In Round Chat – GW18

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Robin_Van_Persie-1200We enter yet another round of football, get your teams ready for the 11:30 GMT deadline! Any issues your having just share them here, as well as your thoughts on the weekends games. Good luck all.


16 comments on “In Round Chat – GW18

    • mad romeys

      Well then I hope Aston Villa cam do the same as QPR did earluer this year and keep a goaless draw, here is me hoping anyway, as there is only like 10-20% chance of that happening.

        • mad romeys

          Yeah, knowing my luck and the amount I can give to other people, our fate is sealed, Gallas will come on later on in the game and score a measly 1 point while Aston Villa decide to keep Chelsea goaless and Clark’s 6 pounts sits on our benches.

  1. mad romeys

    Thats cute Cazorla.
    Every time I get a premo that is in good form they decide to score a blank, happened with Suarez, RVP, Bale, Mata and now Cazorla.

  2. Shaun Curnow

    Traded out Enrique cos he was a 25% chance playing, traded him to Gallas…. So what happens..

    Gallas doesnt play and Enrique scores bloody 9 points!!

  3. Joe

    Couldn’t decide all week whether to play Foster or Begovic, made the wrong decision of course. I did trade in Peinaar for Fellaini and Johnson for Rafael so not all bad though.

    • Shaun Curnow

      Bloody Tevez didnt score!! I cant remember last time i got right captain choice! Dont think ill put it on a forward ever again!

      Also just checked out my multis i put on last night. Tottenham cost me in 2 different 6 leg multis! (both paying $38 & $46) Always one stupid club! Thought it was going be Sunderland that cost me, but should known better then placing bet when Stoke are playing.

  4. Shaun Curnow

    Thought id go back for entire year and see how my captain selection was going! Only 5 times has my captain scored 5+. Imagine if I got captain selection correct more often, I might be top 1000 instead top 8000!

    (I didnt double their scores when working this out, its their original scored)

    2, 1, 10 (double gameweek), 1, 3 (was vice captain as captain didn’t play!), 3, 4, 13, 2, 3,
    2, 9, 2, 3, 9, 1, 8, 9

  5. stiffysexton

    trades worked out well with walcott and begovic only wish now foster came back one week later so i had to play begovic ahh well cant win them all….

  6. Dan

    I’ve come to accept that Im going to always have points sitting on the bench (Cuellar outscoring all my other defs)…but Bego/Jussi decision is just a big pain.losing so many points on it each week.

    Actually considering trading Jussi to a cheapo gk to make some coin and just playing Bego each week.

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