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After Chelsea’s woeful appearance in the Club World Cup I feel the Meme is warranted. Let’s get into reviewing another huge round of BPL action…

Newcastle 1 – 3 Man City

Man City just look so much better with Tevez and Aguero starting up front. The latter slotted home from a Nasri backpass before Garcia nodded home from a Silva corner. After the break, Ba capitalised on some woeful defending before Toure slotted a third home to put the result beyond doubt. For City, their entire midfield looked comfortable, but it was their defence that was again lacking. They really miss Kompany. Newcastle desperately need Ben Arfa back, without him they lack any width or pace in their build-ups. Nasri‘s groin injury should keep him out for a game or two.

QPR 2 – 1 Fulham

What is going on in the Fulham camp? They have been dire away from home this season (surprise surprise), but they were simply bossed  by QPR. Taarabt was unplayable, and scored two dazzling goals (although the first was courtesy of a deflection). Petric scored a wicked long range blast in the 88th minute, but it wasn’t enough to stop ‘Arry and his R’s running away with their first 3 points of the year.

Man United 3 – 1 Sunderland

A comfortable win from United was highlighted by goals from RVP, Rooney and Cleverley. Fraizer Campbell added some respectability from the scoreline on his return to Old Trafford, but really it could have been a tennis score, as Rooney and RVP uncharacteristically wasted a few chances. Those who captained the Flying Dutchman will be happy with his return, while Rafael owners were left pondering why he wasn’t played in favour of Jones- I’m putting it down to rotation over a busy Christmas period.

Stoke 1 – 1 Everton

Shawcross got Everton off to great start with an own goal, deflected in from a Pienaar cross. He then made amends as Jones nodded home from his diagonal long ball in. At 1-1, and the game delicately balanced, Fellaini thought it was necessary to pull a Zidane onto Shawcross, who was involved in everything. He will likely get weeks for it, as the referee didn’t see it the FA can come down on him like a ton of bricks- trade him ASAP!

Norwich 2 – 1 Wigan

Norwich continued their 5 game unbeaten run at home, by dispatching of Wigan. Pilkington and Hoolahan looked absolutely clinical all day, and could have had more to show for it than two goals between them. Al Habsi was simply inspired, as his clutch saves kept Wigan within touching distance. Maloney‘s introduction after the half resulted in a goal to him and an assist to Kone, but apart from this moment there was little to cheer about from Wigan.

Liverpool 1 – 3 Aston Villa

What a result this was. No-one gave Villa a hope in hell at Anfield, but boy did they put on a show. After soaking up all the pressure, they hit LFC on the counter, with young gun Benteke starring with two goals and an assist. Weimann scored and assisted, which will likely keep Bent on the bench when he’s fit. Gerrard’s header gave Johnson owners a handy assist, but overall, Liverpool were dire. Without anyone to finish in the final third, they won’t be anywhere near the top four for years to come. Suarez owners… bad luck. Let’s hope you didn’t make him captain.

Tottenham 1- 0 Swansea

In what was an infuriatingly wasteful game, Tottenham only managed to snare the one goal from their 23 chances. Vertonghen of all people finished a crisp volley from a corner, as Swansea showed little bite away from home. Michu copped a heavy knock late on, and FPL owners will be sweating on his fitness for next week. Tottenham’s defence was dominant all day, and should result in heavy investment over the next few weeks, given their soft fixtures.

West Brom 0 – 0 West Ham

What a boring game. FPL owners can just be happy that McAuley, Olsson, Demel and Jaaskelainen owners received a clean sheet, because it was honestly one of the more boring games I’ve experienced so far this year.


So with Reading and Arsenal still to play, how do you stand this GameWeek? Personally I’m doing about average. Assists from Silva and Kone helped push my RVP captain buffer beyond the norm. So how did you go? Let me know as always!

Score: 54
Captain: RVP
Lords: RVP, Silva, Kone
Losers: Morrison, Schwarzer, Berbatov
Still to play: 0
Vent/Brag: Not too bad… other people have done far worse so I can’t complain.
Trades: Fellaini > Mata

Hope you fell on the right sight of the average this week folks…we have a busy schedule coming up at FPLaddicts so stay tuned for all the team, trade and injury news.





36 comments on “GameWeek 17 Review

  1. mattcraigdt

    Fuck off that’s average seags haha, it’s like saying on another week “I’m doing pretty average, only on 75 so far… can’t complain” That shit gets me 😉 22 above average mate! I reckon Nasri is vital for city, he made a huge impact before being subbed and the game slowed down. Oh yeah I’m on 29 after captaining Suarez over RVP… go me.

    • Liam

      I have 46 with Santi left to play and am not overally happy. I hate getting less then 50 but sometimes gw’s are stinkers. I had one gw at 2.1 million that was a rank killer.

      The captain is the balance of the gameweek thats where RVP is great for that extra cash. That return rate of >85% is vital for these otherwise average weeks.

  2. Liam

    Good write up.

    Did people watch the club world cup final? I thought it was a great game to watch.

    Corinthians were a really good TEAM, their players had such great close control.

    It was eye opening to see a premier league team get beaten by a south american side, the contrast in styles was amazing.

    I feel as though Di Matteo would of won it though he is very tactically astute. Torres was too isolated at times with 3 or 4 defenders around him.

    Lukaku would of been nice, interesting decision at Chelsea to go half a season with only 1 striker

  3. grinpowderdiah

    As always, good write-up. What a nightmare of a round, I am one of the fortunate ones with RVP as captain so i’m “above average”, but gees it’s ordinary otherwise.

    As usual, I got the Jaask/Begovic field/bench decision wrong – for about the 16th time this year (that’s probably not much of an exaggeration actually). McCauley came on for Enrique (who in my best laid plans had to take points this week, or be gone – why oh why did I knee-jerk you in for a temporary positional change?), Shawcross’ handy assist and bonus points offset his OG and Silva with an assist the only other notable scores in my 55pts with no players left.

    So, now I am left in a conundrum as the double trade I planned for this week is no longer my biggest priority – with absolutely no thanks going to the man with the cushioned head (doesn’t mean you can go smashing it into other people’s heads and expect to get away with it). I am seriously contemplating going Fellaini to Puncheon (cash $$$) and then I can utilise an upgrade elsewhere (Morrison is wasting away on my bench, Long could find himself moving to Ba/back to Tevez perhaps).

    Point to note, Yaya Toure was in my team earlier this year… he just gets last minute pokes on the ball for his assists/goals and somehow or another always finds his way into the BP when City win.. with 2 being his specialty it seems. I am sadly slightly contemplating bringing his sorry backside into my team for Fellaini – hopefully I don’t do it as I am hardly inspired with confidence in his FPL scoring ability anytime I watch him play.

    Anyway, obviously the Fellaini move is a priority before 2,000,000 players jump off the wagon. I guess that can count as my “vent” 😛

  4. grinpowderdiah

    Oh. Plus I didn’t mention Berbatov, the QPR v Fulham game is one of the few I haven’t watched the replay of yet, but if he had any sort of game like the last few weeks this is just getting beyond the point! I do not know how he didn’t score the last couple of weeks, Krul pulled off some miraculous (fluke) saves to deny him vs. Newcastle especially.

    It’s getting a bit tempting to shift him to Ba (who still finds a way to score even though Newcastle still require some improvement to be ‘half ordinary’), but the moment you do he will fire in goals all over the place.

    • Liam

      It’s a battle between patience and form with berbs, the newcastle game he really should of scored.

      I think I am going to hold, the hat trick at Anfield is fresh in my mind

      • grinpowderdiah

        I am probably going to be holding as well for the simple fact that I am likely to go Fellaini to Puncheon, therefore allowing me to upgrade one of Long/Morrison to Tevez/Ba/Bale perhaps.

        Although trading him does increase the likelihood of him scoring next week significantly!

  5. Dan

    Score: 59
    Captain: RVP ..who else??
    Lord: RVP, Ba, McAuley..special mention to Silva, Sess and GJ
    Loser: Afro man and Bego
    Still to play: 0
    Vent/Brag: seems a good score for this GW…the Jussi/Bego decision, as grinpowder said, is becoming a pain in ass…
    RVP celebrated his return to perma-capt in style!!
    Trade: Fellaini>Taarabt

    • grinpowderdiah

      I’d be hugely wary of Taarabt, whilst he always shows glimpses and so forth (like the weekend), for ever glimpse of his obvious talent there’s an average of 1.47 dummy spits and 3.68 games completed on the missing persons list*.

      I understand you need to move Fellaini on to someone, but although he would be a POD I think there are quite a few better options out there…

      *Figures obviously totally made up.

      • Liam

        Taarabt has some of the best underlying stats in the league. He is a statistical anomaly an outlier on the radar. I will get the hard evidence when I can but he is firmly on my radar and has been ever since redknapp took over.

        The difference here is he is working with a manager who has him as his centre piece. Redknapp did not want to sell him to QPR. I imagine he only did so because Taarabt pushed hard to leave to play first team football.

        Redknapp knows his game, it was the first time in a while he played through the middle (CF) behind the striker rather then out on the left.

        Mark Hughes has no idea how to run a top flight club, QPR have the talent to stay up they just needed the right manager and I feel they have that manager.

        Grinpowerdiah who is on your list as better POD’s? For the 3-4 game spell until Felliani gets back (possibly more but I doubt more then 5-6)

        It obviously depends on the money in the bank but I would have Taarabt in my top 4 along with Nolan & Ramirez or Pilkington / Snodgrass in that price range.

        Best would be Mata followed by a fit Bale (if you don’t have them atm) if the cash is available

        • grinpowderdiah

          I see what you’re saying about Taarabt for sure, there have been signs he is relishing working with a new manager (especially one as you say, that has him as the centre of his attacking plans). What concerns me is consistency at this level, he hasn’t shown such consistent form since they’ve been promoted.

          Well, you have your obvious guys like Mata & Bale, I’m not a huge fan of Cazorla but he’d have to be mentioned along with Silva & even Dempsey. On a slightly cheaper front I prefer guys like Yaya Toure (as mentioned above, he gets bonus points for next to nothing), Snodgrass (set piece taker & links well with Pilkington/Holt/Hoolahan), Puncheon (I have more confidence in consistency from him – probably because he will ‘assist’ too) and even a guy like Nolan now West Ham’s fixtures are clearing.

          If Taarabt keeps this up, he’s definitely worth looking at. The thing about QPR they always have an attacking threat even though they may lose games (not that they have since ol’ ‘arry has come along). One of Taarabt’s goals was very cheap (though who cares about that), where he got a huge deflection off Hangeland which wrong footed Schwarzer.. but he totally scuffed the shot (very comfortable stop otherwise). I guess the point is he was running with the ball and willing to take the game on and shoot.. which he also did with his other goal, although I think Fulham afforded him way too much space to take that shot as well.

          However with QPR I think you’re going to be relying more on his individual brilliance for points rather than goals being served to him on a platter (which against stronger opposition I think you’ll find they try clamp down on him and won’t allow him as much space as Fulham did). So he’s relied on to create & finish, a lot of pressure and it’s hard to deliver on that if the defense doesn’t have a lot else to focus on. Plus, I can’t see him laying it off for an assist like other similarly creative players – all of this I think heavily impacts his potential for consistent points.

          Just my $0.02 😛

          • Liam

            Nothing like some constructive discussion grinpowderdiah we all see things differently. You make some very good points, points I didn’t even think about.

            I love what he was able to do in the championship & hence I have a bias towards his characteristics. Last season I held him too long and got burned “once bitten, twice shy” is the current feeling.

            I am going to try and keep this fantasy based but might chuck some other aspects in. (and could stray off topic bit of a scatter brain)

            His consistency in terms of fantasy is non-existant, his performances have been decent over the last 10 weeks having started 9/10 games over that period. He scored in his first two return games for exile / injury with two assists up until last week. (explosive return to prove a point then back to his normal inconsistent self, harsh but appears true of his pl career so far).

            Yeah I have Cazorla his underlying stats are great but I only purchased him because Bale was injured, he would be great if Arsenal had a consistent strike force his rate of assists would be much higher.

            Yaya’s role changes too much if he was always playing CAM (in behind the front striker or front two) or even CM and not CDM I would have him in an instant. He has 80 points at 4.7 but had a 10 game spell averaging a dismal 3.1.

            He appears a streaky player (well mancini keeps on changing his role) with two returns in a row ( a run of three at the start of the season).

            With Reading, Sunderland, Norwich, Stoke up next (3 of those 4 teams play strong counter attack which could see him push on to break them down).

            A strong alternative to Felliani but offers little value for money, a form buy.

            Norwich have no defined source of output. Hoolahan/Snodgrass/Pilkington and even Holt share it around. Great for the team not for us fantasy managers.

            Nolan I have not looked into in depth (I have previously owned him though). I feel his output is reduced by not having carroll around. Cole is a different type of big man, a bit more selfish I think.

            BACK TO TAARABT:

            Looking at the season as a whole he has 8 less points then Puncheon who has been outstanding with 2 goals and 5 assists (at a much cheaper 4.5). My point here being value he is overpriced for what he looks like offering (say 5-8 goals and 5 or so assists).

            The shot yes I agree but he was in the right position to shoot and got ‘lucky’ for that part of the move.

            The space part is a strong aspect, the highlights showed quite loose marking and he could be double teamed.

            I feel as though QPR actually have quite good players in forward areas. Therefore if he is double marked that opens up space for Cisse, SWP, Granero.

            I see the point though there is not much strength in depth and in theory he could easily be shut down.

            That is where the opinion’s really step in can Harry change the team keep them tight and pressing at the back while giving Taarabt space.

            4 games unbeaten is quite outstanding for a team that had not won a game. Harry had to rebuild the morale they were really close to beating Villa, Wigan and Sunderland but lacked the confidence to close out the game that should change now.

            Again apologies readers for poor grammar I am not in the mood to proof read this.

          • Dan

            Probably worthy of an article this Fellaini thing lol

            Seems the perfect time to have a bit of a punt on Taarabt…Jan WC coming up means an easy fix soon enough.Im fr from an expert on him,but hesseems to me to br the sorto player thatwill go on a streak of good form…Im hoping this work was the start of that. In terms of my team, I have McAnuff as 5th currently, so Im pretty happy to rotate the to based on easiest fixture…plus the 2m coinIpocket from the Fellaini>Taarabt trade is gonna come in real handy next week, particularly if Suarez failsagain (hello Rooney)

          • grinpowderdiah

            Haha, well done! You’re analysis is certainly in depth, I work more off perspective in FPL at the moment at least (probably because I am in a little too deep with work at the moment… plus I am competing in a couple of other fantasy sports too!). I’ll try not be too detailed in my reply for the sake of this article and the sanity of other readers.

            I’ll start with Yaya, yes he’s a massive problem in terms of having his position rotated regularly. It is frustrating and was a major reason I got rid of him in the first place (I ignored this fact before I got him and realised it was more annoying than I could have even imagined as an owner). As a viewer he does not look like a FPL commodity at all, sure he’s around the ball but Silva pulls all the strings and the strikers (well, except Balotelli) do the rest. Yaya’s scores seem to come out of no where and hardly out of any form of sheer brilliance.. but if you’re a long term holder ignoring the weekly ups and downs, he’ll deliver a reasonable amount of points. Saying all this, I dislike that and I hope I don’t go there.

            Cazorla, well I think you’re spot on the money. Throw RVP back up front for Arsenal and he would probably be a FPL star. For now he’s alright, but at his price I can’t see myself heading that way for the exact reasons you state.

            Norwich are all over the place yes, for what it’s worth I think Hoolahan is brilliant. This weekend is the first weekend I can remember that he’s pulled in a bag of points, he seems to always be the creator but it always seems he ‘assists the assist’ so to speak. I think Snodgrass is just coming into his own, he seems to be released to run at the defense and take long shots at goal if he’s free – he’s also a set piece taker. I can see some value in him but I’m not personally going to go that way either. Pilkington I think is a little in and out of games, Holt obviously could be a prime contender to feed off these guys but they quite often go themselves or Holt effectively becomes a decoy.

            You’re right with Nolan too, the absense of Carroll impacts him heavily. However he’s an opportunist scorer a lot of the time, so he could have chances increasing as their opponents start becoming a little easier. Saying that, I agree that he’ll likely score more points with Carroll around being a focal point who can control the ball and offload it to someone like Nolan. Cole is certainly not that sort of player, meaning Nolan has to create his own chances (never) or feed off scraps (set pieces, etc.).

            I think we seem to have similar sentiments really around Taarabt, I am just a bit cautious that’s all. There is some quality around him agreed, but I just think he becomes a focal point for the defense to try and control.

            If QPR could be a pure counter-attack team, that plays hugely into the hands of Taarabt – he’ll be afforded more space and he’s someone who could easily take on one defender, even two. However set piece play is probably not suited to him, not unless he’s the one taking it from a shooting distance/angle. I have to say, what i’ve seen of QPR the last few weeks – they’re not playing slow with the ball, quick counter-attacking seems to be the go.

            I am certainly happy to be proven wrong about Taarabt’s potential as an FPL player, but I will be sitting on the sidelines for at least the next few weeks and keeping an eye on him first!

          • Liam

            Good response well written.

            Hoolahan(I think that is spelt right) is a gun, has the nicknamethe Irish messi for a reason his quite talented.

            I like him quite a lot he barely played last year so is one to watch certainly.

            Well written piece. Yeah I am trying to keep the fantasy games to a minimum outside of this. I play the a-league one. Whoever created the player values had no idea.

  6. Shaun Curnow

    If thats an average score then my 25 with Cazorla to come is going to see me plummet down the rankings like theres no tomorrow!!

  7. Joe

    Score: 49
    Captain: RVP
    Lord: RVP, Rooney, Demel (even though Liam told me to get rid of him 😛 )
    Loser: Raf, subbed by Cuellar, McCarthy, Bego and of course Fellaini!
    Still to play: 0
    Vent/Brag: Not bad for this week, lucky West Ham managed a clean sheet and the Rooney trade came off.
    Trade: Fellaini-Pienaar, hasn’t rated a mention but is worth getting back I think.

    • Liam

      “lucky West Ham managed a clean sheet” very true I can’t get it right all the time sadly.

      Upon actually looking at West Ham’s fixtures he is worth keeping (yeah I didn’t check I was on my mobile) – I wrote it in the comment above that about nolan…

      I didn’t actually get back to you either so you definitely made the right choice.

      Demel was at threat of rotation risk he started the season as first choice but McCartney / O’Brien and Demel have all been rotated around RB and LB.

      I think reading your team I thought McCartney was going to start and couldn’t understand why you had two west ham defenders. (McCartney has a knee injury thats why he didn’t start)

      Cuellar is probably the weakest option at the moment though, sunderland’s fixtures are tough although it is better to have a fit player then an injured one at this stage of the season.

      • Joe

        To be fair most of your advice on this site has been spot on so far, I think I held Demel because of the 4 point hit more than anything, I wasn’t prepared to lose 4 points on a defender. I’m keeping McCartney more as a back up to Demel hoping that at least one of them will play and Cuellar did well for a few weeks there but will probably be gone once I can use the wildcard.

        • Liam


          It was a mistake though. I will try not to make again you guys look for some advice. It should at the very least be accurate.

  8. kingcolesy

    Score: 52 (-4)
    Captain: RVP
    Lord: RVP, Rooney
    Loser: Fellaini, Enrique
    Still to play: 0
    Vent/Brag: First or second time Ive stuffed up Bego/Jaask combo so not too unhappy
    Trade: Done Fellaini to Mata

  9. tseagrim

    Geez some lengthy discussions re Taarabt going on here, love it! My two cents? I’ll pass. Streaky in the past, if he strings a few games together I might jump on but QPR don’t instil me with a great deal of confidence. Their fixtures leave a lot to be desired too with Newcastle, West Brom, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham…. so I’ll be passing.

    • Liam

      The home factor of those games poses some relevance.

      They had a decent run in at home last season. Beat arsenal and a few others there. It is a pretty hostile arena.

  10. mad romeys

    Score: 43
    Captain: RVP
    Lords: RVP, Sessengon, G.Johnson
    Losers: Rafael, Fellaini, Suarez
    Still to play: Mertesacker
    Vent/Brag: I have had Suarez for a total of 3 weeks, he has returned the same amount of points to the weeks that I haev had him (3 because I captained him for 1 week).
    Trades: Fellaini > Nolan/Pienaar. Rafael > Gallas.

    • Liam

      nice I am feeling rather smug myself now. The thoughts of why I didn’t captain Santi are entering the mind now. RVP was just too reliable. I didn’t think Santi had a hat trick in him

        • Liam

          has the best underlying stats in the league (maybe Bale has better). He has been underperforming a hat trick makes up for many weeks of low returns (which I don’t really care for because I didn’t own him)

  11. MattyZee

    Score: 36 (with Santi and Mertesaker still going)
    Captain: Suaraz
    Lords: Santi, Sessegnon (off the bench), McAuley
    Losers: Rafael, Suaraz, Fellani and the rest!
    Vent/Brag: Super disappointing week so far. Nothing has worked, and changing my C off Santi Cazorla on Saturday afternoon has killed my weekend. Would have kept up with the RVP brigade otherwise. And got my keepers wrong again. Oh well, guess that’s fantasy sports!
    Trades: Just did Fellani > Silva, just to be a bit different. Still have one more free trade, which I think I will use to cash in Enrique or Rafael and then take a 4 point hit going Suaraz to RVP, or avoid the hit and just go to Rooney.

  12. Tim

    Captain RVP and Carloza did the trick for me this week and kept me on top of my league.

    David Silva was the only other player to bring home attacking returns.

    Happy with 62 points especially with Enrique and Rafeal no-shows (Had only a point from Cueller off the bench as Mata and Schneiderlin were my other two subs).

    No real vent this week.

    Trades: Don’t have Fellaini so no great rush. In an ideal world I’d either go Sterling—>Taarabt or Enrique—>Vertonghen but I am 0.1 short for each trade at the moment.

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