owners and might tempt others to bring him in. He has scored only 6 points less than RVP when they have both started together so the extra 2.0 could be used elsewhere.
  • Van Persie – While he only ended up being credited with one goal, he actually had 2 and really should have had a hat-trick if not to produce a Fernandoesque miss. I like to see my players creating plenty of chances and creating scoring opportunities and RVP has proved that he is worth the investment over the past 2 weeks.
  • Defoe – The Spurs man now has 4 goals in 3 games, predictably just after everyone had jumped off ship the previous gameweek. Will he continue his form? I’m not so sure, Adebayor will return soon so only time will tell. He is still a brilliant finisher however and at 8.2 still presents great value.
  • Mata – While most of our Chelsea assets plummeted it was predictably Mata who shone over the rest. A goal, a free kick that cannoned into the post and another great chance only denied by a brilliant Jaaskelainen save proved the amount of chances he creates. He was central to most of Chelsea’s best attacks and they are too good a side not to bounce back. However keep in mind their GW 17 blank before trading. Class player.
  • Shawcross – another 3 bonus points while being nestled amongst Stoke’s rock solid defence shows the value he holds at just 5.5. While his goal threat is limited Stoke have plenty of 0-0 or 1-0 games and defenders usually sweep up the bonus points. These can be as good as goals or assists and in what is probably the best defense in the league, he presents great value.
  • Ba – After I warned people to keep him for the Wigan game he has delivered in spades. 2 goals and it’s only half time! He and Newcastle seem to have bounced back into form and at just 8.2 he still represents great value in our forward lines. Quality player.


  • Bale – After many jumped on board last week it was inevitable that Bale’s run of form would come to a screeching halt, a yellow card for diving was compounded by the pain of him being substituted due to a hamstring injury. He is expected to miss around 2 weeks but these prognosis are not always reliable. If you see a good trae then go for it, I’m hoping to go Bale to Michu this week then Upgrade mata to Bale when Chelsea have their blank. Things don’t always go as planned though, be careful here.
  • Suarez – frustratingly after I had backed him at number 1 on the captains list Suarez fires a blank at home against Southampton! Is the number 1 spot a bad luck charm?? It’s a bit ridiculous considering the amount of close opportunities he had and the scoring run he was on at home. Expect him to bounce back after his suspension.
  • Rafael – I had warned against playing rafael this week and I was right, 3 goals conceded, a yellow card then a subsequent 31st minute tactical substitution was not what Rafa owners wanted to see. His value looks to have peaked and with jones and Smalling back he it may be time to jump offf him.
  • Hazard – Many saw it coming, but it was still equally painful to watch. The belgium once again struggled to get amongst the points and now seems to be on a downhill trend along with Chelsea. While we shouldn’t rule him out for the rest of the season, a blank in GW 17 means it’s time to say goodbye, at least for now.
  • Cazorla – I stupidly brought him in ahead of the gunners easy looking schedule, however their form speaks for itself. aside from a game where they played against 10 men Arsenal have scored just once in 3 games. Cazorla is not having nearly the same impact as he was at the start of the year and his premium status is questionable. However with a home game against West Brom to come and a lack of other midfield options I’m inclined to stick with him for the next couple of games at least.
  • Morrison – After dropping to the bench again surprisingly it seems Morrison is no longer a locked on starter in West Brom’s lineup. Unless he was injured and i didn’t know about it that is how I read it. After a blank he will be back next week but it could be time to get off board if you still own him.
  • Berbatov – 4 blanks in a row have Berbatov owners concerned at his ability to consistently produce points. While Saturday’s blank was very disappointing I don’t think it’s wise to trade him out now, especially to someone like Fletcher. Still a viable option. watch him go big when everyone trades him…
  • Sterling – Finally Sterling, while only young, still carried great expectations by a lot of fpl managers in the lead up to a home game against Southampton. it seemed the change in Rodgers once again reduced Sterling’s effectiveness so he might not be as reliant as first thought. dangerous option.


  • Bale – it is wise to plan ahead when trading out players for a short-term injury. You can easily take advantage of the weekly free trade system to work your midfield around as long as your team is set! Don’t go trading Bale out and chasing other guys if you have other problem areas that need fixing. As I said I have traded him to Michu this week, with an eye to get him back in for Mata during Chelsea’s blank and finally ditching Santi for Mata. These plans never seem to work out as planned but it seems sound to me, whatever you do don’t go chasing quick short-term points without a long term solution.
  • Suarez – We saw the exact same situation with Fellaini last time, and look what he’s done to the owners that jerked him out. Please don’t trade him, you will lose precious value he has earned you and I’m sure you will be looking for a way to bring him back in next week. keep it simple, bench him for one game.
  • Berbatov – As I said earlier, while Berbatov has had a poor run there is a reason why players stab people in the back who have just traded them out. Good quality players like Berba won’t stay down for long and whether it takes one week or three to hit back to form he will do it in style. I’m tipping it to be sooner rather than later so don’t go chasing points please, they will come.
  • Mata – Similar to bale, with a blank coming out it may be smart to switch him out short-term and bring him back in aafter GW 17. However you can’t go chasing points without a long term solution, if you need to bench him for just one week then do so. many of you benched Hazard this week anyway! Your cover should be enough for one game! He is still a brilliant option in midfield.
  • Cazorla – If you are looking to trade him out perhaps hold for a few more weeks, fixtures are still easy and Arsenal will not go down without a fight. Form is temporary, class is permanent. Don’t get stabbed in the back 😉
  • Shawcross – While he has been brilliant over their easy fixtures, Stoke’s schedule tightens right up. They will be good enough to get a few clean sheets along the way but nothing like what they have done in recent times. Shawcross relies heavily on defensive returns so at 5.5 I don’t see great value anymore.
  • Enrique – If you have him then certainly keep him, but with Lucas returning to midfield it allowed Rodgers to move back to his traditional formation. This should reduce Enrique’s attacking potential and while he can still get clean sheets, at 6.0 he does not present great value anymore.
  • Defoe – 4 goals in 3 games is great, but with Adebayor returning to training his long term prospects are just as dodgy as they were a few weeks ago, remember why you traded him out! He will be good for this week but beyond that there are no promises. Be careful if you are going to trade him in.
  • Fletcher – Finally I reach Fletcher. Plenty of people are trading him in for the double gameweek, but I don’t see the value in doing this?? Based on his own form and Sunderland’s form he is unlikely to score big, he has an ankle knock anyway! if you have him then great but if you don’t, don’t worry. he will just cause you issues after the double. Be very wary in trading people in for this double gameweek, it could easily be a fizzer.

That’s it for today, captains and an injury wrap up coming later on in the week in the lead up to gameweek 16. Don’t forget that Sunderland and Reading have a double this week, while Chelsea will miss GW 17. Keep this in mind when making your transfers and good luck! Cheers.



12 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW16

  1. MattyZach

    I’ve got Bale, and won’t hold him for the two weeks. Since midfield options are scarce, and Chelsea have a week off next week, I’m thinking about moving him to Sessegnon (Sunderland’s double GW), and then move Sess on to Bale/Mata after GW17. I’ve already got Michu, Fellani, Santi and Sterling as my other mids and wasn’t looking to move them on in the near future (2-3 weeks). Thoughts?

  2. Shaun Curnow

    Sessegnon in for Hazard to cash in on double gameweek (hopefully anyway!) and then after Chelsea’s week off probably trade him to Mata. Now just gotta decide if I give him captaincy or Mignolet!!

  3. Dan

    Might be struggling to field an 11 this week. Missing Suarez and potentially without Ba and Silva, with Gorkss in def also prolly not playing.

    Already traded, considering whether taking a hit to cover is worth it.

    Thinking Gorkss > Shorey as I wanna keep the other 3.

  4. mad romeys

    Thoughts on the following…

    This week: Crouch –> Naismith & Bale –> Michu.

    In two weeks: Sessengon –> Bale (when he comes back from injury).

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