Christmas Period

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epl christmas

I just want to write up a quick article to help you guys through this busy period. We will be fitting in the most important articles (Transfer talk, Preview, Review, Injuries, Captains) in each week for you guys so don’t worry! It is a time that can make or break our seasons so let’s take a look!

As far as trades go, there is a few important things to keep in mind. We will receive our wildcards come January 1 and I suspect we will use them after GW 21. That means that any transfers we make in the next 2 weeks can be reversed back to whatever we like come GW 21. That means we must only consider the next 4 gameweeks with our trades. This means short term point chasing, yay! Some of us (like me) are experts at fucking this up. However it’s not so big a deal as any mistakes can be repaired soon enough. Our free trades each week now become more important. They can be used to change players around weekly for fixtures, injuries etc. I wouldn’t go taking too many -4 hits but your free trades must be used! Be strategic with your trades, for example Arsenal, City and Spurs have relatively easy fixtures so maybe look at bringing some in. Clean sheets can also be chased. Aston Villa, Swansea, Stoke and Spurs could all profit short term so keep that in mind. Bench injured players if you can get away with it but don’t get rash with your trades. It can be easy to take hits on guys like Berba, when in reality his fixtures are good for the next 4 games and he could turn it all around.

When is it alright to take a 4 point hit? For these kinds of trades most of the time you just need to think, who will score more this gameweek? If it means someone is 4 points down then so be it. While doing so you must take into account fixtures to come before GW 21 as well, will you need to trade them out again soon or will they be kept? Answer these questions before triggering trades…

Another thing to be worried about is rotation and injury. It might be best in this situation to target players that are absolutely locked on. That’s why I still like Berba over Tevez, I also have Suarez and RVP (Who could still get rested and some point, beware). My midfield looks like this: Cazorla, Michu, Mata, Puncheon and Walcott. I’m confident that at least 4 of these players will start each week so it is not a worry for me, and I also reckon I could carry someone on the bench for a week if needed. If you have players that could be subject to rotation then beware with your selections and trades, for example anyone from Man City or Man United. I am carrying McCartney on my bench in defense so I wouldn’t be worried about an injury here, you should be able to get away with 4 defenders. We must be careful with our trades and the number one option is to hold an injured player, unless you are in a position where you may take a 0.

Personally I’ve gone after Clark (AVL) and Davies (SWA). They have decent fixtures which could hopefully provide some clean sheets. They also free room to upgrade Fellaini to a premium. With Arsenal’s fixtures I’ve taken a gamble on Walcott (before he scored last night) and if he starts these next few games with Arsenal’s revived confidence and fixtures he could kill it. I will try and ride injuries unless it will cost me points. No unnecessary knee-jerks is my main goal! All trades must be carefully planned.

Hope this all helped, feel free to discuss any trades you are planning for the next week below and I’ll try help you through them!



10 comments on “Christmas Period

  1. mad romeys

    Rather true, all of your points there. But I am pretty sure I am going to break them, just knowing how reckless I can be come trading.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Oh I will too, just make sure you know the consequences! I was going to get Silva in this week, that was until Santi smashed it! We can get rather rash sometimes…

  2. Shaun Curnow

    Given my current ranking im too scared to try anything drastic so think ill just keep playing like theres no wildcard coming up!! Although having said that, is trading out Jose Enrique a decent option, looking around looks like he’ll miss this week?

  3. Liam

    Tough times, have to figure out how to ditch fellaini in the best short term way its tough.

    I normally keep the winter wildcard until the very last moment. Gives a good springboard for the run home

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I find the 11 day gap between gameweeks is a good chance to use it, halfway through January anyway… I suppose it depends on how desperate I am to change my team 😛

      • MattyZach

        I agree. Nothing is better than being able to constantly trade and mess with things, with no consequence for 2 weeks.

  4. Louie K

    Talk is that the Arsenal vs West Ham game on Boxing Day may be postponed due to some industrial protest. I guess we’ll find out over the next day or so.

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