GameWeek 18 Review

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In what was a fairly uneventful start to the festive period, nobody really fired or dominated individually. Rotation screwed us over, but we all have to suck it up and get used to it over the next two weeks!

Wigan 0 – 1 Arsenal

Wigan were desperately unlucky not to come away with something this game. Arsenal, as they so often do, failed to back up their previous weeks good work and failed to capitalise on any opportunity they created. Kone should have scored but didn’t before Arteta’s second half penalty gave Arsenal the points. Cazorla was disappointing, while Walcott didn’t relish the opportunity he was handed up front.

Tottenham 0 – 0 Stoke

Firstly, AVB screwed us all by benching Dempsey and Gallas , before serving up the biggest shit of a game. Vertonghen owners will be happy with their clean sheet, while any combination of Begovic, Shawcross and Cameron would have been solid.

Man City 1 – 0 Reading

Another shit of a game, Man City just didn’t tick. Toure was given a more advanced role with Barry and Garcia covering back, which ended up slowing the Citizens down. Barry climed all over Shorey before heading home in the 90th minute to hand City the win and gain some ground on United. On the flip side, Reading look more and more like being relegated… Pack your bags Royals fans.

Southampton 0 – 1 Sunderland

Fletcher was always going to be in for some points here, in what was another chanceless, dull game. Southampton don’t look much better than Reading at the moment mind you, and Sessegnon completed a very tidy run for himself picking up an assist.

Newcastle 1 – 0 QPR

Guess what? Just for a change, another boring game. Newcastle, as I mentioned earlier in the week, failed to create many chances at all without Ben Arfa and Cabaye. Ba didn’t have a great game, while Cisse was rubbish AGAIN. Newcastle will surely dip into the January market quite heavily. For QPR, it was a fairly bland performance, with a few moments of brilliance from Taarabt. He is looking like he is ready to be anything as a player. Ameobi and Marveaux were great, and linked up nicely for the winner. Marveaux simply has to play more now over a busy period- I’ll watch him keenly.

West Brom 2-1 Norwich

West Brom came into this game needing a win, having had their amazing start to the season tarnished by ordinary results recently. Norwich had come into the game on a 10 game unbeaten run, but as I hinted in the preview this was a dangerous game for them. West Brom played well and had their moments, while Norwich looked strong throughout. Snodgrass put them 1-0 up from ANOTHER set piece, before Gera equalised and loanee Lukaku clinched the victory. Lukaku is an interesting prospect- if he started every game I would have to bring him in, but it remains to be seen whether he has jumped above Long in the pecking order.

West Ham 1 – 2 Everton

Everton came away with a big win here. After Cole put the Hammers up, Everton rallied and produced chance after chance. Fellaini was replaced by Anichebe, who wasted no time in getting on the scoresheet, before Pienaar slotted home to hand his owners a much needed boost. The South African has been quiet ever since Fellaini took his spotlight, but with him out for the next two games a cheeky transfer in then wildcard out could be on the cards! The red cards weren’t a highlight, but no one will have Gibson or Cole anyway!

Liverpool 4 -0 Fulham

Fulham are a dire football club at the moment. Berbatov looks ordinary with the supply he is getting, and their midfield has an oddly coincidental Dembele sized holed in it. Liverpool looked good, but Fulham were honestly that dire. Suarez remembered how to score in stoppage time, while even Downing managed to score AND assist his first goals in the PL. That’s how bad Fulham were.

Swansea 1 – 1 Man United

Swansea do play well at home, and United couldn’t capitalise on their chances. Rooney was woeful, RVP didn’t find as much space as he normally did- thank god Michu was on hand to tap in and give our teams something to cheer about! Williams apparently “could have killed” Van Persie when he booted the ball into his head, but it was just SAF being ridiculous as he normally is. Evra has made scoring from corners a habit this year, before Michu tapped in to equalise following De Guzman‘s neat little run.

Chelsea 8 – 0 Aston Villa

I don’t have enough time to list all the goalscorers, because there were 7 of them! What a rout. This was the same Villa that beat Liverpool at Anfield last week wasn’t it? It’s never good when you get beaten 8-0 and your keeper is your best player either. Basically, it was a good day to have a Chelsea player in your team- a clean sheet, and 8 chances to score! Mata, Oscar, Ramires, Hazard, Torres, Ivanovic, Azpilicueta, Cahill, Ivanovic and Moses  all got attacking returns… so fill your boots! Interesting that Ramires got the 3 bonus points despite only playing half an hour….


So now the round is finished what are your thoughts? Personally I went OK, would have liked a bit more but I’m just hard to please…

Points Scored: 54
Captain: RVP

Lord: Enrique
Loser: Berbatov
Trades: Morrison > ??
Comments: Two days til the next Gameweek…You beauty!


10 comments on “GameWeek 18 Review

  1. Bryan says:

    Points Scored: 67
    Captain: RVP
    Lord: Begovic, Enrique
    Loser: Ba, Wilshere
    Trades: Wilshere -> Marveaux

    Comments: Dumped Wilshere after 9 weeks of meager 2-3 point returns. He’s just playing too deep to get any attacking points at the moment. I originally downgraded from Cazorla when his form dropped, hoping Jack might move into the AM position and I could use the points elsewhere. Poor decision in hindsight. Marveaux is my new ultra cheap benchwarmer. If he actually gets more playing time, bonus.

  2. Shaun Curnow says:

    Got absolutely smashed 75 – 53 in FPL Cup by some bloke ranked 357,409 overall due to him having Skrtel (13) & Hazard (26) pull scores out of their arse!!

    For me I scored 53 which once again included a donut as Rafael & Gallas didnt play and I only had 1 player to cover backline.

    Im starting to seriously think its time Tevez was moved on. He hasnt played full 90mins since GW12 and he’s only played 90mins twice since GW3.

  3. Diego Saputra says:

    Points Scored: 67
    Captain: Silva
    Lord: Begovic, Pienaar
    Loser: BERBATOV
    Trades: Berbatov –> ??????

    Dear mate, I think you can trade Morrison to Pienaar.

  4. Liam says:

    Bringing in Foster for a 4 point hit and benching begovic that is all

  5. MattyZee says:

    Points scored: 66
    Captain: Suarez
    Lord: Enrique, Mertesacker, Silva, Michu
    Loser: Berbatov, Sterling
    Trades: Berbatov to someone, and definitely Rafael out, maybe to Vertonghen? Defenders are a pain.

  6. Dan says:

    Points Scored: 56
    Captain: RVP
    Lord: Sessegnon
    Loser: Garrido, me for benching Begovic
    Trades: Shorey > Vertonghen, nice little run of fixtures coming up. Atually considered David Luiz aswell (playing OOP, takes FKs)
    Comments: RVP, Michu and Taraabt all on 4 yellows, shoulda probably saved my FT but thats no fun.

  7. kingcolesy says:

    Points scored: 57
    Captain: Tevez
    Lord: Snodgrass, Begovic
    Loser: Rooney, Tevez, O’Brien
    Trades: Not sure

  8. crazyasianac says:

    points scored: 77
    captain: silva
    lord: snodgrass, michu, silva
    loser: ramirez and clyne… i played them over fletcher and cuellar… costed me 10 points.. couldve been a great gw otherwise
    trades: thinkng fletcher to defoe until the jan wildcard. tottenham have villa sunderland and reading in next three so i think it might come good.

  9. Joe says:

    Points scored: 58
    Captain: RVP
    Lord: Pienaar, Begovic if I didn’t bench him!
    Loser: Berbatov, Rooney
    Trades: Not sure, have 3 West Ham players!
    Comments: Why did I replace Begovic with Foster? Berba gets one more chance with a home fixture against Sou.

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