Captains – Round 21

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Finally, we are almost at the end of the festive period. So, who captained Walcott? He was my vice unfortunately, RVP hurt quite a few people. Aside from Walcott there was very few good captain options however, so let’s hope for more luck this gameweek! Let’s check out the contenders…

Just before I start, I had a suggestion last week to put in a captaincy punt along with the top 5. This could be quite useful, I said I would have gone Walcott! If I do this, do you want a top 3 or to keep a top 5. Usually number 4 or 5 are taking up space (unless it’s a very even gameweek) and I cover everyone in the contenders section anyway. I’ll try a top 3 with a punt option this week and see how it goes. Give me your suggestions in the comments below!

The Contenders:

Michu – An in-form Swansea are coming up against a train wreck called Aston Villa. IF he is announced fit then he is a serious captain option. However I reckon he won’t play, if he does it won’t be a full game anyway. Had to throw him in here in case though, any Swansea players you have could be smokies for captains.

Defoe – A home game against reading seems the perfect time to take a punt on Jermain Defoe. With 10 goals and 4 assists already this season he is on fire. While Adebayor is struggling for form he is locked on to start and a great chance for a goal. It is a bit concerning that Reading have really tightened up recently with just one goal conceded in their last 3. Bale is also missing, he really leads their attack. They may play through Defoe more but without the Welsh winger but it’s too risky for me.

Torres – I just have a feeling he may bounce back on Wednesday. It may be his last chance before Chelsea bring in a new striker and a home game against lowly QPR gives him one last chance. If you have him then it may very well be worth the  risk in captaining him, certainly don’t dump him until after this weeks game.

Hazard – Similar story, Hazard has been very inconsistent but QPR could hold goals aplenty for Chelsea and he should be amongst the points. However it is worth noting that last time they met it was 0-0, also there have been a few occasions this year where these sort of games haven’t been the blow outs expected. Too risky for me once again but he will start, that’s for sure.

Suarez – He seems to be back to his best form so Sunderland at home shouldn’t hold too much of a problem. He is almost always amongst the points when they win and this Wednesday should be no different. 3 attacking returns and 25 points in his last 3 games shows his return to form. Great option this week if your willing to take the punt, however personal experience has me less confident, he has failed in these situations before…

Ba – Another 2 goals on the weekend makes Ba the second top scoring forward and a brilliant option for those who held him. Watch out for a January transfer but I’m sure he will be keen to finish off at Newcastle on a high. Everton haven’t kept a clean sheet in their last 15 games and with Newcastle scoring freely expect more goals for Ba in this one.

Gerrard – Yet another assist and 7 points in the bag on Sunday, he just continues to defy his age. How long can we ignore him as an option? Liverpool are in decent form, have decent fixtures and 40 points in his last 4 games tells you enough about his form. Watch out Sunderland, if you have him he is a great shout.

TOP 3:

1. Van Persie – Don’t worry, he will certainly start this week. He changed the game when he came on the pitch, United gained control and he scored a stunner. He will be keen to score a bag against Wigan, he hasn’t scored more than one goal in a game in his last 17 outings. He is consistent like no other, the safest pick around and I reckon he is good for at least brace on Tuesday…

2. Mata – I was a bit concerned that he would get benched this week, however the fact that he got subbed on the weekend tells me Benitez was trying to save his legs. Considering there’s an easy FA cup tie for Chelsea where Mata can get rested I reckon he will start against QPR and is a great chance for a big score. In his last 13 starts he has provided attacking returns 12 times, ridiculous! He has returned 100 points in those 13 starts at an average of 7.7 ppg, very safe captain this week if you don’t have RVP. Great option.

3. Walcott – This may seem a bit rash but let’s look at the facts. In the 7 games Walcott has started he has scored attacking returns in 6 of the 7 games, notching a total of 70 points at an average of 10 points per game. He scored last time against his old suitors and with goals flowing for Arsenal I think we can expect the same again this week. Whether he starts upfront or on the wing I’m not sure it matters. He scored 2 goals while striker last week, before scoring a goal and 2 assists in just 15 minutes on a wing. He is red hot at the moment and a great option this week, however… Does lightening ever strike twice? No player has backed up a 20 point game with another return this year, I guess records are there to be broken. Great option.

The Punt:

Cazorla – He really is a risky captain. He’s either on and dominating or he’s not even in the game. He was hardly seen during Arsenal’s 7-3 win last weekend, however we should remember he has scored 79 points in just 9 games that Arsenal have won. I reckon he will be keen to bounce back this week and could go big. He is too on and off to make my top 3, however I guess if you’ve just captained Bale and Walcott what’s to lose! Definitely worth a punt this week!

That’s it from me until the New Year! Look out for the Pundits first article today while filling in for Seags as we build up to GW 21. I will be writing a wildcard article sometime during the break after NYD fixtures, then we can all enjoy a well earned rest! Cheers.



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