What We Learnt – GW 16

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Feels weird to be writing an article with one game still to play! Regardless, here’s what we learnt in an action packed weekend of EPL…

  • Cazorla has been hanging around Matthew Mitcham for too long. A textbook 1/2 pike somersault is on the training regime this week.
  • Aston Villa and Stoke was never going to be anything other than a 0-0 draw.
  • Reading are almost a shoe in to drop at season’s end.
  • Torres will screw with our heads for the next few weeks as he gains momentum
  • Reading could slide 5 past Arsenal, 2 past Chelsea and 3 past Manchester United- but couldn’t register a punch against the
    league’s Down Syndrome defence in Southampton.
  • Cech left Johnson‘s goal to slide in, in a manner that our Australian Captain would have been proud of… (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24l5ZviHuh0)
  • This is the last time I’ll chase the double game week. Most of the time it just screws your team up in the short term!* Next Double GW I retract this comment.
  • Before the match, Norwich and Swansea to score over 6.5 goals was paying $14.45. Norwich to be up 3-0 at half time was paying $21. This is why I hate gambling (Not really- I love it.)
  • Wigan are coming back to earth after being a mid tabled side for most of the year. They couldn’t even manage a win against a hapless QPR at home.
  • Nasri did his national stereotype no favours by hiding behind Dzeko in the wall when RVP slotted home.
  • Sir Alex sits top of the Premier League table, despite never completely dominating a game. You know what they say, good teams just find a way to win.
  • Rio Ferdinand will miss next week after being stopped multiple times at Manchester Airport for setting off the metal detectors. The coin lodged in his brain is inoperable.
  • Everton pulled a Man United– 2 goals in Fergie Time.
  • Liverpool scored their second highest goals in a game for the PL season… without Luis Suarez.
  • WHU v LFC had 2 own goals scored during the game (I’m counting Shelvey’s as it clearly came off Collins). Prior to this, there has only been one own goal in the previous 4 GameWeeks- Courtesy of Gareth Bale‘s face.

Well that’s what I learnt during the week, what about you guys?




12 comments on “What We Learnt – GW 16

  1. MattyZach

    Just when you thought chasing a double GW had been a terrible idea, your captain scores a 90th minute goal and makes you think about doing it next time.

  2. Dan

    That last min Sessegnon goal was worth 15pts for me (2 x 5 for the goal, 2 x 1 for the bp he got as a result, and 3 for Cuellar’s assist)

    Got me over the line in my league game by 2its!! Will no longer complain about my bad luck….till next weekend 🙂

    • Liam

      Nice the double gameweek came through with the goods surprising so I didn’t see a sunderland clean sheet against reading

  3. dan

    Hey guys where are the Bonus Points for the Sunderland vs Reading game?
    i was on 90pts yesterday and today im on 85, so i got ripped off 5 pts somewhere, and now i cant even locate my second dgw bonus pts?

    • Dan

      Yeah..Sess lost his 1point bonus to Cuellar from that game…also I think Shawcross lost his 3 bonus aswell…that might account for ur 5

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