Rate My Team – GW19

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Time to rest our full belly’s and hangovers in front of the TV for a full days entertainment of football. Let’s hope it’s even more enjoyable for our fpl teams, prepare for the deadline at 11:30 GMT and then watch our players go to work at 15:00. Discuss any selection issues here, then feel free to vent away when our plans don’t go exactly how we though they might. Good luck all!


26 comments on “Rate My Team – GW19

  1. andre dwi

    mignolet, de gea
    zabaleta, williams, baines, mertesacker, jose enrique
    sterling, sidwell, silva, michu, cazorla
    ba, suarez, pogrebnyak

    i have none of the trades left, and the wildcard already used. oh yeah and in the bank 0.7. you know for gameweek 20 maybe i will bought player from chelsea because i think i have to much lvp players

  2. Joe

    That is a lot of expense in the defense, you would have to play 4 defenders with that amount of money invested. Unfortunately getting rid of Pog would require at least two transfers to afford a decent striker.

  3. George

    Shawcross, Davies, Johnson
    Mata, Michu, Snodgrass, Neville
    Ba, Torres, Tevez

    (Bunn, Nelsen, Cazorla, O’Brien)


    Thanks. 🙂

  4. MichaelScott

    Rafael Shawcross McAuley
    Mata Pilkington Michu Silva
    Ba Tevez RVP

    Looking to offload Rafael and McAuley. Pilkington is just there while Fellaini is out.

    RMT please 🙂 <3

  5. Snoidz

    Shawcross, Ivanovic, Bassong
    Hazard, Michu, Cazorla, Puncheon
    Ba, Torres, Tevez

    (Tremmel, Demel, Johnson and Wilkinson)

    S. Cazorla is on the field.. forgot to sub, but doesnt matter auto sub! haa


  6. Shaun Curnow

    Heads up for those like me with Shawcross AND Cameron, both suspended until Jan 1 due to too many yellow cards!

    And Tevez played only 71 mins again, time to move him on I reckon. Cant keep hold of bloke that plays on average about 60mins!!

  7. Jords

    Krul/ jaaskalienen
    jose enrique, mertesacker, davies, caulker, cameron
    michu, mata, sterling, tarrabt, bale,
    RVP, Suarez, Ba

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