The Conundrum

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After a big weekend of FPL, coaches alike are left with a few massive questions. There has been a few lengthy discussions floating around the site about how to tackle these undesirable situations…so I’m going to  do my best to answer them! This week, Fellaini.


The big Belgian couldn’t help himself. I’m surprised someone hasn’t done it sooner mind you. Stoke constantly manhandle opposition players from set pieces, yet get away with it. Fellainibeing the vigilante he is, took the law into his own hands and headbutted Shawcross. An important part to remember is that the referee did NOT see the incident, therefore the FA can watch it and punish the prolific goalscorer as they see fit.

There is no doubt in my mind that he will get a minimum three week ban, that of a straight red card. AT LEAST. Personally I think he will get 3 or 4 weeks…compounded by his later open palmed “punch” to the former United defender. So that poses the question. What do we do with him?

Option 1


Marouane has clocked up 95 points this year. He has breached the double digit mark no less than five times, and with an initial ownership of 45% (before the punch), he is definitely a midfield gun. The other problem is that if you have not a lot of funds lying around in the bank, a straight swap to someone other than Michu (I’ll assume most people have him- if not, your decision is easy) becomes hard. There is really only NolanYaya Toure or Sessegnon at a similar price… all of which I believe are a step down from Fellaini. In holding, you’ll miss at least Newcastle (A), Wigan (H), Chelsea (H). Those fixtures to me look pretty good… but if you have cover on the bench holding may be an option.

Another factor AGAINST holding is the fact that we get our wildcards in less than a month. Which is when Fellaini is back. Trading him for these three weeks, then using your wildcard to manoeuvre him back into your side makes a lot of sense, and shouldn’t be too difficult.

Holding is definitely an option… but for trigger finger Seags, I’ll be pulling him out of my team.

Option 2

Down Trade ($$$)

This option would appeal to you if you already have a packed midfield, and want to make a bit of coin to free up a trade (such as Berbatov/Fletcher up to Rooney or Aguero).

The one target that people have been talking about is QPR’s Taarabt. At just 5.6, he reeks as a budget option, and as you saw against Fulham, he has the ability to rip teams apart. However this ability is entirely hit and miss. He has only managed the 4 goals this year, (2 this week), and the 2 assists.

People have been making noise about how under Redknapp, Taarabt is a sure thing to perform consistently as they are now undefeated from 4 games. Again, let’s look a little deeper. Since ‘Arry has taken over, he has managed 2 goals and 1 assist from 4 games. 3 attacking returns from 4 games isn’t bad in anyone’s books, especially someone at just 5.6 (it may be 5.7 or 5.8 by the time you read this!).

One thing that concerns me about Taarabt though is his fixtures. Newcastle, West Brom, Liverpool and Chelsea don’t exactly scream goals. Taking a look at his past results this season, when playing Mid tabled sides he has scored 3 of his 4 goals. I classify Newcastle, West Brom (who he scored against earlier in the year) and Liverpool as mid-tabled, meaning that he prefers these tighter, more organised sides. Against top tier sides though, such as Chelsea, he hasn’t even made a dent…so maybe a rotation for that fixture looks ominous.

All in all, if you don’t have the cash for an upgrade, Taarabt looks a very suitable replacement. The R’s are playing better under Redknapp, and at just 5.6,  you could do a lot worse. Remember, if you trade him to the Moroccan and he plays terribly, there’s always the wildcard coming up to rectify your mistake! That is if you’re willing to accept 4 weeks of scoring 2… (Suarez and Berbatov owners will understand what I mean). Other options include Pienaar, Holman, or one of the Norwich attacking trio Snodkinghan. Puncheon represents a bargain option!

Option 3 


If you’ve got cash to burn, like I found myself having, this is a no brainer. Trade. The likes of MataHazardCazorla, and Bale all should prove too tempting, especially with Tottenham having a soft run of fixtures coming up (where they play the bottom half sides in the next month). One player who hasn’t got a lot of love is Silva. The man was a fantasy bull last year, assisting and scoring almost for fun. He is always a threat for an assist, with Aguero and Tevez in front of him, and his duties as corner kicker is also beneficial- see Garcia’s headed finish last week. At just 9.3 he is as cheap as he is ever going to be… and although he hasn’t had the best returns this year (1 goal 6 assists), if you’ve watched City play, he is ready to explode.

So you’re either going to be in a couple of positions. You’re going to have enough money to upgrade to the top echelon of midfielders, or you’re not. I don’t think holding is a viable option given the upcoming wildcard, so it’s either a trade down to a lower player (of which Taarabt is the front runner with Puncheon another option), or an upgrade to a Mata, Silva, Bale, Cazorla or Hazard. I don’t think trading to Nolan is that viable, given that you won’t make much cash and he has really quietened down since his early season form.

So for those of you that like being told what to do, here it is.

If you’ve got the money;

Fellaini > Mata, Silva or Bale.

If you don’t;

Fellaini > Taarabt ( or Puncheon)

Hope this helps guys, it seems to have been playing on people’s minds! Remember to do it QUICKLY, Fellaini’s price will drop substantially over the next few days, and Taarabt’s and Mata’s will rise!





28 comments on “The Conundrum

  1. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    Couple of other options for downgrades… Holman and Pilkington. Both dominated this week as well, and although they have relatively hard games coming up we all thought Aston Villa playing Liverpool was gonna be a hard game! Both have more reliabilty too as shown in the past month and they don’t just run at a defensive and shoot from long range all the time like Taarabt. 😀 Just a coupla more options for the listeners at home.

    Either way I gotta wait a week, unless I cop a 4 pointer, coz I got rid of Sessegnon.

    P.S. You knobhead Fellaini.

    • tseagrim Post Author

      I’m always wary of Norwich and Villa players though because so often they can stink it up! Holman playing very well recently though, and Pilkington has scored in something like his last four games so he’s playing well too. Still don’t trust them though!

    • Liam

      Holman is playing quite well but is not a fantasy player maybe at a cheaper price maybe even then I would still rather Puncheon.

      Pilkington is a very viable option although chelsea and manchester city at home will prove very challenging opponents to continue his treble of double pointers.

  2. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    I agree, but we’re comparing them to a player from QPR… Recent revival or not, they can’t be trusted either.

    • tseagrim Post Author

      I guess when it comes down to it, players are priced at around 6 or below for a reason. They’re all hit and miss. Let’s just hope managers have enough money in the bank to upgrade!

      • Liam

        The game is very well balanced in terms of price to value but there is always going to be players they miss or players who have a good year from a low price.

        It is the 5-6 price range that proves the toughest so many options for so many different reasons, it can be so difficult to sift through penalty takers, free kick takers, people in form, teams in form etc.

        It is so hard to pick the form of teams, QPR is a perfect example. They have money, no stability, some good players, some bad players. A club in transition.

        They have had the new manager bounce now they have to settle into some pattern and absolutely no one has any idea (except for people on the inside). Especially on the brink of a transfer window, they could have some gun lined up and we have no idea (or some mercenary thats all talk *cough* Diakite).

  3. mattcraigdt

    Here’s me trading to Walcott and thinking I’m a genius… keeping it on the low. Taking a risk on his injury (don’t think it’s serious) but when he’s played he is destructive and easy fixtures for the next few weeks hold him in good stead. It was him over Silva.

  4. crazyasianac

    i got in snodgrass for a -4. i can do suarez to aguero or down ramirez to puncheon and then get tevez for fletcher.

    also do u guys reckon zabaleta will start every game? richards is injured and maicon doesnt seem favoured… trying to find city defence coverage and thinking zab or nastasic

  5. Bryan

    I’ve had Fellaini since GW3, so I only get about 7.2m from his sale rather than 8m. Would you still recommend trading him or should I just wait out the ban?

  6. Dan

    Great read..too late for me as I jumped on the Taarabt trade on Sunday…got the Fellaini 0.1 rise and before any Taarabt price rises.

    Actually I think it was my comment on the trade in the review article that sparked the whole debate on here. Some great reading too there lads, top work!

    FWIW I had no money in the bank…if I did it was def Bale or Mata in ( already have Silva). Even looked at Walcott but still needed to take a hit to do it. Not once has a 4 pointer worked out for me yet, so I decided trading down is the only option, gain a bit of cash for next week so I have the option of trading Sess up to Bale/Mata or if Suarez fails again then Rooney is in.

    Considered Puncheon or back to Pienaar…but I suffer from the same problem as I do in DT…if in doubt I tend to pick the player I most enjoy watching ( my DT had Jeremy Howe for over half the season this year). Love watching Taarabt…and coming off that performance ( yes one goal was lucky, but he was brilliant all game) I kneejerked before the price changes. Worse case scenario and he stinks, I have McAnuff who I can rotate with him, and with the Jan WC just around the corner why not take a punt?

    • Liam

      Taarabt is the blatently obvious choice for me (in that price range). Santi was also that choice for Bale and that proved nicely correct over the last couple (A convient 13 points per game) feels lovely to pull off a well timed transfer.

      The difficult choice for me is to ditch felliani and suarez so I can get mata and some other striker

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