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Hey guys, another round down and the gameweeks are starting to tick by. We are starting to move into the next phase of the season leading into Christmas. It may be time to adjust your side as fixtures change, also keep in mind that your second wildcard arrives in under a month! Let’s check out the big winners and losers from the gameweek that has been.


  • Rooney – After a quality performance against City backing up his point haul last week Rooney is at the top of everyone’s radar, for good reason. He is in top form at the moment but I still have my concerns. Bit more talk of Rooney and Van Persie in the knee-jerks section but I can say I’m not totally convinced yet. If you’ve had him over the past couple of weeks though hats off to you.
  • Mata – Another goal just shows his quality and he is reaching top stride in the premier league now. He doesn’t look like slowing up but a trip to the club world cup puts him out for this gameweek. However I will be keeping him and unless you have a great plan to sell him this week and bring him back the next, I’d hold. A home game against Aston villa on his return would not want to be missed.
  • Van Persie – He showed exactly why Manchester United splashed the cash for him, albeit through a deflection it was his class that got them over the line. He was incredibly unlucky not to have another after hitting the post from a stunning effort, and should have had an assist for Young’s follow up incorrectly adjudged offside. I believe come the end of the season he will be the highest scoring forward so no matter how much he costs he is worth it in my opinion. With the amount of incredible budget options in midfield and upfront this year (Michu, Berbatov, Ba, Fellaini) this frees up our budgets anyway. Worth every penny.
  • Michu – A must have once again, he is unstoppable at the moment and at just 7.8 he is the bargain of the year. 12 goals already and doesn’t look like stopping, I was saying that he wasn’t far away in his short dry spell during a tough run of fixtures and he has proven me right. Get him in!
  • Puncheon – Really like this guy, I brought him in to free up my budget for RVP and it has turned out to be a genius fluke. He scored on his first outing for me and hasn’t looked back. He is great to rotate as a 5th midfielder, he seems to be predictable. When Fellaini was suspended, he came on and scored 12 against QPR. When Berba faced Stoke away, he came on and dominated a struggling Newcastle scoring 7, unlucky not to be more. This week Suarez was out suspended, he scores 11 with a man of the match performance against Reading. While he won’t trouble the best opposition when the Saints have a winnable home match he will be amongst the points. Now a nailed on starter at just 4.6 he is a real bargain, but don’t go chasing him. Only bring him in if needed… Maybe wait for a wildcard.
  • Torres – Dare I say it? I won’t just yet, but watchlist him for sure. He looks to be in some kind of form, if only briefly so far. Wait on this one.
  • Johnson – I brought him in before his stunner expecting a goal soon, hoping it would be next week rather than this week! Liverpool look good for a couple of clean sheets and short term he is a great option. Let’s hope for another goal!
  • Snodgrass – Risky one here, he has shown a lot of promise without much consistency. A home game against Wigan could be more points for him but bringing him in at this stage is very risky. I wouldn’t.


  • Sessegnon – I know he still has one last chance but we must remember he is 3 games without a goal now since his brief return to form. If ever he is going to score it will Tuesday night. I will edit this judgement after the Reading game but long term I don’t like him.
  • Berbatov – Is it just my luck? Played clean through, misses. Krul makes 3 or 4 sensational saves to deny every play he is a part of… Sorry lads but my prediction of how the game was played was correct, he just couldn’t score! I’m holding him as I reckon a big game is around the corner but trade him if you wish, he has gone 5 games without a goal now. (written after 70 minutes, if he scores I will edit later :P)
  • Nolan – Another poor outing from the Hammers skipper has many fingers on the trade button. Patience could be key here, more on him later.
  • Lallana – An injury would have frustrated owners who brought him in for their home game against reading. Perhaps look at Puncheon as a replacement.
  • Cazorla – Purely and simply because he dived. I want to have a quick rant here. While we are disgusted by the way Cazorla went down on the weekend, we must look at how the game is refereed. Take Hazard for example in Chelsea’s win against Sunderland. He was clean though on goal but was pulled back by Larson. If he went down it would have been a straight red and a penalty. Instead he kept his feet before eventually losing his balance. No foul was given. The only way a referee will give a penalty is if a player goes down. Have you ever seen a penalty where a player has kept their feet in a challenge? Very rare. Similar with Tevez in the derby, he was being tugged back and pulled yet he kept his feet, before eventually losing possession. It was a close call but the Ref didn’t even consider it, we then risk scenes like when Mancini was angry at Tevez for not going down! That’s not where I want the game to be headed, end of rant.
  • Fletcher – I warned people pre kick-off to at least not make him captain, I don’t like him as an option anyway. Hopefully he will bounce back on Tuesday and repay people’s faith but I’m not sure it will happen. Just another problem you have to get rid of, Sunderland just isn’t dangerous enough.
  • Podolski – How did he miss?!?!?! If you have him, change that. Don’t.


  • Nolan – While he was in the losers this week, he is the type of player than can bounce back with a double figure haul in the next. I can sense a goal in the next couple of weeks and unless you are trading him to Michu or Fellaini, I’d be holding. Patience is key in this game, we’ve seen it with both Michu and Bale. Good players aren’t hold down for too long.
  • Suarez – Why are people trading him out, he’s back this week?  Hope none of you lads have done this… god give me strength!
  • Bale – If you held him last week then you’ve made up your mind, hold him. He could very well be back this week although it is more likely that he will return against Stoke. Just one more week on the sidelines is not worth trading for, especially a guy of his calibre,
  • Torres – Even though he has had a couple of good returns be patient, I’d wanna see at least another 2 epl performances of similar stature before even considering him. He doesn’t play for 2 weeks anyway so time can be given anyway.
  • Van Persie – Now down to the big battle. I find at half-time during the derby the massive talking point between FPL managers is trading Van Persie to Rooney. He’s 2.0 less, save up the cash for elsewhere etc. Why should we need the cash, the quality budget options this season are endless! What we need is premiums that are going to score every week. Coaches have found that guys like Bale, Hazard even Mata can’t score every week. You need a reliable player to have as a captain option each and every week and be there to save your bacon when all else fails. Robin reliant is your man.
  • Rooney – To summarise, I’m not sure Rooney will be the right option long term. Van Persie will be far more consistent and while every ogre has his day come season end I fully expect Van Persie to be leading the forward line scoring in total points. This is why he will stay in my team and should stay in everybody else’s. If you have Rooney currently then well played, however we must remember that Rooney had produced similar returns a couple of months ago and tricked us all, before dropping into a deeper role as Hernandez stepped up. I can see a similar thing happening again. While RVP will always be leading the line Rooney can drop deeper against weaker opposition to allow Hernandez or Welbeck to support Van Persie. This is why he can go quiet during easy fixtures, just a heads up. He can step up for big games but on a whole he is not worth his price tag in my opinion.

That’s it for today, the player forms article should be ready by next week so look forward to that. If anyone wants to become an author just email me ([email protected]) or contact me on twitter (@MattCraigDT), on top of the forms article they can take control of the injury updates and possibly OOP! A couple of spots could be available so we will have to see, just send me any drafts and I’ll read them all. Cheers.



32 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW17

  1. Joe

    Already done Ruiz to Rooney, had spare cash I didn’t know what to do with. I now have RVP and Rooney so I hope you’re wrong about Rooney, I traded him out after his last low spell.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Yeah I did the same last time as well, not making the mistake again. I hope he does well but I’m sure he will drop deep to allow Hernandez/Welbeck a run.

      • Joe

        I’m determined to stick with Rooney this time though, he will hopefully be with me until the end barring injury, otherwise you can guarantee that if I get rid of him his scores will pick up again!

  2. Shaun Curnow

    Im going to 2nd that comment about holding Bale. Have a look at his fixtures coming up!! Potential points galore!!

    What some opinions on Tevez, he never plays 90mins anymore but still scores 6 points game in last 2 weeks! Is it worth holding him or time to get rid of him? Whats annoying is im now 0.2 short getting Rooney!

    Next week I want to go Sessagon to Mata which if i did that now id have 0.5 left in bank, so I can probably get someone 9.7 or under for Tevez this week.

  3. mad romeys

    So…. if the second wildacrd is coming in a few weeks, does that mean I lose my first one that I haven’t used yet??

      • Liam

        was labelled at 75% chance to play that game on the game last I saw that is pretty likely.

        The league being on the other side of the world puts a spanner in the works as far as injuries go sometimes we receive the inaccuate news.

  4. George

    I’ve got a few trades so i am trading Hazard to Fellaini, Morrison to Johnson, J. Morrison to Routledge and Garrido to Bassong.

    What do you think?


    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Garrido a waste, keep him. Don’t chase Bassong! I should have put that in the knee-jerks :/ Routledge? Not to sure, Hernandez might be better once he’s fit. Johnson? Yes he’s had a good little run but still not convinced by Sunderland and look at his fixtures. Look at his season and it’s very poor. That seems a typical move that will backfire. Can you get to guys like Mata and Michu? Dempsey even? I like Nolan for a goal soon also.

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