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Quick turnaround between gameweeks once again! Take a breath, review your results this gameweek. Now enjoy the big winners and losers during what has been yet another bizarre round, you either smashed it or you didn’t!  EDIT: Suarez:)


  • Walcott! – Not much more I can say really, Saturday’s performance probably says enough. Looking at his stats he seems to have stepped up to the next level we always knew he had. In the 7 games Walcott has started he has scored attacking returns in 6 of the 7 games, notching a total of 70 points at an average of 10 ppg (points per game). Enough said. Superstar and hopefully he signs a new contract soon. Probably a better option than Cazorla really, more consistent anyway. Looks far more dangerous also, tough call.
  • Dzeko – Whoever took the risk to bring him in, congratulations. He shows exactly what short term trades can do. When he starts he usually provides a goal and with Tevez struggling it’s a toss of a coin as to who will start next gameweek. I’m tipping Aguero to be rested…
  • Ba – Another 2 goals on the weekend just goes to show how quality a fantasy asset Ba is. Whether you want to go chasing him I’m not so sure, however he is a consistent, safe mid-price forward for sure! Second top forward this season says as much. Great option.
  • Lambert – Another goal and 2 assists against Stoke put him right back in our minds as far as budget forwards are concerned. He is in solid form and seems locked into the first XI. There’s only 1 issue however, and he is coming up next.
  • Ruiz – If you didn’t manage to view the Fulham vs Swansea game, I can assure you this. Ruiz was the second most exciting thing to happen this round by a country mile. He absolutely dominated the game, he was a part of everything, looked perfectly fit and really could have scored a lot more if it wasn’t for Tremmel. At just 5.4 (Ridiculous!) I’ll be on board after next week and so should everyone else (if you can fit him in)! It will certainly help me reach both Santi and Walcott for Arsenal’s double 😉 Great option, classy player.
  • Pienaar – Yet another goal, his 4th attacking return in just 5 games is what we thought we’d see from pienaar all season. It seems that Fellaini’s absence may have helped him, so will he continue his form when Fellaini returns? Everton have turned once more to their trusty left flank without Fellaini’s presence and who knows what will happen when he returns. Don’t get Pienaar in just yet, wait and see I reckon. Great potential though.
  • Suarez – The one week I don’t captain him he was bound to tear it up. At least I held him, no one should have ever dumped him anyway! Certain starter, safe option, great option. Pretty simple this one, I’d look at getting him in if you don’t own him. Especially if your forwards are struggling…


  • Bale – While it was probably harsh, Bale picked up his 5th yellow card on the weekend, meaning he now misses a home game against Reading. More to the point, all his yellows were given more diving! Terrible. However I do feel for him, refs are looking out for it and there was certainly contact to his knee. Anywhere else on the pitch it will be a foul but fact is penalties will never be given unless a player goes down. This brings diving into the game unfortunately, but that’s another matter altogether.
  • Nolan – I actually had him penciled down in the captain’s article this week, until I realised he also picked up his 5th yellow! This would send most of his owners over the edge and I agree with them, time to wave goodbye. Maybe look at him when they get some players back, especially Carroll (if he isn’t recalled).
  • Tevez – I thought he might bench and he did. However I reckon he will be back this week and we shouldn’t be too rash. He needs to find his form quickly though, ever since that big game against Aston Villa he has done practically nothing…
  • Benteke – A lot of people bit the dust and brought him in after one good game against Liverpool. One good game. Aston Villa are in a serious battle at the moment and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bent return soon. Don’t really fancy him as an option, especially with Ruiz providing us with the perfect budget forward option.
  • Cuellar – When our benches weren’t needed he scored a surprising 11 against Man City. When they were, he scores bloody -2. Pain in the ass, certainly a loser this week.
  • Fergie – I was going to make Hernandez a loser this week but then I thought, whose fault was it? Bloody Fergie. Should have known. He always pulls this yet we were blindsided. RVP benched, Hernandez didn’t even make an appearance. Frustrating, let’s hope all returns to normal next week. How Van Persie, Hernandez and Kagawa will fit into the same team is yet to be seen.
  • Torres – It seems the losers column just continues to build this week. How many people were saying “Fernando is back, he’s back!”. He’s certainly not and he may never be, unfortunately. He missed some seriously golden chances which a top class striker would have buried. He is slow, he doesn’t take his shots first time and often gets closed down when he shouldn’t be. I expect a striker to come in this January and we can say goodbye to El Nino for good. Thanks for the memories.


  • Bale – It’s just one game, let’s not get rash. There’s probably not much point in costing yourself value this week for one game, especially if you’re taking a hit. Is it worth using a free trade to get Walcott this week? That depends on when you use your wildcard, Bale will bounce back in GW 22 don’t worry about that 😉
  • Tevez – I’d be holding this week, unless you see a good option elsewhere that tickles your fancy. Probably look for an escape route long term however, too many better options going around at this stage.
  • Hernandez – Even though he missed this week he will be fresh for Wigan, expect him to bounce back quickly. Don’t trade him this week! Not a long term option however.
  • Walcott – Good knee-jerk 🙂 I can’t see him not contributing against Southampton to be honest. He is a guy who runs on form, and he is certainly in form! Whether he starts upfront or on a wing this weekend he should get some points on the board! He scored in their last outing against his old club and expect more of the same on New Year’s Day.
  • Fellaini – Risky as he will be a bit rusty, but it could pay off. I’ll be waiting until after Arsenal’s double gameweek before bringing him in, so I selfishly hope he will have a slow start! Unlikely though, however a January transfer move could be on the cards, keep an eye out for that…
  • Dzeko – Yes he had one good game, he might have 2. However for those who didn’t bring him in his ship has sailed. Please don’t trade him in now, very poor job security and a poor option now in my opinion.

That’s it for today, enjoy this afternoons games! Let’s hope for a Mata double then a Suarez master class;) As I say I will update this article with all the winners and losers from today’s games when it happens! The wildcard will be available to us next week so I’ll write up a post on our options after GW 21, I have an idea of what I’m going to do… Good luck trading all, ask all of your trade questions down below or ask me on twitter! Cheers.



7 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW 21

  1. crazyasianac

    wildcard team:
    begovic (cerny)
    nastasic, cameron, cuellar (o’brien, clyne)
    mata, michu, fellaini, walcott, cazorla
    rvp, ba, (ruiz)

    0.4 left in bank. im bringing in bale in for cazorla after the suspension. any tips? thoughts?

    i could also have bale instead of walcott and puncheon for cazorla and have striking line up of rvp, suarez and a striker near 7.5. e.g. fletcher, berba…

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      amazing how many teams will be the same. My midfield is planned exactly the same, my forward line is (almost) the same, just a slight difference in defence. I’m sure Walcott will no longer be a POD for me 🙁

      • crazyasianac

        aha. true. might put somemore pods in my team. currently second in my mini league and the first person will hav qlmost sqme team as well

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