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Hey guys, Matt here with another new addition. This week it will be an analysis of every clubs upcoming fixtures, next week will be the start of our watchlist. Let’s get started!

Arsenal – On the surface Arsenal should be prime for investment over the next month, away trips to reading and Wigan followed by home comforts against West ham and Newcastle. Then they are off to Southampton! As far as fixtures are concerned they are best of, however current form renders this almost irrelevant. If they cannot overturn their recent shocking drop then it does not seem worth the investment.

Aston Villa – Away trips to Liverpool and Chelsea followed by a visit from Tottenham says it all really. Be wary of investment over the next few weeks. Easier fixtures are on the horizon but that”s out of our thoughts for now.

Chelsea – A blank this week obviously, but this is followed by a visit from Aston Villa, a tough trips to Norwich then Everton, before finally being visited by QPR. Not an easy 3 weeks but ones that should produce goals. Clean sheets may be a tough asks on their away trips but QPR and Aston Villa certainly provide good chances. I’m a bit torn here, attacking potential is certainly there however so Mata is a great option. Torres? Not so sure, maybe 😛

Everton – I’m not so worried about Everton’s defensive possibilities but their attacking potential. Away trips to West Ham and Stoke concern me, goals will not be flowing in those fixtures. However visits from Chelsea and Wigan afterwards certainly do look appealing. I’ll back them in against the Hammers, this week is the only real concern. Fellaini will continue to be amongst the points.

Fulham – Games against QPR, Liverpool, Southampton and Swansea look to have goals in them. While their defense may struggle I’d certainly look at Berba. I’m feeling a comeback to form, get on early!

Liverpool – Very good looking fixtures here. Home games against Aston Villa and Fulham look good both going forward and defensively. Suarez, Johnson and Enrique look set for certain investment. For good reason too, Stoke (A) and QPR (A) follow, looks like smooth sailing on the horizon for the Reds.

Manchester City – Pretty smooth sailing here aswell. A tough trip to Newcastle is followed by a home game against reading, then trips to Sunderland and Norwich. A bit of a mixed bag but guys like Silva and Tevez should get amongst the points. Nastasic should be a good chance for clean sheets also.

Manchester United – 3 home games in the next 4 against Sunderland, Newcastle and West Brom look extremely appealing. Considering they have scored 19 goals in 7 games at home investment in one of RVP and Rooney seems essential. Defensively they have been shaky anyway so it’s harder to tell. Goals will be plentiful for sure though.

Newcastle – Home fixtures against Man City and QPR are followed by tough trips to Man United and Arsenal. Apart from QPR it’s a tough run and apart from Ba who could sneak a goal or two, I’d avoid them.

Norwich – 3 home games in the next 4 is very exciting especially for holders of their improved defensive assets. They have been fixture proof at home so they won’t be phased by visits from Wigan, Chelsea and Man City. A trip to West Brom splits these games and if they can maintain their form points could continue to flow. However I’m not so sure it will, only 1 clean sheet that I can spot here…

QPR – Any fixtures are tough for them at the moment. So when you see Fulham, Newcastle, West Brom and Liverpool in their next 4 you just have to wonder where their first win will come from… avoid at all costs.

Reading – A double gameweek fizzer for them, one which many predicted. Arsenal and Man City in their next 2 is enough to put me off, get rid of all your Reading players quick smart! Actually maybe they can put 5 past Arsenal, City is a no go though.

Southampton – A blank this week followed by a home game against Sunderland. is it worth holding? The only assets I see are Puncheon and Lambert. After GW 18 I don’t see many clean sheets, if any at all…

Stoke City – The best defense in the league will get a severe test over the next month. 3 home games in 4 will be what people are holding onto, with Everton, Liverpool and Southampton all visiting. Get this… they have conceded 2 goals at home all season. Pretty safe to lock in 2 of their defense for the next month. infact I reckon their defense is solid enough to push through whatever fixtures are thrown at them, rotating home games.

Sunderland – Say bye bye to your Sunderland players. (manu, soton, MANC, TOTT, liv) are their fixtures for the next month… yuck. Tough times ahead for them.

Swansea – A trip to Tottenham this week is followed by a visit from united. This will test them, however Reading, Fulham and Aston Villa will give them relief afterwards. Only 1 home game in the next 4 concerns me though, average fixtures for Swansea. Michu is obviously your man here still.

Tottenham – Good times ahead for spurs. Swansea and Stoke visit in the next two while Aston Villa and Sunderland follow. This looks great for keeping clean sheets, Vertonghen may provide a good option here. Attacking wise? I’m not so sure, they all seem pretty solid. if anyone can break them down, it’s Bale though.

West Brom – Good few weeks coming up for West Brom, West Ham and Norwich visit before they travel to QPR. Their defence could see a pick up in returns, as may Long.

West Ham – West Brom (A), Everton (H) and Arsenal (A) will continue to test the hammers defense. Not sure they will return much here, I’d avoid.

Wigan – Dull one to finish off with, once again all fixtures are hard fixtures and I can’t see any fantasy players worth owning to be honest.

That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed it and good luck all!



3 comments on “Fixture Forecast

  1. mad romeys

    May look at picking up one of Natasic or Vertonghen in the coming weeks but I am tight on moneys so the going will be tough.

    • Liam

      Look at Michael Dawson from Tottenham and keep an eye on his fitness a much cheaper entry into the back four.

      Nastastic very much worth a look is playing very well and Lescott should be able to partner him while Kompany is injured.

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