Rate My Team – GW17

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The round kicks off with a massive game for both Man City and Newcastle at 12:45 GMT. Deadline once again is at 11:30 so be ready! Discuss any issues you are having here ahead of another important gameweek in the lead up to the Christmas period. Who will you make captain? Good luck all!

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  1. LepDawg

    Please RMT –



    Have 2 trades and 0.5 in the bank.

    Thinking about getting trading out Morrison or Nolan. Just going to lose quite a bit of value ditching Nolan (got him at 6 and now he’s 6.9). Was also considering Enrique to G.Johnson if i couldn’t think of anything else.


    • Liam

      Ditch McAuley too much WBA coverage. Keep Foster and Bego they rotate great.

      I would keep Nolan over Morrison on merit but check the fixtures for a decision.

      Johnson a strong choice over Enrique I recommend

  2. Joe

    Added Rooney this week so free trade done, RMT…

    Rafael, Cameron, Demel
    McCarthy, Fellaini, Michu, Nolan
    Berbatov, Rooney, RVP (C)

    Foster, Cuellar, McCartney, Mata

      • crazyasianac

        demel quit international duties so he wont be missing out on games during the african cup of nations though. i dont see reasons why u should get rid of him. when fixtures clear up west ham should get clean sheets again.

        • Joe

          Yeah I think Demel is normally good as bench cover but this week would rather play him over Cuellar. He had 4 points last week and his fixtures don’t look too bad coming up.

  3. George

    Garrido, Mertesacker, Shawcross, G.Johnson, O’Brien
    Fellaini, Routledge
    Ba, Defoe, Tevez

    (Bunn, Bale, Puncheon, Mata)

    I have 0.4 in the bank and not sure if i should trade Bale out for this week as i only have two playing mids. If so who for, or what should i do?


  4. MattyZach

    Cameron, Rafael, McAuley, Enrique
    Fellani, Michu, Cazorla, Sterling
    Berbatov, Suarez

    Jaask, Mertesaker, Sessegnon, Lambert

    Thoughts? I will be trading Sess back to Bale or Mata next week. Not sure about my back line. I like it much better when I can play only 3.

  5. crazyasianac

    stupidity… traded in ramirez for maloney without knowing soton had no game… now i have no one playing on my bench plus i have enrique who is a doubtso possibly only 10 players playing.

    bego (cerny)
    enrique, demel, cameron, cuellar (clyne)
    michu, fellaini, silva (mata, ramirez)
    rvp(c), suarez(vc), fletcher

    thoughts on team? personally not very happy….

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Looks ok to me, Cuellar could go for a better defender if possible, Bassong/Garrido could be good short term options, depending on how much cash you have G.Johnson is a good bet.

  6. Dan

    Johnson McAuley Garrido
    Silva Michu Fellaini Sessegnon
    RVP(c) Suarez Ba

    Bench: Jussi McAnuff Shorey Cuellar

    Just did Enrique>Johnson with my FT…will be looking to ship Sess for Bale or Mata next week

    Now to sort out my multis

  7. mad romeys

    Rafael, G.Johnson, Mertesacker, Garrido
    Fellaini, Michu, Sessengon
    Naismith, Suarez, RVP (C)
    (Jussi, Kacaniklic, Clark, Morrison)
    Dont know which one to play out of Morrison, Naismith & Kacaniklic.

      • mad romeys

        I chose to stay with Naismith, Morrison has been kind if shaky of late and I didn’t want him scoring another 1 on my field.

        And Kacaniklic doesn’t have the best JS so I didn’t want to risk him either.

  8. stiffysexton

    Cameron, Jose Enrique, Demel, Riise
    Fellaini, Sterling, Michu
    Fletcher, Suarez[C], Defoe[VC]

    Al-Habsi…Bale, Clyne, Mata

  9. mad romeys

    Two bad luck things already!!
    Rafael decides not to play the gane that Man U look most likely to keep a clean sheet.

    And Aston Villa are plating well, Luis Suarez not demolishing them and Clark is on my bench for none other than Rafael,and Clark isn’t even first bench.

  10. Shaun Curnow

    Horrible, horrible round. I make Saurez captain again cos he should dominate Villa and what does he do,.. . NOTHING. Ive now had him 3 weeks, he’s played two games for grand total of 2 points (technically 4 as he’s been captain twice!)

    Im only 25 with Bale & Carzola to come πŸ™

    Tempeted to trade Saurez to Rooney out of spite for Liverfail always bloody costing me!!

      • Shaun Curnow

        Is Defoe an option given Spurs awesome fixtures? Im thinking Saurez to him and Felliani to Mata this week with my free trades and that leaves 2.1 next week to do Sessagon to someone after he tears Southampton apart πŸ˜€

  11. Dan

    Yeah hes gone…good in a way, will get some differentials in teams…

    I have only 0.1 in the bank now, so thinking I’ll punt on Taarabt keeping up his form from last night and make some cash for the following week.

    • Liam

      Yeah he is right at the top of my watchlist. Harry is super keen to keep him over the African cup period.

      I want to watch the qpr highlights or even extended ones to see how well he played.

      He has such talent.

      • Dan

        Well worth a short term punt whilst he has form imo…always have the Jan WC if he does in fact head off to the African Cup

        Bigger worry is I just found out he’s on four yellows…pity I’ve already done the transfer πŸ™‚

  12. stiffysexton

    inaugural season of fpl, everytime i get a leg up the following week i crash down to earth….help pls
    foster, al habsi
    cameron, demel, clyne, riise, enrique
    bale, fellaini, michu, sterling, mata
    holt, defoe, suarez

    sitting on 8 points this [email protected] shiver me timbers crikey customers, i was no dummy but i had to make like one……

    • stevenfsexton

      all input much appreciated especially from the likes of mattcraigdt and his cronies. really need some solid advice for next three weeks cover my bases from all angles if you get my drift….

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Ok my advice is that you make your trades planning for the next 4 gameweeks as after GW21 you will have your wildcard. After that you can change your team back to whatever you want! Keepers need work but clean sheets are hard to come by. Even with their fixtures Begovic could be your best bet, although its not necessary this week. G.Johnson is a great option for the next few weeks if you can get him in. Fellaini has to go I reckon, wait for a verdict but I suspect him having Christmas off. If that happens Walcott could be a good bet this next few games. Dempsey is another good short term option. As far as your forwards go only Holt needs fixing. Depending on cash in the bank I’m backing Berba over Christmas, Ba is another brilliant option. Lambert presents good value also. Hope this gets you through this period and good luck!

  13. kingcolesy

    Begovic (Jaask)
    Cameron, Enrique, O’Brien (Baird, Clyne)
    Fellaini, Snodgrass, Morrison, Michu (Puncheon)
    Tevez, RVP, Rooney

    4.5 Bank

    Im thinking a Fellaini to Silva trade looks too good to be true. The Man City weeks ahead look like easy cash points grab, and my midfield needs a bolster with the loss of Bale.

    I am fairly rookie, but I think this looks a winning braindead move? any other tips I’ll take into account.

    • Liam

      Silva is not going to pump out 10s more likely consistant 5-8 points. IF you want consistant returns it is a great move until Bale is up and running again.

      Don’t forget mata, he is worth a look at around the same price. Silva is much safer after chelsea’s trip to japan though

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