What We Learnt – GW17

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After Cazorla virtually doubled some teams scores overnight, it’s time to reflect on the weekend that was and ask ourselves…what have we learnt?

  • Man City’s attack is looking dangerous. After stalling in the middle of the season, Tevez, Aguero and Silva are contributing nicely- don’t hestitate on bringing in any!
  • If Newcastle didn’t have Ba they’d be in relegation.
  • Rogers thinks Liverpool will finish second this year. Perhaps he meant finish second this weekend versus Aston Villa.
  • Every game that Benteke has scored in Aston Villa have won.
  • Of the 12 games Man United have started with Rooney and RVP up front, they have won ALL TWELVE!
  • Al Habsi has to be one of the best shot stoppers in the PL.
  • Taarabt went to  Hogwarts, some of his nutmegs were magic.
  • Fellaini‘s childhood hero was Zidane… and it shows.
  • Shawcross is still pulling long black pubes out of his teeth.
  • Tottenham had 23 chances and only 1 goal. Defoe couldn’t have scored in a brothel on Sunday.
  • Fox Sports are being sued for false advertising after flagging the Tottenham v Swansea and West Brom v West Ham games as a “Super Sunday“.
  • If you missed the West Brom v West Ham game, never, ever, ever, ever watch a replay of it, unless your child is restless and won’t sleep.
  • Reading have now taken 2+ goals from Arsenal twice this year. Add this on to 3 goals v United and 2 v Chelsea and it seems like they’re not just an easy clean sheet after all!
  • Cazorla became the shortest player to ever score a Premier League header.
  • And finally, whoever said Podolski was missing the Bundesliga probably has a case after his finish on Monday night…Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 10.47.49 AM

Anyway that’s what I learnt this week! Let me know what you learnt in the comments below.

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