In Form and Out of Form

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Form along with value is a key driver to the premier league game. Get the right combination of form and value with a kind run of fixtures and your team will be coming out on top in the long run.

The top owned players are currently quite high on the form charts (Mr Wayne Rooney the exception that is quite a lengthy debate for another day though) it is often looking for that unique edge to your team surrounding the superstars.

Player in form – Dempsey

Clint Dempsey is quietly plodding along. Whether in the shadow of Bale or not he presents an excellent alternative to the currently injured Bale and the impressive but inconsistent Defoe.

Dempsey has settled at his new club having played 6 of the last 8 games in full. In the last 4 games he has returned 26 points at an average of 6.5 a game. He is in quite outstanding form and often plays out of position behind the striker not wide left like the explosive Welshman.

The fixtures are inviting if you like what tottenham have to offer. The next two games at home with 5 teams in the next 6 in the bottom half of the table spurs could start racking up the points.

It must be remembered Bale is clearly the better option but returning from a hamstring injury could take a number of weeks with the tight schedule over December coupled with a tough game at stoke (against his ‘mate’ Charlie Adam).

This leaves plenty of time for Dempsey to continue to excel with a miserable 1.9% ownership and an impressive 209 points last season this man is primed for short-term investment

Player out of form – Wright Phillips

Shaun Wright-Phillips for those that have been following the Premier League for many years will know he was at times unplayable on the wing at Manchester City much in the shape of the Liverpool youngster Sterling.

That is where his value is to be found as a low percentage owned 5th midfielder (1.1%) to rotate over those winter fixtures. Puncheon is the obvious choice at 4.7 (5.6% ownership and rising) with Sterling also many players favorite (22.4%). Wright Phillips should not be ignored from that list though.

After the draw with Aston Villa Redknapp was quoted “we need to get Wright Phillips up and running” he followed this with additional comments asking him to play with confidence after being given a fresh chance. Basically frozen out under Hughes Wright Phillips is back in the fold and ready to fire up front.

Having collected his first assist at wigan on the weekend in only his third full game of the season (2 in a row under redknapp) the fixtures shine friendly on returns as well as the immense confidence given from the new gaffer.

4 of the next six games are at home for a team which is currently unbeaten under its new manager, better things are yet to come from this side and Wright Phillips appears to be the shining light amongst the flashy but inconsistent Taarabt & co.

A picture will be picked by next time, sorry about that. Hope you all enjoyed it and see you next week!



4 comments on “In Form and Out of Form

  1. grinpowderdiah

    Cracking first-up article! Definitely guys to be considering, personally I am heavily leaning towards Puncheon, but I did think Wright-Phillips was relatively impressive in patches vs. Wigan – his assist evidence of his skills with a great cross.

    Dempsey is just what you say, one of those guys that just quietly plods along – he rarely gets highlighted when Spurs are mentioned and I think that is starting to become a little unfair. He fits in really well into their midfield and with Bale and Lennon on the wings it allows Spurs to attack from almost all angles. He does love a goal (even if it’s a poachers effort), but he could just as easily be feeding the likes of Adebayor/Defoe. I was surprised at his recent consistency (in terms of points), which was probably the only negative perception I had of him. I think a big thing for Spurs (and of course Dempsey) is having the likes of Dembele back – which coincidentally he returned from injury (albeit off the bench) 4 games ago.

    Looking forward to the next one!

    • Liam

      Thank you, I have had puncheon for a number of weeks but SWP is definitely one to include on the list, one most people would not think of.

      Good writing about Dempsey your spot on. They have only lost the one game with Dembele and that was in unfortunate circumstances this week.

      Scott Parker is about to return to sit in midfield alongside him, the spurs defence will be worthy of investment for the first time all season with those two shields.

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