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Here at FPLaddicts we are trying to bring you the best possible articles to help you through the fantasy premier league season 🙂 Each article is best designed to give you information from the week that has been, the week to follow and what moves you should be making.

Aside from the weekly review, transfer talk, captains and preview articles is their anything else that could be written to help you guys out? We are short of an article on Friday (maybe Wednesday also) so if you have any ideas let me know in the comments below or on twitter. If not then I guess we don’t need anything on those days, however it would be good to keep the articles coming. The idea of a fixture article has been talked of but maybe only once a month, similar with a point of difference post every few weeks.

As I say any other ideas just let me know, cheers lads.



19 comments on “New articles?

  1. mad romeys

    No idea about new articles but did you get this idea from the jimmy kid that said: ” this is the shittest article all u do is name the players who scored points, waste of space”??

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      We might look to replace hot and cold but there’s also no articles today now either with Seags new preview. Only if there’s something else helpful you reckon we could do…

      • mad romeys

        Hot and cold is fine, I don’t mind it.

        But I realised u havent been doing the review for the gameweeks or the news rap recently.

        I know its pretty hard but still it helps us FPL managers that come here in need of advice.

        • mattcraigdt Post Author

          Yeah seags is in charge of the review so I’m not sure what happened but I found seags in depth preview covers everything I mention in the news wrap. If it helps I can bring it back 🙂

  2. Craig

    Few Ideas boys, I could chip in if you’d like? But anyway
    1.Watchlist of Players
    2.Injury Section
    3.Fixtures Forecast
    4.FPL Xi for each week.
    5. Update on each of the fpl addict authors
    6 Gameweek predictions
    7. Player assessments

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Great feedback mate, cheers. Send in some drafts if you like, give me your twitter (if you have one) and I’ll message you. I might bring in an injury update article instead of the news wrap. Will do a fixture forecast next week for sure, ffscout can have their XI for each week 😉 In terms of a watchlist what do you reckon of doing an article each week stating the best few options from each line based on form, fixtures etc. Sounds good to me.

      I’ll update the authors for you, gameweek predictions are in seags preview article and expand on player assessments??

  3. tseagrim

    Watchlist is definitely an option, and sorry about the Review boys I’ve relocated to London for the next 7 months so have been very bloody busy. Preview is on its way on Saturday as per usual, and the What have we learnt post will be back on Wednesday’s I think- unless everyone would rather replace is with a Fixtures/Watchlist article which would alternate each week. There is potentially room for another author with Adz leaving us, so if you direct message either me or Craigy on twitter or via email ([email protected]) with a draft of an article you’d like, we could probably find a spot for you.

  4. mad romeys

    What about like a weekly RMT instead of the main one because people wont know that its new if you put your team there.

  5. Shaun Curnow

    I like the hot n cold article but maybe you could expand it to cover last few weeks? Recapping their recent form would give good idea on if they need to be moved on or traded in (look at upcoming fixtures etc)

    Eg Hazard is probably prime example over last month, been in crap form and people really werent sure if should keep faith or trade him out.

    Not sure about what other articles you could do….

    Keep up good work 🙂

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