In Form and Out of Form

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Form along with value is a key driver to this game. Get the right combination of form and value alongside nice fixtures and your team will be on top in the long run.

It is often about looking for that unique edge to surround your superstars. This is particularly important as we near Christmas and the rotation overload starts to bite.

Player in form: Bradley Guzan

The goalkeeper spots in the fantasy game quite often feel like a waste of a trade (my keeper is the only player left from gw1). With such an obvious differential on the cards it was an area I felt needed to be discussed.

Further to that point: People have many different strategies and thoughts about goalkeepers I am going to discuss my chosen strategy. Feel free to discuss other ones in the comments below or even how easy / tough you are finding it to rotate goalkeepers.

I have never been one to plump for a 6.0 keeper and a 4.0 it just doesn’t offer enough value particularly in a season such as this (no regular top 4 clean sheets).  My strategy is to look for 4.5 keepers that are going to rise in value and thus far it has been an excellent season. Begovic and Jussi have provided us with plenty of points for a mere 9.0. These keepers are now well and truly out of the price range to pair but if you have one (particulary Jussi) Brad Guzan is the man.

Brad Guzan is presenting as a differential (3% owned) who is also in mighty good form. The American has been waiting many years for his pl place. Shay has been ‘Given’ the flick for Guzan who at a relatively young 28 has plenty of talent to bring to the league. (Some of his cup appearances have been outstanding down the years).

Not taking into account the games against the top two sides Guzan has returned 35 points in 6 games that is a touch under 6 a game. His shot stopping combined with Villa settling under Lambert’s new system (a 3-5-2 which works as a 5-3-2) is ripe for a fantasy bargain.

The fixtures to come are chel (a), TOTT (H), WIGAN (H), swan (a), SOUTH (H), wba (a) which rotates perfectly with Jussi.

Alternatively you could pick up a villa defender if your keepers are quite settled but Guzan’s shot stopping ability is always going to return him that little bit more at a quite similar price (4.6).

Out of form: Felliani covered at length this week

Again please leave some feedback about the article, whether you like it or not, the grammar amongst the ideas expressed.

Apologies for the lack of out of form this week Felliani really has taken the cake on that one.


2 comments on “In Form and Out of Form

  1. stiffysexton

    RMT pls:

    Demel, Clyne, Jose Enrique
    Sterling, Walcott, Bale, Mata, Michu
    Suarez, Defoe

    Begovic….Holt, Cameron, Riise

    • Liam Post Author

      Mad team what is it ranked?

      Read my injury article on Jose Enrique when I get it up I stand by the fact Glen Johnson is the better option of the two.

      Midfield set, you have held Bale he is only a game or so away now (too late to get rid)

      Got two hot strikers for the season, Holt appears to be out with a hamstring again read the injury piece tomorow for the full assessment.

      Riise could possibly be moved on for Nastatic (5.6) although Fulham do have good fixtures on paper are just in terrible form.

      How much cash in the bank?

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