Rate My Team – GW20

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Just over 2 hours until deadline! Discuss any last minute issues you have here before the Sunderland v Spurs game kicks of at 12:45 GMT. Then feel free to vent away, or brag if you wish;) Good luck to all!


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  1. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    Good luck to everyone tonight! Its tough going this time of year…

    GK; Begovic
    DF; Rafael, Cole, Naughton, Nastasic
    MD; Santi Cazorla (C), Johnson, Yaya Toure
    FD; Ba, Suarez (VC), Berba

    Subs; Foster, Pilkington, Michu, Shawcross

    Made some pretty ordinary trades the past week or two so looking forward to the wildcard!

  2. Dan

    Interested to know when people are planning on using their wildcard? Im thinking of holding till after the Ars/West Ham DGW (and loading up on those players in the meantime).
    Straight after the Jan 1st games also looks a good time to do it, though I like the idea of waiting to see what the Jan Transfer window brings.

    Anyway, team for this week:

    Vertonghen GJ Cuellar
    Bale(vc) Silva Taraabt McAnuff
    RVP(c) Ba Hernandez

    Jussi Garrido McAuley Michu

  3. Joe

    I am really hoping my gamble on Hernandez pays off and I’m a bit light on the bench so hoping Demel plays to give me a sub.

    Johnson Clyne Cuellar
    Mata Pienaar Bale Nolan
    RVP (C) Hernandez Berba

    Foster Demel Michu Cameron

    Good point Dan about the wildcard, after the double gameweek seems an ideal time to do it, lets you load up with Arse/WHU players and also gives enough time to see what happens during the transfer window.

  4. Imran javed

    obrien,davies, jose enrique, gibbs
    Bale(vc) hazard maloney,
    RVP(c) suarez suarez

    cerny,guthrie,nelson Michu

    1.4 in bank wanna spend it in the best way
    please give me ur suggestions..

  5. George

    Johnson, Davies, O’Brien
    Bale, Mata, Snodgrass, Neville
    Ba, Torres, Lambert

    (Bunn, Nelsen, Michu, Shawcross)


    * Next gameweek I will upgrade Neville to Fellaini and look at strengthening defence. I will play a 3-5-2

  6. mad romeys

    I know its a bit late but might as well…
    Johnson, Clark, Mertesacker, Gallas
    Bale, Santi, Sess
    RVP, Naismith, Hernandez

    Jussi, Garrido, Kacaniklic, Michu

    Naismith comes on for Michu but still dislike my team so really can’t wait until the wildcard comes around.

  7. mad romeys

    So much madness….
    Firstly, last week made the decision to bring in Cazorla over Walcott and what does he do, scores 23 points. I was sure last week I should have brought I was 90/10 if I should bring him in but nahh, why not bring in Cazorla and watch Walcott score 23 this week.

    Secondly, same thing happened with Hernandez and Kone, and I made the wrong decision again as Kone scored 9 points over Chicha’s 0.

    Thirdly, the festive rotation is just the worst thing that I think has happened to everyone over the last couple of weeks, as I have had a total of 10/11 players play with only 6 getting any game time.

    And lastly, FMFPL!!

  8. mad romeys

    I think it was @Liam that was thinking of getting Dzeko in, did you end up bringing him.in, if you did congrats!

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