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For those of us with Bale and RVP it was a very successful round. For those who didn’t have them, ask yourself… why? With just 2 more gameweeks remaining until the new year break our trades will be very short term and carefully planned. Let’s take a look at the options.


  • Bale – He was simply superb against Villa, he is unstoppable at his best and there are signs of him maturing and becoming more consistent. Simply a fantasy must, I don’t reckon you can afford not to have him. He is one of those rare players that are fixture proof.
  • Gerrard – An interesting prospect. He had promised all season but mostly delivered very little, not breaching double figures once until GW 18. He has now scored 33 in just 3 gameweeks at an average of 11. Considering he is now the 6th top scorer in midfield and some other premiums are struggling for form or job security, he must be on our radars. Fact is that when Lucas was out, Gerrard had to drop deeper and help Liverpool’s midfield. In games without Lucas, Gerrard has averaged just over 4. With Lucas he averages 7.8 and has returned a goal or assist in 4 of the 5 games. Penalty duties is an added bonus, he is certainly becoming an option for me. Can we fit him in is the question.
  • Mata – He is just supreme. In my opinion there are 4 locks in our midfields already when they are all fit. Mata, Bale, Michu and Fellaini. Now that Benitez has finally realised that Mata is indispensable he is starting most games in his preferred CAM position and dominating. He could be subject to rotation over the next 6 days but after that forget it, he is a lock.
  • Van Persie – Let’s just save time by calling him superman. When the wildcard comes around I truly believe he is a lock now, no one can produce consistently large returns like he does. Captaincy lock and a lock in our teams.
  • Hernandez – Chicha is a real bargain for the next 2 games. With Rooney out and Man United in top goal scoring form, 6.9 seems just too good to be true. Perhaps it is? Last time we all went chasing him it turned out to be a disaster, will he deliver this time. I’m on the edge of trading Berba to him but I think I might just hold off this week. Tough call though. I wouldn’t go chasing him, but if you have guys like Rooney who need to be traded, Chich is your man.


  • Shawcross and Cameron – Seriously. Both of you get suspended in the same game, but not only that… They play Southampton at home next week! This was the biggest lock of a clean sheet since Roy Hodgson decided to play Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson as his Liverpool front 3. With half their defense missing, Begovic may be at risk, unlikely but who knows. However with an away trip to Man City coming before our wildcards arrive it seems smart we move them on. Davies (SWA) provides a great budget option in defence while guys like Vertonghen, Walker, Johnson and Luiz provide upgrades in defence. I’ve gone Cameron to Davies and used the extra cash to upgrade Puncheon.
  • Michu – I’ve stated my opinion in The Conundrum article earlier, go read it if you haven’t. You will need to decide which option to take, I’m sure most will hold anyway…
  • Hazard – Even he is not safe from Benitez’s rotation, at 9.6 I don’t like to see such doubt. Unlucky for those who captained him, however he will definitely be back this week so don’t feel you need to dump him straight away.
  • Sterling – Time to go, his price has reached it’s max and he is starting to drop from his enormous early season high. Tough times ahead for him, better options out there. Not urgent though if you have your starting spots covered.
  • Puncheon – Once again, not urgent but I don’t feel he is viable during these times of rotation. We need depth in our squads and an away trip to Stoke will almost certainly hold just 2 points in it. Still a great 5th mid and if you can get by with him then do so, if not there are very few options to look at unfortunately. Pablo Hernandez could be a great POD at just 5.9, I like him. Keep an eye out for his 1st team return…
  • Silva – I had this feeling all season with Silva and many people fell for him. He isn’t producing the consistent returns he did last season and for a man that struggles to reach double figures, 9.4 seems a stretch with guys like Bale, Mata and Cazorla tearing it up.
  • Rooney – Those who chased his form once again will have to find an escape route… once again. Hernandez could be the perfect option for the next 2 games, freeing up more cash for a midfield upgrade.
  • Tevez – Hard to justify him at the moment, frequently subbed and surely due a rest, he will most likely miss this weekend. Once again Hernandez seems like the perfect short term replacement. While I’m not sure we should chase Chicha, for guys like Tevez and Rooney I feel the trade is certainly justifiable.
  • Berbatov – Just got so used to putting him here. Why did he take his shirt all the way off, not to mention be an arrogant prick? I laughed, until he copped a yellow card. Then it was very unfunny. Put your shirt over your heads guys, don’t take it off. Stupid.


  • Michu – Once again check my earlier article, probably best to hold but if you see a viable escape clause as I did then by all means go for it!
  • Tevez – Made my mind up here, trade! Hernandez seems the best short term option, while Defoe could be another option to consider for the next 2 games.
  • Bale – Great knee-jerk this one. Get him in! If you have Silva then the perfect trade awaits. If Silva outscores Bale over the next 2 weeks then I give up. Same for those with Dempsey.
  • Hernandez – Be careful here. I’m not sure whether we should trade guys like Defoe, Ba or Berba to him. Chasing points rarely works. However with Rooney’s injury and Tevez’s likely resting those trades look far more inviting.
  • Hazard – Don’t jerk him out on the back of a frustrating donut. He will certainly start this week and is always a chance for points. Will probably come back to bite you if you trade him.
  • Shawcross/Cameron – Depending on what amount of value you have earned on them and how deep your bench cover goes will decide what to do here. With McCartney injured in my D5 spot I must trade, as I said I brought in Davies for Cameron., in my opinion Shawcross would be the one to trade if you can get him to Vertonghen, Spurs are looking good for clean sheets at the moment.

That’s it for today, get ready for the captains tomorrow before we are straight into the next gameweek on Saturday! Good luck trading. Cheers.



17 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW19

  1. Dan

    Pretty poor round for me (49) so made some drastic changes…Suarez and Sess out for Hernandez and Bale, for a hit.

    Chasing points a bit but Suarez has a bit of an ankle concern and I plan on holding Michu (will lose too much value trying to buy back after WC otherwise) Im not keen on benching that much coin.

    Now watch this all backfire spectacularly

  2. Dan

    yeh i know Im actually regretting it already haha…. and with QPR and Sunderland I could be made to pay.

    Was very keen to get Bale with his next two fixtures and the only way to afford him was moving on Silva and Ba, or Sess and Suarez. Suarez has pissed me off since Ive had him, and reading about his ankle knock swayed me…time will tell I guess.

  3. drew

    Just stumbled across the site mate, great articles this & the Michu one. Has the golden two this week! Wondering what your thoughts are on a free swap Michu to Walcott. Already have Caz, so not sure..only bought Michu recently not worried about the money.

  4. Joe

    Dammit I should have listened and not traded Rooney back in 3 weeks ago! I have gone Rooney for Hernandez, thinking he is worth it until the wildcard. It also freed up the money to upgrade Puncheon to Bale, I was going to get Bale back in when he came back from injury but didn’t have enough money because of Rooney. He joins several AFL players on the never again list!

  5. Shaun Curnow

    Just did Cameron to Kyle Walker. Stupid yellow cards to Shawcross/Cameron means i need to hold onto Tevez for another week. Really want to go him to Hernandez whilst Rooney is out.

    Team for this week now looks like this (im away today so getting in early 😛 )

    Walker, Zabaleta, Gallas
    Sessegnon, Bale (C), Mata (VC), Santi Cazorla
    Suarez, Ba, Tevez
    Subs: Tremmel, Sterling, Shawcross, McCartney

  6. Snoidz

    i’ve gone hazard to mata.
    Line up looks like this.

    O’Brien, Bassong, Ivanovic
    Mata (C), Michu, Cazorla, Puncheon
    Ba, Tevez, Torres

    Looking for options with Puncheon and Bassong/O’Brien?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Davies (SWA) is a good budget defender option. In midfield there’s not many, P.Hernandez (5.9) could be good but it’s a risk. What’s your bench? Almost sure Michu won’t play this week.

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