Captains – Round 16

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3 out of 5 wasn’t bad last week, Suarez was a real killer but oh well. Bit of a tough one this week with a big decision to be made for the number one spot. let’s take a look at this weeks contenders…

The Contenders:

Cazorla – Surely Arsenal will bounce back this weekend ahead of a home game against West Brom. The baggies defence has been poor of late and it could provide the chance for Santi to return to form. However it seems we say this every week so there no way he can enter my top 5 yet.

Walcott – If Arsenal get back to winning ways then I’m sure it will be mainly centered around this man. Once again not enough consistency to make the top 5 but a good option nonetheless.

Lambert – A home game against Reading spells goals to me, 2 or 3 of them at least. Hopefully Rickie can get amongst the points and I’m almost certain he will. Great differential option if you have him and if he was more popular he would be straight in the top 5.

Mata – He is Chelsea’s number one attacker and while he has midweek duties in the Champions league surely he can’t be left out again. Benitez needs a win and if he’s going to get it Mata will be key to his plans.

Tevez – The Manchester derby usually holds goals for both clubs so Tevez is a good chance for points. His starting spot is likely but not certain. It’s this uncertainty that has me shying away, even so he is a really good option this weekend.

Silva – Once again similar to Tevez. I see a goal or two here for city and Silva should be key to them scoring. However my concerns were correct as he can sometimes be a part of their key plays but not have the final touch on a goal or an assist. Risky option, I would steer clear.

Rooney – Rooney always loves a goal in the derby and I wouldn’t be the one to deny him this weekend. He is on penalty duties so that’s good for his owners however his deep lying position may hurt him this weekend as Fergie will be keen to tighten up in defence. Due to this i wouldn’t go chasing Rooney this week and would certainly not captain him.

Ba – I backed him up last week and he delivered in spades. He is a doubt for this weekend but I reckon he will play, i can’t find any reports saying that it is anything too serious. Fulham away is always a testing fixture but he is a good chance to continue his goal scoring run again this weekend. The injury concern keeps him out of my top 5 though.

Fletcher – If he starts both games there is a good chance he will return points. However, similar to Ba the slight injury concern has me worried. This doubt keeps him out of my top 5, we shouldn’t just go chasing after guys with a double gameweek unless they deserve picking.

TOP 5:

1. Berbatov – Bit of a risk here. Berba has gone on a long scoring drought and it seems people are losing their patience. It’s funny how we never learn. It is well known as soon as we transfer a player out they will score big, this is because good players don’t get held down for long! A home game against Newcastle should provide goals and I’m tipping Berba to be amongst them. I’ve got him locked in!

2. Fellaini – The Belgium is on fire at the moment. probably the most inform player in the BPL right now, there is no stopping him! A home game against Spurs should bring goals and points once again for Fellaini. Great captain option this week, bonus points seem to follow him everywhere as well!

3.  Michu – A double against Arsenal last week brought the Spaniard right back into our thought processes. For those who got him in a home game against Norwich provides a good chance for more points. While Norwich have been solid I reckon Swansea could sneak 1 or 2 past them and Michu should be amongst the points!

4. Van Persie – Dropping from the top 2 this week RVP comes in at 4 this week. While i see goals in this game from the past few United matches I have seen he is no longer their only attacking threat. he has scored only 2 of United’s last 11 goals and assisted one other. Until he gets back to top form I will trust my instincts and put people ahead of him. However don’t write him off and if you feel he is the safest and best option then go for it.

5. Sessegnon – Finally I get to my only player from the double gameweek to make the top 5. I never really liked the idea of chasing Sessegnon for the double, playing in a team which has scored the least goals this season and only has 2 goals all season, in fact only 3 this calender year! He may indeed step up and if you have him then it may be a safe option to captain him, but I don’t really like it. However that’s just me!

That’s it from me this week. Certainly a tougher top 5 to pick this week, they are all good options. Bit of a risk but it had to happen at some point. Seags should wrap up any injuries and team news in his gameweek preview. If you have any injury questions though feel free to ask me in the comments below or on Twitter! Cheers.



16 comments on “Captains – Round 16

  1. stiffysexton

    is it worth copping a fair hit and trading bale>sessegnon? or just sit out and wait for him to come back from injury?

  2. Dan

    Between Sess and McAnuff for me, swinging toward the latter. Reckon there’s goals for Reading in both games ( not so sure on Sunderland), just one assist gives a min. of 7 pts, take that in a heartbeat for captain score.

  3. mad romeys

    Begovic against Aston Villa is too good to refuse, he is my captain this week.

    Hoping for at least 7-10 as Stoke don’t score many so it should be goal-scorer, assister & a defensive player, which is hopefully Begovic.

  4. Bryan

    Really torn between Fellaini and Michu here… Norwich has been relatively strong in defense lately, but Michu is hot right now in his new position as ST.

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