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Hey guys, after a shocking gameweek for most we must turn our focus back towards the next couple of weeks. 4 gameweeks in 11 days lies ahead of us, a busy period for all! Rotation will bite, wildcards will be within reach and rankings can be either boosted or murdered. I have written a quick article on how to plan your trades for the Christmas period to be posted on Wednesday arvo, don’t miss it! Maybe hold off your trades if you can. It will be important to utilise your free trades and think short term! Let’s get into it.


  • Jaaskelainen – Another surprise clean sheet for West ham and they continue to defy us all. Jaask continues to be the second top keeper behind Begovic and doesn’t look like slowing down with age. Great option.
  • Vertonghen – His attacking threat once again proved pivotal this weekend where a lot of defenders struggled. Tottenham look very solid with Parker back and could be good for a few more clean sheets in the next few games. Keep an eye out, Gallas could hold great value also.
  • Walker – Similar to Vertonghen, his attacking threat could not be denied yesterday and was unlucky not to score on top of his assist. Spurs fixtures look kind upon them and they will be looking to start from the back, points to be had.
  • Taarabt – The talk of the gameweek so far, probably soon to be taken over by Cazorla. His double this weekend all of a sudden has people bringing him in. In fairness, Fellaini has created this mess and there aren’t too many mid pricers performing. He showed all of his class last weekend and plenty of owners will hope he continues in the same vein under Arry.
  • Toure – After he popped up for another goal this weekend people are once again talking about venturing into territory where they have been burnt once before. Fellaini has created this mess but it could have a good result, some more variety in teams. However I’m not sure Toure is the right option, although this weekend against Reading could be a good bet.
  • Benteke – After he destroyed Liverpool single handedly he is starting to get some attention. I’m once again not convinced however, he seems very inconsistent. Having said that with Bent injured he is locked on and could continue in this vein of form, good option.
  • Van Persie – Reliant Robin. Why didn’t I captain you? Anyway this round he proved why he is so valuable at any price, ignore him at your peril.
  • CAZORLA – Santi I love you, Santi I do. When my heart beats it beats only for you!!! After trading him in for bale, a move which I was deeply regretting he comes out and slaps a cheeky 23 points. To the 10000 who had already traded him out, a good lesson has been learnt. Nobody could have seen that coming, however Arsenal have been woken up with a shock after their loss to Bradford and I can see them banging in a heap of goals over this Christmas period. Cazorla and Walcott look good options for sure.


  • Rafael – Benched by Fergie again, his owners will be really concerned. rested or not, 4 games in 11 days will test him out and I expect to see him rested once more during this period. I’d have a backup ready, however he should start this week. Hold him and hope he starts, United’s fixtures are too good to ignore.
  • Enrique – Bloody Jose, his donut sat beautifully on my field this week, I guess Liverpool missed him more than they would like to think. Hopefully he will be back soon but with Johnson’s resurgence I’m not sure holding both is wise, unless you can afford to!
  • Nolan – Kevin has really started to let a lot of people down. His blank period is getting really concerning and if you have him it might be time to look for alternatives. Taarabt is not an alternative for Nolan though, in my opinion.
  • Sterling – he has been struggling of late, his owners should stay patient for another week however with Fulham visiting. This should surely hold goals for him  and the man to follow.
  • Berbatov – 6 consecutive blanks has me really concerned. How he didn’t score against Newcastle I will never know but last week he looked poor. I am benching him this week so if you have him, lock him in for sure. However I am holding as I can’t get to Ba and I can see Dimitar bouncing back soon. As I say, probably while he’s sitting on my pine.
  • Suarez – Fuck. You. I’m gonna keep this short and sharp before exploding, 2 captaincies for me, 2 points. ALTOGETHER. So going by logic, I’m captaining him again this week… you heard me. Home game against a leaky Fulham MUST hold a goal or two for him. If it doesn’t then he is out of my team. Hold if you have him.


  • Tevez – A home game against Reading looks sure to hold goals for Carlos, keep him this week but expect him to be rotated over the next couple of weeks. Risky option, but one with a big upside.
  • Defoe – Also may be subject to rest as Bale returns and Adebayor is now fit. Another risky option but another with a big upside. Don’t go getting rid of him after one disappointing game, however Stoke may test him.
  • Bale – if you have held this far the choice is simple. Hold him again. I reckon he will be back this week an will repay the faith to those who held him. If you have traded him out then don’t go placing him back in straight away, wait to see if he is still inform.
  • Bassong – Í wouldn’t go chasing him in now, they couldn’t keep a clean sheet against Wigan at home and their fixtures now take a turn for the worse. Their form will not last forever, start making a plan to be rid of him I reckon!
  • Toure – I would be avoiding him, his role changes constantly and he could move deep against a counter attacking Sunderland and Norwich. Especially away from home, beware here. Risky.
  • Taarabt – As I said earlier, he can produce brilliance. However his consistency has so much to be desired I wouldn’t even consider him. puncheon looks a much more consistent threat, and if you want to upgrade Fellaini (take a look at The Conundrum) then the options are abundant. Do yourself a favour and don’t go for Taarabt, that’s just my gut feel.
  • Torres – El nino. Is not back yet. End of story. If he continues to score and becomes impossible to ignore then perhaps, but don’t get burnt a third time. he had a shocker in the club world cup final and his confidence may just drop back once again. I sincerely hope not however.

That’s it from me today, look forward to Liam’s next forms article later today. I hope all of that info will help you guys out, any questions you have just post them below! Cheers.



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  1. Shaun Curnow

    Can i just extend the man-love to Santi CAZORLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 😀

    Have traded Felliani to Mata already and have another 0.2 in the bank. Not sure if i’ll use that this week or bank the trade for next week.

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