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Time to start planning our teams for gameweek 18! Issues are continuing to arise, on top of Fellaini’s 3 game suspension Arsenal’s boxing day clash with West ham has now been postponed. Not only this but there is no more than 3 day gaps between each gameweek until the new year! Rotation will be right in the managers minds.

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47 comments on “Rate My Team – GW18

  1. George

    Johnson, Mertesacker, Shawcross
    Mata (C), Puncheon, Santi Cazorla, Fellaini**
    Ba, Defoe, Tevez

    (Bunn, Garrido, Routledge, O’Brien)

    – I have three trades and 0.3 in the bank. Will sell Fellaini this week, although not sure who for and what else I should do, if anything.


    • Dan

      Can u have 3 free trades??….I thought u could only have a max. of 2 in any given GW?

      No United attacking coverage and being one of the rare teams I’ve seen with no Michu, would be the two things that stand out for me. Id do Fellaini to Michu and possibly get rid of Mertersacker (Ars def sux) for a cheapo def to raise funds for Rooney.

      My side:

      Johnson Garrido McAuley
      Silva Michu Sessegnon Taarabt
      RVP (c) Suarez Ba

      Bego McAnuff Cuellar Shorey

      2.3 in bank but no FT available this GW.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Yeah haha 3 trades? Tough decision… Pablo Hernandez could be a good option, if fit though. You really need to try and upgrade, maybe downgrade Mertesacker to Davies or Clark then upgrade to Dempsey, or Bale if you cam afford him.

    • Liam

      Taarabt is a decent short term punt, Nolan if you think he is going to refind his goalscoring form and also a pick that intially didn’t even enter my mind steven pienaar.

      The mid range price range is very difficult to judge, Taarabt offers excellent up-side and has the full backing of his new manager.

      I have been singing his praises a lot this week but all signs point to a more consistant Taarabt the ONLY issue is most of his shots come from outside the box (42% accuaracy though) but over the course of a season only 7% of outside the box shots become goals.

      If he can get more shots inside the box will be fantasy gold, his underlying stats are as good as bale, santi, silva and mata in a lot of departments.

      Also keep an eye on Routledge he will be rotated over christmas with Hernandez coming back into the team

  2. MattyZee

    My team. I have one more FT for the week, and already did Fellani > Silva this week. I have 2.7 in the bank.

    McAuley, Cameron, Mertesaker
    Silva, Sterling, Santi Cazorla, Michu
    Lambert, Berbatov, Suarez

    Begovic, Sessegnon, Enrique, Rafael

    Thinking I want to turf Enrique or Rafael this week to help produce enough funds for RVP + Mata next week. Or could go straight for Sess to Mata this week. Unsure!

      • tseagrim

        Newcastles fixtures are horrible and with no Ben Arfa or Cabaye I really don’t like any of their team, even Ba… Their goals really dry up without any midfield creativity.

      • MattyZach

        Interesting. I had Ba up until a few weeks ago when I turned him into Suarez. I wasn’t too keen on him really. There don’t really seem to be any great options outside of him at that price either. Might I better to make Berbatov, Tevez and save getting RVP/Rooney will my wildcard in the new year?

  3. jmponder

    Shawcross Hangeland Jose Enrique
    Mata Michu Yaya Toure Bale
    Ba Suarez Tevez

    Tremmel Sterling Cuellar Reid

    I used my one free transfer to drop Fellaini and bring in Yaya. I don’t necessarily see Yaya as a long term option, so, although Man City’s fixtures look promising for the next few gameweeks, I’m open to making changes there. I’m also looking to free up some money by going with some more budget options for my bench. I’ve got a pretty good idea of what defenders I want to bring in but I could use suggestions for a cheap midfielder to replace Sterling. Finally, Newcastle’s upcoming fixtures look dreadful so I may be looking to move Ba on

    • tseagrim

      Yaya goes to the Cup of Nations in January so he won’t be anything more than a 2 week player. Sterling will be rotated over Christmas- Puncheon would be my trade there. Newcastle’s fixtures are horrible, and they are without their two best creative midfielders, meaning Ba will be starved of service.

      • mattcraigdt Post Author

        Ba will still find a way to score I reckon, you can’t really upgrade him as you already have tevez so I’d stick with him for now. Home against QPR this week!

  4. stiffysexton

    Clyne, Jose Enrique, Demel
    Bale, Walcott, Mata[VC], Michu
    Holt, Suarez[C], Defoe

    Begovic…Riise, Sterling, Cameron

    This is my selection for GW17. I can see Tottenham scoring so have fielded Bale & Defoe as well as benching Begovic & Cameron…..is my selection right in this case do you think?

      • Liam

        Stoke are terrible on the road in terms of returning wins. They have lifted on the road though in terms of performance. Clean sheets at a constantly misfiring Liverpool and stale mate against Villa only having a single shot on goal.

        They did win at West Brom to a clean sheet that was a derby though.

        I would start Foster but be confident in Begovic taking goal if Foster is not fit. I would bench Cameron, Spurs should score at the very least look at Tremmel’s saves last game though almost compenstated for the lack of clean sheet.

  5. kingcolesy

    Begovic (Jaask)
    O’Brien, Enrique, Clyne (Cameron, Baird)
    Michu, Mata, Puncheon, Snodgrass (Morrison)
    Tevez(C), RVP, Rooney
    2.7m in bank

    • kingcolesy

      Torn on Stoke/West Ham in defense this week. Thought I may as well put O’Brien in as he beats Cameron in assists 2 to 0.

      • Liam

        Everton without Felliani will be interesting lock in o’brien his at home, playing the percentages he has a better chance of a clean sheet and attacking returns.

  6. Shaun Curnow

    My team as it stands for this GW…

    Mignolot (Tremmel)
    Shawcross, Rafael, Gallas (Cameron, McCartney)
    Cazorla, Mata, Bale, Sessagon (Sterling)
    Tevez, Ba, Saurez

    1.0 in bank.

    Thinking either Tevez or Cazorla as captain! No idea what im doing over next few weeks, going have limited access to internet when im away! Might have try set it up before Boxing Day and hope for best! haha

    • Liam

      Sorry to say this but the next 4-6 game weeks are the most critical of the season in terms of gaining ground.

      Which is annoying because it is holiday time in aus

      • Shaun Curnow

        Yea its annoying that this is important part of season! I’ll have access most days, just have to use Iphone to try do trades and set team up I think!

  7. mad romeys

    Here is my current team:

    Gallas, G.Johnson, Mertesacker, Garrido
    Santi Cazorla, Michu, Sessengon
    Suarez, RVP
    (Jussi…Clark, Kacaniklic, Naismith)

  8. mad romeys

    Here is my team for now:

    Gallas, Garrido, Mertesacker, Johnson
    Santi Cazorla, Michu, Sessengon, Morriso.
    Suarez, RVP
    (Jussi, Clark, Kacaniklic, Naismith)

    I have already used my FT to do Fellaini>Santi Cazorla and I plan on my making drastic changes to my team come the January wildcard.

    I only brought in Santi Cazorla because of his form amd fixtures.
    And I know my team is rather terrible but it will be very different form January onwards.

  9. Bryan

    Vertonghen, Jose Enrique, Cuellar
    Michu, Mata, Wilshere, Taarabt
    Van Persie, Suarez, Ba

    Subs: Guzan, Sterling, Whittaker, Rafael

    Bank: 0.2

    I traded Fellaini for Taarabt and ate 4 pts to bring in Vertonghen for McCartney (who cannot seem to stay fit). I really hope Fellaini’s price drops down so I can pick him back up in January…

    Going to Captain RVP although Suarez is temping. I also wish I could bring in Cazorla but lacking the funds. Rafael is eating up valuable space.


    • Bryan

      Wilshere is really unlucky to not pick up any attacking points yet. Along with Cazorla, he’s the heart of the Arsenal team at the moment. I’m hoping Wigan is just the fixture for him to get on the scoreboard.

      • Liam

        Wilshere is a long way off being explosive again, his is going to take some time to return to top, top form.

        I would only look at walcott and santi from arsenal at the moment. Wilshere is worth watching but I wouldn’t expect more then a 4 point average over the next 10

    • Liam

      Advice cash in on Rafael, his not playing this week and with Smalling & Jones fit expect rotation.

      You could get a budget defender (4.0) for him and sit on the cash so you have a few options over the next few game weeks.

      I would then upgrade Cuellar to a better mid range option (4.5-5)

  10. pawan

    Gibbs, Clyne, Shawcross
    Michu, Mata, Silva, Cazorla
    Rooney, Suarez, Torres

    Subs: Ruddy, Sterling, Shorey, Demel

    Bank: 0.2

    Any substitution and captain advice for this week..

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