GameWeek 19 Review

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If you had both Bale and RVP  you would be laughing straight to the bank… if not, join the queue! A busy Christmas period continued with 9 games this boxing day.. how did you fare?! Take a look! 

Everton 2- 1 Wigan

Everton were always going to be a handful for Wigan, especially after their poor run of form. Osman has been quietly accumulating the points and goals all season, while Jagielka scored with a thumping header. Personally, I think Phil is one of the most underrated Centre Backs in the game… Thankfully for Moyes no one else does! My boy Kone scored a goal that was an absolute scrap… but I’ll take it. Everton extend their fantastic year and end the round in fourth…they really have asserted their dominance of Merseyside rivals Liverpool.

Norwich 0-1 Chelsea

Chelsea were always going to give Norwich a run for their money at Carrow Road. Mata was always going to be a threat, and breached the Norwich defence just before half time. Norwich threatened after the half, but  Chelsea held on to bridge the gap between Man City and them. There wasn’t too much to crow about, with Hazard showing how large Chelsea’s rotation risk is.

Fulham 1 – 1 Southampton

Berbatov you bastard. You finally scored. The worst part about it is I’m still not convinced he derserves a spot in our final XI. Everybody has been crowing about how Ruiz‘s inclusion would mean more goals- but after half time when Ruiz emerged; the Berb looked ordinary. For me, I’ll be offloading in the Wildcard- he is so hit and miss it isn’t funny. Lambert

Man United 4 – 3 Newcastle

Wow. Just wow. Perch put newcastle ahead early before Evans equalised, and then scored at the other end to hand Newcastle a 2-1 lead! He become only the third person in PL history to score at both ends in the same game! Captain Fantastic RVP scored to equalise again, before 2012 spud Cisse made it 3-3. Hernandez then did exactly what he does best… score in the 90th minute! For RVP owners  the game was a delight, if not… a further nail in the coffin. Oh and to put the cherry on it, Rooney is apparently out for another 2 weeks! Enjoy 😉

QPR 1 – 2 West Brom

No one really held any hopes for this game and no fantasy prospects shone. BruntCisse and Rob Green featured- the latter with an entirely forgettable own goal. McAuley owners (like me) will be so FUCKING annoyed with Cisse‘s late goal. The win pushes West Brom up to no less than fifth…. ridiculous!

Reading 0 – 0 Swansea

Booooooring. Apart from a Maradona style Le Fondre punch into the goal, the game was completely dominated by Swansea. To top off the fact they didnt win, or score, Michu was suffering from an ankle injury that might keep him out of the saturday match. Hopefully he’ll pull up and give our teams a boost!

Sunderland v Man City

Who saw this coming? Fletcher netted from a Cuellar assist, to put the Sunderland side 1-0 up. Here’s a stat, Sunderland have not lost after going 1-0 ahead in almost a year. Frustratingly for fantasy managers, the likes of Tevez, Aguero and Silva drew blanks, while I know many others like me have Cuellar‘s 9 points on their bench! Extremely annoying!

Aston Villa 0 – 4 Tottenham

Bale you bastard. You never score when you’re in my side, but as soon as you get a glimpse against a mentally challenged team you score a hat trick (your first in the premier league!) To be fair though, Villa were useless, and Defoe again netted and proved he isn’t an option to be forgotten about. For Villa, it takes their 3 day tally to 12 goals conceded… Jump off their sinking ship while you can!

Stoke 3 – 1 Liverpool

People who have Jon Walters still, well done. The bloke does this about once a year, and thankfully for his owners he netted twice! Jones will be delighted with his finish that will probably keep Crouch out another week. For Liverpool, it was an entirely forgettable performance, while Suarez earned an assist for a Gerrard converted penalty. Gerrard has been ticking along nicely in recent weeks…maybe he could be a viable option!? More on that in transfer talk!

Anyway, sorry for such a retarded review. It’s currently 3 am in England- and after Boxing day AND Christmas I’m a bit worse for wear. Next gameweek is in 3 days so stay tuned! Let me know how you went in the comments- personally it was a bit of a sub-standard week!

Points: 50
Captain: RVP (Thank god)
Lord: RVP- Kone- Berbatov (first time in 13 weeks all my forwards have scored!)
Loser: Michu/Schwarzer for not saving Lambert penalty
Trades: Nothing until Matty C tells me what to do 😉
Vent: Cisse and Lambert both ruined my clean sheets in the last 5 minutes. Great.

Been a bloody busy Christmas here at @FPLaddicts, thanks for being part of the ride!



14 comments on “GameWeek 19 Review

  1. mattcraigdt

    Points: 69
    Captain: RVP
    Lord: RVP, Suarez, Berbatov, Mata, Gallas, Bale
    Loser: Michu, Cameron, Puncheon
    Trades: Cameron>Davies and Berbatov>Chicha… Really considering Puncheon>P.Hernandez, waiting on word that he is available this week for Swansea. Will be worth the -4 as Michu probably won’t play.
    Brag: Traded Bale in for Cazorla and held Walcott. Was a big risk but now it’s paid off 🙂

  2. kingcolesy

    Points: 44
    Captain: RVP
    Lord: RVP
    Loser: Cameron
    Trades: gotta do Rooney to a lower priced forward, then pick out of my mids(gotta do michu..) to Bale. Who do you think is best mid priced forward? Im thinking Defoe.
    Brag: Not much to brag about 🙂 Beat the average again I guess.

  3. George

    Points: 46
    Captain: Mata
    Lords: Mata, Neville, Davies
    Losers: Shawcross, Johnson, Tevez
    Trades:Not sure yet, looking at trading Michu or Johnson
    Brag: Nothing to brag about this week.

  4. Shaun Curnow

    Points: 76
    Captain: Bale 🙂
    Lords: Bale, Mata, Mignolot
    Losers: Tevez, Cameron, Shawcross, Sterling,

    Trades: Cameron to someone 6.2 or under as with him & Shawcross out will field donut

    Brag: Having Bale as captain!! Oh and fact im sitting in 2,813 spot overall 😀

  5. Joe

    Points: 54
    Captain: RVP
    Lords: RVP, Cuellar, Mata
    Losers: Cameron, G.Johnson
    Trades: Rooney to Hernandez, might be worth a risk with Rooney injured. Puncheon to Bale after using -4 to get Puncheon last week :O

    • Shaun Curnow

      Yea it seems to have been forgotten or something!! I forgot to add in to the “losers” section on mine that I had 2 assists stripped from my team this morning! Sessagon & Shawcross both had them taken off them 🙁

  6. MattyZee

    Points: 39
    Captain: Michu
    Lords: Mata, Lambert, Berba?
    Loser: Enrique, Shawcross, Cameron
    Trades: I will have to hold Michu this week unfortunately. Cameron and Shawcross both grabbing yellow cards means they’re suspended for this week against Southampton (GOD DAMMIT!). Maybe Shawcross > Vertonghen.

    Vent: Cameron and Shawcross both being suspended this week on top of Michu being out, and Sterling isn’t firing/getting game time. Luck changes quickly in this game!

  7. Liam

    Points: 65
    Captain: RVP
    Lords: Bale, RVP, Berbs
    Loser: Michu’s injury
    Trades: Waiting on injury reports over Nelsen & Michu before taking action
    Vent: not too much to complain about. I guess not taking a 4 point hit before this gameweek and strengthening my defence ahead of the rotation / injury period was rather shortsighted.

  8. Mitch

    Points: 58
    Captain: Mata
    Lords: Mata, Berbatov, Ivanovic, Cole, Ba.
    Losers: Tevez, Sterling.
    Trades: Gotta look at doing something with Rafael, Berbatov and Routledge.
    Vent: Some mongoloid knocked me out of the Cup. Ridiculous. Had Walters and Bale. Please explain.

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