Injury Report GW 17-18

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The premier league has a 25-man squad rule.

The importance of raising this point is there is quite literally 500 players plus extras to include in an injury report from the smallest niggle to a broken bone it gets quite in-depth. The focus of this piece is to discuss the injuries important to us fantasy managers.

Feel free to write in the comments anyone you think I have missed, and why you consider them a fantasy asset, get the debate going.


Walcott, Theo: One must hope he can get a run of games together, I am not removing him from this list purely because something freakish is so likely to pop up.

Giroud, Olivier: Suffering from a constant back injury expected to return at the weekend but from the bench as Walcott is performing quite well.


Villa’s defense has been rather solid without Vlaar (4.6) , who as captain could be an important addition in theory. Has been out for 3 and half games with a calf injury. Should return in the next two weeks (when the fixtures are prime for investment)


Terry, John: Has missed 5 games but Chelsea have quite simply rebuilt without the mercurial captain. Will add to the defense upon return, which could possibly be before Christmas (22ndalthough that seems unlikely as he is still experiencing some pain. I still think he will appear before the new year.


The man of the moment Felliani is under a 3 match ban for head-butting causing many fantasy team troubles but also leading to many differentials.


Ruiz, Bryan: The apparent key to Berbatov’s goal scoring. Has missed 4 games and is not expected to be on the scene until the 12th of January at the earliest. Bad signs for us Berbatov owners, or has he simply misplaced his scoring boots?


Enrique, Jose: At 6.1 the menacing left back and now left-winger is proving a good OOP option. With knee problems earlier in the season his hamstring has tightened up.

100% chance of playing but if you have the cash grab Johnson, Glen at 6.3 he is a right wing back by trade and a great striker of the ball.


Kompany, Vincent: Has more of an impact on the unit around him, however his price is quite simply insane. I would expect him to be fit for boxing day (26th).


Rafael: Missed the last game with a hamstring niggle. That is beside the point though he is due rotation with Jones and Smalling back to fitness. An outstanding FPL player but his reckless attacking and could be contributing to United’s lack of clean sheets. I would be looking to jump off shortly unless you want inconsistent returns.

Vidic, Nemanja: The big man made an appearance off the bench just when Sunderland started to get their act together (the last 15 minutes of every game by the looks of things). Hard to judge where he is at, I personally did not watch the game but from my sources he wasn’t great. Plenty of time to get back in the groove though. I expect him to most likely appear off the bench again as he continues to build his fitness. Possibly 45 minutes this week depending on the situation of the game.


The Taylors: Out long term, not many people would have them anyway. The important note is if Newcastle manages to stay up (outrage expected) these two will be at a friendly 4.5 next season. Injury prone but both excellent when fit.

Cabaye, Yohan: Hes got a nasty one people, groin injuries are not often easy to shake off, he is gone long term.

Ben Arfa, Hatem: No christmas fixtures for the young winger. Not that many people would be holding onto him as Newcastle’s hopes continue to drop.


Ruddy, John: Out with a long term injury, look at Bunn as a cheap keeper at 4.0

Holt, Grant: Hamstring niggle, is rated at 75%. They might give him a game off and get the young legs of Jackson to come off the bench for Morrison. Not a lot of information is known here, I would expect him to play in this one but am not sure if he will last the 90 minutes.


Cesar, Julio: Appears to be fit. Should strengthen the defence for the away trip to Newcastle as QPR look to continue there 4 game unbeaten run.


Nil, local TAB for a friendly relegation investment, although it would be rather short this week.


Lallana, Adam: Captain, future star, hopefully his knee injury is not too bad, is unlikely to play this week (20% chance). Adkins is keeping it close to his chest.


Michael Who?: constant injuries, career is certainly nearing its end


Fletcher, Steven: This bloke is clinical as but also as injury prone as they come. Players go throughout the season with many niggles. They seem to sideline Fletcher more often then the average player which is disappointing for someone of his quality. Should appear (90%)

Johnson, Adam: Was not right for the united game but still played. Should appear again this week I but don’t expect 90 minutes.


Vorm, Michael: Would you bring back a guy that has been injured for a good 8 games against the league leaders in what is sure to be a strong workout? It is debatable, the word out of Swansea is the manager has no problems bringing him back in. I am rating this at a 50-50 call. Although Vorm may be fit he is a very important player to the Swans, they probably won’t risk him.

Hernandez and Rangel are also on their way back to fitness. They may appear but will take a few weeks to get back into the groove and won’t boost the performance as much as hoped. (Both are very creative and it could be argued that they boost Michu’s chances).


Bale, Gareth: 85% of appearing about a 50% chance of starting. Bale is a key asset of the team and is not going to be risked over the busy period. Expect his price to continue to fall as he comes back into the team with not much of a bang. I strongly feel it will take him a game or two to find his feet again.

Dawson, Michael: Back in from the wilderness, at 4.5 he is an attractive asset if fit not to mention being the club captain. Has just returned to full training in the last couple of days. I expect him to start from the bench (30% chance of starting) with a 70% chance of making it off the bench.


Foster, Ben: Has returned to full training in the last few days. He had a double hernia operation not something I know too much about (Ben has blamed the injury on this but it could also be an underlying issue). My initial assessment was new years day. The game lists him a 75% which is quite generous. Compare this injury to Vorm’s groin, he has been in full load training for two weeks and still hasn’t played. I rate a 25% chance of starting against Norwich. He offers excellent value when he returns, expect his price to continually dip should return by new years day (1st).

Ridgewell, Liam: Doesn’t really matter, Without foster to hold down the back four West Brom are leaking goals too easily at this stage.


McCartney (4.0) has a MCL Knee injury. Typically this kind of injury is anywhere from 2-6 weeks. The game lists him as 50-50 but having only played 45 minutes in the last 4 games it would be safe to move him on to someone more reliable.


Alcaraz (knee) & Caldwell (hamstring) are out this week while Ramis (hamstring) is a heavy doubt. Why is this important? They are 3 first choice centre backs. For a club that is already in free fall they are going to continue to struggle without these three. Expect goals in this game.

Cheers lads


4 comments on “Injury Report GW 17-18

  1. Henry Darana

    ‘Do you have any information on whether Rafael goin to start against Swansea or not…

    ‘Any thoughts on Villa’s Baker..
    He’s just 3.9 and they have been performing well with him at the back, get a clean sheet for such a low price is deal made in heaven.
    Do you think he’ll keep his position upon Vlaar’s return…?

    • Liam Post Author

      My understanding is he is fit to play but with the options they have they won’t risk him.

      Baker is an outstanding young prospect in real life. Consistentcy is the key to playing centre back he was outstanding against Liverpool.

      Vlaar is captain so will come straight back in for baker when fit.

      The better question is how far away is Vlaar? He has missed 5+ games with a calf injury which is quite strange (typically 2-3 weeks)

      The job security is very insecure with baker I would look to Clark at 4.4 as the villa defender of choice.

      To reaffirm my article earlier this week Guzan is the best villa player you could have in terms of potential points and value for money.

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