Injury Report GW 16-17

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The premier league has a 25-man squad rule plus a bunch of others that manage to fit in under the rules:

The importance of raising this point is there is quite literally 500 players plus extras to include in an injury report from the smallest niggle to a broken bone it gets quite in-depth. The focus of this piece is to discuss the injuries important to us fantasy managers.

Feel free to write in the comments anyone you think I have missed, and why you consider them a fantasy asset, get the debate going.


Walcott, Theo: A pure flash of lightening quite literally Walcott is a jet the problem he is one of the most injury prone. He might get it together one day until then beware.

Expected return: This weekend from the bench, 35% of a full game, is playing Reading the club he netted a hat trick against, remains a major risk though.

Giroud, Olivier: Suffering from a constant back injury expected to return at the weekend.


Defense has been rather solid without Vlaar (4.6) as captain could be an important addition in theory. Has been out for 3 and half games with a calf injury. Should return in the next two weeks (when the fixtures are prime for investment)


Terry, John: Has missed 5 games but Chelsea have quite simply rebuild without the mercurial captain. Will add to the defense upon return, which could possibly be before Christmas (22nd)


And my new found role as injury writer has lead me to discover that Captain Philby Neville has been injured for almost a month. Shows his importance on the fantasy radar….Great player though


Ruiz, Bryan: The apparent key to Berbatov’s goal scoring. Has missed 4 games and is not expected to be on the scene until the 12th of January at the earliest. Bad signs for us Berbatov owners, or has he simply misplaced the scoring boots?


 Liverpool doesn’t get a lot of love around here (understandably so) but they are on a decent run, one could almost say an assault at the top 4 is on the cards.

Enrique, Jose: At 6.1 the menacing left back / all of a sudden left-winger is proving a good OOP option. With knee problems earlier in the season his hamstring has tightened up.

85% chance of playing but if you have the cash grab Johnson, Glen at 6.3 he is a right wing back by trade and a great striker of the ball (Check the west ham highlights).


Kompany, Vincent: has more of an impact on the unit around him, his price is quite simply insane. I would expect him to be fit for boxing day (26th).


Vidic, Nemanja: The best centre back in the premier league over the past 5 season this guy is the Drogba of defenders and absolute man best and the greatest defender in the fantasy game.

6.6 is his cheapest price in nearly 6 seasons. Yes he has lost weight but he is the club captain and a defensive rock but at 6.6 you are quite simply laughing all the way to the bank.

The little birdy tells me he is a 75% chance to play, Fergie keeps his cards close to his chest and could quite simply be bluffing about this week.

The quotes from Fergie “It would have been crazy to play him against City but against Sunderland…definitely”

The risk: “In the last 18 months he has only had 10 games or something.” increasingly injury prone and no miles in the legs recently hense the value in price.

First full match against Sunderland at home is looking likely, a 25% of that being at Swansea. Also likely to be rested for Swansea if he plays against Sunderland.


The Taylors: out long term not many people would have them anyway. The important note if Newcastle manages to stay up (outrage expected) these two will be at a friendly 4.5 next season. Injury prone but both excellent when fit.

Cabaye, Yohan: His got a nasty one people, groin injuries are not often easy to shake off, he is gone long term.


Ruddy, John: Long term, look at Bunn as a cheap keeper 4.0


Cesar, Julio: No chance this week, keeper groin injury rated at 50% but no news of late just the rumor mill.


Nil, local TAB for a friendly relegation investment


Lallana, Adam: Captain, future star, has the week off will be back next week.


Wilson, Marc: broken leg / ankle = season

Sorenson, Thomas: splinters, unknown return date


Brown, Cow: Chronic knee issue, unknown

Johnson, Adam: See Walcott, Theo a jet but injury prone, the call is dead leg with the jammed up fixture I say he will miss the united game.

Bardsley, Phil: an exciting striker of the ball pity he is injured again, knee problem could be medium term (3-6 weeks)


Vorm, Michael: possibly one or two more weeks off. I would say two maximum. If you saw the way he got injured it would take extensive rehab to strengthen up that area. His price keeps falling he is almost affordable at 5.1.


Bale, Gareth: 50% of appearing not 90 minutes. Key asset of the team is not going to be risked over the busy period will return when 100% or in a cameo role.

Expect his price to continue to fall as he comes back into the team and then has to re gather his form

Dawson, Michael: Back in from the wilderness, at 4.5 he is an attractive asset if fit. As with Bale a game or two of bench appearances maybe even 3 with his poor injury record.


Foster, Ben: The ultimate rotation with Begovic you heard it here. He injured one side of his groin got in operated on then managed to injure the other classic…

Offers excellent value when he returns, expect his price to continually dip should return by new years day (1st).

Ridgewell, Liam: Doesn’t really matter without foster to hold down the back four West Brom are leaking goals, if you own abort mission.


Nil sorry Carroll 8.3 isn’t worthy of a mention


LOL nothing of note poor wigan

Well there is my first injury report guys!

Let me know what you think of it, do you want it to be shorter? Do you want a more in-depth focus on a few of the key injuries? (Bale, Enquire etc.)


8 comments on “Injury Report GW 16-17

    • Liam Post Author

      Hi Dan, depends on the rest of your team to be totally honest. It is hard to make a decision in isolation.

      I only got Jose because he was on the left wing and was like 0.5 cheaper at the time, he is carrying a knee injury and is not a natural striker of the ball I think Glen was injured at the time aswell.

      For 0.2 it is worth it, Glen Johnson can strike a ball, put a cross over and will sweep up the Liverpool clean sheets (bonus points too).

      Did you know he actually played as a striker during his career? He has played games starting up front I think he even scored a few

      His a useless defender in a lot of ways but a good / great fantasy asset especially if the club he is at can keep clean sheets.

      Will finish with similar points to cole and ivanovic

      • Dan

        Thanx mate..went ahead and did the transfer…Liverpool looks good for a cleanie, be a shame to miss it on the back of Enrique’s injury with a FT sitting there.

  1. MattyZee

    Nice work! Super useful article with great information. However, it might be worth proof reading it a little better before posting. Some passages are quite clunky.

    • Hplate

      Agreed. Don’t want to be a grammar nazi or anything but this article was pretty confusing to read at times. Trying to decipher what exactly is trying to be said really takes away from the good work with all the info that’s presented.

      • Liam

        Thanks man I knew I needed to work on it. I didn’t proof read which was a mistake. I will work on it for next week.

        I know an awful lot sometimes I get lost in finishing one point and moving onto the next one. When doing this I don’t do the relevant grammar checks.

        Thanks again guys and good luck this weekend.

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