Captains – Round 18

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Let’s be honest, last week for an absolute nightmare for captains. If it wasn’t Cazorla or Van Persie, it was a failure. Let’s hope for a much more all round performance from our premiums this week! Time to take a look at the captains as we enter the hectic Christmas Period.

The Contenders:

Walcott – When he actually starts, Theo is in a rich vein of form. 4 attacking returns in his last 5 returning his owners 38 points at an average of 7.6. Not bad. Arsenal responded fantastically to a barrage of deserved criticism by thumping Reading 5-2. Now the question is, will they keep up that momentum or just fall back to their arrogant, lazy performances against poor opposition. An away trip to Wigan is the perfect test. With news coming out that their boxing day clash against West Ham will be postponed you would hope news of an extended Christmas break will spur them on this weekend. Walcott is a good chance for a goal this week.

Silva – A home game against reading is just screaming out goals… for City. Silva is usually at the centre of City’s attacking moves, never more evident than last week against Newcastle. I am a little concerned that Nasri will be missed, he was fantastic. However it should mean more balls played to Silva’s feet and more chances for him to score. Great option this week.

Puncheon – Not that I would go making him captain, but he is a good chance to get on the board again this gameweek after a break last weekend. Southampton look very dangerous at home and Puncheon is often amongst the points.

Cazorla – Similar to Theo, infact even more so, Cazorla relies on Arsenal’s performance. Here’s a stat for you (I’m proud of this). In games that Arsenal have won, Santi has scored 6 out of 7 times, totaling 71 points at an average of over 10 points a game! Games that Arsenal draw or lose? He has returned points in only 2 of 10 matches, scoring 34 at an average of 3.4 a game. Seems pretty clear to me. Arsenal’s performance is pretty much centered around Cazorla, will they win this weekend against Wigan? You’d think so, hence you reckon Cazorla will return points. However it is by no means an easy trip and with Arsenal’s consistency this year I’m not confident enough on this one.

Aguero – If you have him, he is almost a captaincy lock. Not many do, hence he doesn’t make the top 5 however a home game against Reading looks too good to be true. Mancini could rotate but surely not, they are just finding their feet with him, Silva and Tevez starting. I see a goal or two for Kun.

Bale – IF he returns this week he could be the only Spurs player capable of breaking down Stoke. I can’t see too many other avenues for them after only sneaking 1 past Swansea last week. He is always a good shout when fit, too risky this weekend though…

Rooney – The form this man is in I had to throw him in, you can never write him off for a goal (or a Young dive). An away trip to Swansea will be testing, however they are scoring just as easily on the road as they are at home (albeit leaking them almost as fast at the other end). Good option, but not for me this week.

Mata – You can also never write this magician off. He creates scoring chances at will and will cause havoc while trying to break down a solid Villa defence. When games get tight it is usually Mata who steps up, expect more points this week on return from an unsuccessful Club world cup campaign.

Torres – El Nino, is he back? How many times do I have to ask that? I don’t think he is, not yet anyway. I really hope he scores and this week seems perfect for him. He will have to step it up quick smart before January as rumors are flying around thick and fast when it comes to striker backup. If you have the balls, go for it.

TOP 5:

1. Van Persie – The safe option worked well at number 1 last week and I can’t ignore him this week either. While for most a trip to Swansea is rather off putting, United have scored most of their goals on the road and would you bet on them not scoring here? Don’t think so. Hence RVP is a great chance to rescue their sorry ass again (and ours too) and return big points.

2. Tevez – a great number 2 this week, Tevez changes the dynamic of City’s attack and he will be locked in the first XI again this week. A home game against reading smells of rape to me, something which Carlos doesn’t like to miss out on (Did that sound right?). I fully expect him to score, and double figures are a distinct possibility. Great option this week.

3. Suarez – Once again I’ll keep it short, don’t want to rant on forever… the dickhead. He must be due a goal or three this week and I’m seriously considering giving him a third chance… I like a risk. It may also be the fact I can’t face when I’m wrong and I won’t let go until it pays off. By that time I’ve probably conceded 30 or so points. A bit like the pokies, let’s hope I don’t get addicted there also. A home game against a leaky Fulham still makes Suarez a great option 😉

4. Ba – QPR are on the comeback trail under Harry, yet to lose would you believe it! Still on a high from their first win last week they will fall right back to Earth this week I feel, a goal at least for Demba.

5. Michu – Finally a good POD option this week. A game against ManU looks harsh but in reality, they have conceded the 5th most of any team outside the bottom 3. 14 goals conceded in 9 away trips (1.5 goals per game) and just 1 clean sheet in that leaves Swansea odds on to score. Michu has scored 7 goals in just 9 home games. This leaves Michu odds on to score. Simple? I wouldn’t put it past the golden boot leader to sneak at least one that’s for sure, him and RVP will go head to head! Good option.

That’s it for the captains this week, too many options to choose from! Honestly guys like Silva and Mata would make it any other week, toss of the coin. Who will be your captain? Share any thoughts in the comments below… Cheers.



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16 comments on “Captains – Round 18

  1. mad romeys

    Dont know why I am doing this to myself, but Suarez it is this week or maybe a slight chance of some Cazorla magic?? Doubt it, but it will most likely be Suarez…
    I hate you Matt for convincing me sought of to do this!!

        • Liam

          He currently returns a point every 10 minutes and is due some starts over the winter period.

          He is actually a very good striker we only see him in fits and starts watching the premier league so it is very hard to tell.

          Players can’t be consistent when they are not given game time.

          There is about a 5% chance of me pulling this trade this week.
          city are likely to rotate before playing Sunderland as they have caused them much trouble over the past season

          Martin Tyler:

          ‘Jjjjiiiiiiiiiii!!!’ followed by “It ain’t over until it’s over’

          • mad romeys

            If you dont get him in, you know Mancini will probably give him 2 games before christmas and he will score in both… so yeah haha.

          • grinpowderdiah

            That’d be a ballsy move that’s for sure!!! When he plays he scores regularly yes, plus surely City will rotate them (probably Tevez :() .. but same token is he could play a total of 30 mins across all three of those games!

            Risk v Reward though, don’t think any other options in that range will do significantly better – Ba has tough fixtures (although he still scores in them), plus you’re trading the only other decent one in Berbs. Personally i’m holding him but I can understand you wanting to move him on..

  2. grinpowderdiah

    Strongly considering trading Long for Tevez this week. Downside is I have Enrique (who may, or may not play – but I have other playing options in Defense), but I just think I will bench him this week and hopefully Tevez can bag some points for me.

    So my 2 free trades for the week will effectively be:
    Out: Fellaini, Long
    In: Puncheon, Tevez

    Potentially good forwards in RVP, Tevez & Berba.. with Mata, Silva, Michu and Puncheon/Morrison (probably bench the latter). Conversely I could go Morrison to Bale and keep Long, but just a bit worried about Bale playing and of course the fact that Tevez could pummel Reading in the meantime.

    • Liam

      I will write about bale tomorrow at this stage I think they will be careful with him

      Tevez is a great pick the strong uncertainty about who will start is very frustrating.

      Aguero is the most skillful

      Tevez is the beast and works the hardest

      Dzeko is a good player I really have not seen enough of him to sum up this best qualities

      The other one ‘Bib’…might even scrape minutes I hope not after this legal arguement with the club

      Christmas is a strange time as far as points go, dzeko is my funny feeling it would be extremely ballzy though.

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