Captains – Round 17

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After gameweek 16 has finally completed, we are straight into taking a look at gameweek 17. Let’s start with captaincy selections, most double gameweek options from Sunderland paid off (Sess was very lucky). Berba failed me last week, I do apologise but he’s back again this week. Am I crazy? Maybe…

The Contenders:

Bassong – The man everyone is chasing, I’m not sure whether he is the real deal just yet. Garrido could present just as much of a threat and both should be amongst the points at home against Wigan. However I am very weary of captaining defenders, especially from lower clubs. A clean sheet is no certainty and captaincy should be avoided here.

Cazorla – Arsenal truly embarrassed themselves midweek by losing to League 2 side Bradford. Yes, Bradford. it was a fairly strong squad also. There are clearly attitude problems and if they are ever going to stand up for their manager and their team it is this weekend. An away trip to a struggling Reading should surely bring goals and this brings Cazorla into play. My judgement on Arsenal is reserved until this weekend but it is all on the line for them, still too big a risk to captain Santi though…

Tevez – After last weeks dismal performance by Balotelli surely Tevez will be starting this weekend. he should have started last weekend anyway, Mancini got that horribly wrong. Tevez changed the game, I reckon he has conflicted interests with Balotelli. Anyway I reckon Tevez is good for some points this weekend but a tough trip to Newcastle won’t come easy.

Fellaini – His goalscoring run finally came to an end last week. It had to happen. Unfortunate for those who captained him, I’m not sure he will bounce straight back this week either. A tough trip to Stoke will test Everton’s attack like no other. I’m not if they will pass either, not for me this week.

G.Johnson – I brought him in this week hoping for a goal, he then went and delivered it on Sunday! Hopefully he can reproduce that stunning strike this week against Aston Villa. A clean sheet is certainly on the cards here and attacking returns could follow. Captain a defender at your own risk but he is a very handy pick this week, as is Enrique (if fit).

Rooney – Rooney has bounced back to form over the past 2 weeks with braces in both. He has everyone scrambling to get him in, remember when this happened less than 2 months ago? I’m not convinced yet, my tip is he will move to a deeper role this week to accommodate either Welbeck or Hernandez. He will subsequently be substituted around the 75th minute with 2 points. Don’t quote me on that, but I certainly wouldn’t make him captain if you have RVP as well. This week will tell a lot.

Snodgrass – Finally a bit of a roughie. Snodgrass has started to fulfill his potential over the past few weeks and with Norwich in top form coming up against a struggling Wigan at home. Sounds like goals and points to me. If you have him might be worth a shot, but once again I’m not totally convinced.

TOP 5:

1. Van Persie – Now down to business. Number one this week is RVP. it had to be! he will be spurred on by that match winning strike against City and could put Sunderland to the sword. He is due a big bag soon and hopefully it will be delivered this week just in time for Christmas. There should be points for him either way and he is almost a lock for those that have him, safe option.

2. Suarez – Another safe option in my opinion is Suarez at home to Villa. Coming off a suspension he will be keen to make up for it and get back amongst the goals. it’s been a long while now since his last goal, a whole month infact. I’m tipping at least one, if not a couple from Suarez this week. To be honest I’m still tossing him up for captaincy this week, great option. Toss of the coin.

3. Berbatov – …………. Well…. anyone up for round 2? Just kidding, I’m not. 5 games without a goal must surely come to an end this week, it’s QPR! He is odds on for a goal in my books and I’ll tip him to score again. Better options elsewhere however, hence he takes my number 3 spot this week.

4. Dempsey – A bit of a smokie here also. A home game against Swansea should hold goals for both teams. Dempsey seems to get amongst the points in at least one area each game and has snuck under our radar so far. i might do an article on some POD, but Dempsey certainly classifies. Infact keep an eye out for Liam’s article, he gets a good mention here. Good chance for points once again this week.

5. Michu – Ill wrap it up with a customary pick, Michu. I wasn’t really sure who to put here. A defender? That has never ended well. Swansea are a good chance to score this weekend and the most likely outcome is another Michu goal. He is the in-form player of the comp at the moment, 12 goals notched in total makes him the leader of the golden boot thus far. For a midfielder this is an incredible feat, whether he will continue at this pace is debatable. A dry spell may follow sooner rather than later, and while he could very well break down Spurs defence I wouldn’t bet my house on it… or my fantasy captain for that matter. But that’s just me, if you like him then back him in!

That’s it from myself today. Look forward to Liam’s new forms article coming to you later this arvo! Get excited! It’s a brilliant read and he has a lot to offer so get around him! Cheers and good luck all.



7 comments on “Captains – Round 17

  1. mad romeys

    Ia am a bit shaky on Vanners at the moment. Everytime I have captained since I got him in he gets a blank. Same with Suarez, but not with Michu, but I recon I will go RVP/Suarez haha!!

  2. Liam

    I did some research last night RVP has returned in 75% of games, if you take out the two 20 minute cameo’s in his first 4 games he has returned in 85% of games (only 2 90 min blanks).

    He is a pretty safe bet against a struggling sunderland, a disjointed Chelsea (you could say they found their new style though) even put 3 past them.

    I am not going to get into the Rooney factor but I did compare RVP to the rest of the strikers and he still clearly comes out in front percentage wise.

    Suarez (50%) will be interesting Villa have tightened up lately and Liverpool have not been prolific at home.

    *A return is a goal or assist*

      • Liam

        haha you know the answer to that. It is very ambitious to think a double figure haul is possible each week as captain. I am happy with 9 points and can deal with 7 on an overall bad week.

        “It’s seriously a toss of the coin”

        Very much sums it up I want to go into more detail but it will just be fence sitting. Sunderland have more injuries at the back but it is RVP and Rooney duel roles upfront where as Suarez is the solo man for Liverpool.

        Rooney or RVP will double figure haul it not sure which one

        Suarez well he cleaned up Wigan at home could very well do it to Villa, he will be keen to go after a week off combine that with Liverpools upturn in form.

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