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The word from Michael Laundrup is that Michu has rolled his ankle and while there is no ligament damage, it has swollen to twice the size. I have decided to quickly write something up as I had exactly the same kind of injury just over a month ago and I’m not sure he will be back before the new year. So what are our options?

Just to elaborate on the injury. The word is that his ankle has swollen to twice it’s normal size, which is never a good sign. Mine was exactly the same. The doctors have stated that there should be no ligament damage, which means he shouldn’t be out for too long. Once again the same as mine. However Laudrup hopes he will be back for Saturday. No way. While I don’t know exactly how bad Michu’s injury is, I was on crutches for 3 days while it was swollen, and couldn’t jog/run for around a week. After that it can be strapped up tight and Michu could probably return to action, but it is a risk. While there is no ligament damage, they will be weaker as they have been stretched. This means he won’t be able to put much weight through that ankle and it will need plenty of support. So in terms of a long term injury we shouldn’t worry, he will be back and fully fit for the 12th of January. However this weekend against Fulham, I reckon he is no chance. Next Tuesday, he is a major doubt in my mind. He will be massively restricted just a week after badly damaging his ankle, and more importantly it would be a massive risk by Swansea to play him. Considering it is a home game against Villa I reckon he will be rested until January 12 to return against Everton.  Laudrup has stated that he has to be 100% fit before he brings him back, and fact is I don’t reckon he will be just 6 days after his ankle was swollen to twice it’s size, for whatever reason.

So, if you trust my judgement here (which you don’t have to, just my opinion) what do you do with him? Well there are a few options. Firstly to upgrade your 5th mid or 3rd forward. Secondly you could trade Michu out and bring him back in with your wildcard. Finally you could hold him and hope he recovers in time for the upcoming fixtures.

Personally, I will be taking the first option. After trading in Davies I have 1.6 in the bank to play with, and I will be upgrading Puncheon to Hernandez. I don’t really feel confident with Puncheon as back up with his fixtures and Hernandez should be fit to return from injury this Saturday. Hernandez has been brilliant for Swansea after taking a few games to warm to the EPL. In his last 7 outings before injury he scores 41 points and I hope he can make an impact against Fulham and Aston Villa. This means I can hold Michu and not lose my value on him.

The second option is to trade Michu. If you only just brought him in then this will work fine, however if you have earned a lot of value on him like most people did then it might not be worth it to trade him out for just 2 games. It all depends on what kind of cover you have on your bench. With Fellaini not an option and midpricers struggling at the minute it might be best not to trade him, however as I say if you won’t lose too much value on him then it might be a good gamble to chase some points.

Finally you can hold him. For me it would be between option 1 and 3 and with Puncheon my best backup I thought it was best to upgrade him to Hernandez. If you have good cover then hold. Only trade Michu if you have no cover and no funds to replace them with. That’s my opinion anyway, what are your thoughts? Do you agree with me or do you reckon he will be back this weekend? Let me know down below, Cheers.



13 comments on “The Conundrum – Michu

  1. Tim

    The other thing to consider is that I’m sure I read somewhere on the BBC Live text last night that Michu was pushed back into midfield, or a deeper role, against Reading to accommodate Moore.

    If this going to be a regular occurrence it might slow his flow of goals.

    Personally I don’t have him (yes I know crazy) so I hope he misses both the next two games so I can make up some ground.

  2. kingcolesy

    Ive got Michu with a 0.6 price(.3 profit) increase, I also got Morrison with the 0.2 price increase. Out of these two Im trading to bale. I also got Snodgrass, Puncheon and Mata in my mids. At the moment Im leaning towards selling Michu, just cos it seems masses of people will be trading him(51% ownership at the moment), wonder what it will be next week. I guess I’m banking on him not to drop more than .3 over the next week?

    What would make the decision easier is if I knew if the wildcard will use our CP(current price) or SP(selling price) as our bank, anyone know?

  3. Liam

    Great insight with the injury comparison. The difference is professional players will get massage daily (if not twice daily), super attentive care, a rehab program and even possible fluid draining to make sure they are fine.

    The difference between recovery times is simply amazing over us average joes so I have a feeling he could make the second game (2nd of jan).

  4. Shaun Curnow

    Just saw this tweet from @physioroom about Michu

    Heavy knock to the ankle after a challenge with Begovic, being iced but is expected to be fit for the game vs QPR. looks like an impact injury which is good, no ligament damage … Doubtful for the w/e but will be assessed further

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