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Hey guys just letting you in on our new set up for each week, trying to bring you as many articles as we can to help you through the season!

Monday – OOP: If needed (morning) Preview (arvo)

Tuesday – Transfer Talk (morning)  Form Players (arvo)

Wednesday – What we’ve learnt (morning) Hot & Cold (arvo)

Thursday – Captains (morning) RMT (arvo)

Friday – Fixture Forecast/The Watchlist (morning) Injury update (arvo)

Saturday – Full preview (morning) In Round Chat (arvo)

This should keep you all busy and help to clear up any questions you have. Just quickly on the new articles. On Monday arvo we have a free slot, if we can see any players (Enrique for example) playing out of position (OOP) then we can do an article on them and their prospects. If there is any other big issue then we can fit it in this slot.

The form players article will be written by a new writer, if your interested just message me on twitter (@MattCraigDT) or email me ( It will take an in depth look at one in-form player and one out of form player, analysing their stats and fixtures, whether you should trade them in or out and if their form will continue.

I will be writing a fixture forecast and watchlist article on Friday mornings. In the fixture forecast obviously I will analyse each teams fixtures for the next month, see which teams you should be avoiding and which teams you should be loading up on! In the Watchlist I will pick who I believe are the best few options from each line based on not only points scored, but fixtures and form. These 2 articles will alternate each week on Friday mornings.

Finally I will replace the news wrap with an injury update as this seems to be the most important thing to FPL managers. I can post this on a Friday afternoon and update it if any other injury news gets released.

That just about covers it, we will start this regime next week so plenty to look forward to! Cheers.



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  1. Hero

    Great work guys. Not sure if there is a chance to bring back the article that contained which players picked up the bonus points each match???

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