GameWeek 20 Review

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The less I say about my week this week the better. No Walcott. No Suarez. Two own goal scoring defenders. It was never going to be pretty was it? Thankfully the rest of my team rallied together for a semi respectable score! Let’s take a look at a game by game breakdown…

Sunderland 1 -2  Tottenham

No Gallas or Vertonghen for Spurs, who quickly went behind after Fletcher‘s shot was saved by Mignolet, who had a fantastic game, only to be turned into the box by O’Shea for his first goal ever for the Black Cats. After the break, catastrophe struck as one of MY defenders Cuellar turned the ball into his own net, changing his projected clean sheet into absolute catastrophe. He finished on -2. Great. Lennon then sparked with a bit of pace and touch and netted minutes later, taking the score to the eventual 2-1. Bale also shocked everyone when he was booked for diving… for the fifth time this calendar year. This means he will miss the next juicy fixture at home v Reading. Ouch!

Aston Villa 0 – 3 Wigan

Oh my my my. Villa are diabolical at the minute. Any spark they had came from Benteke, but even then he’s not worth having at 6.7 (as I’ll prove an alternative in a second). For Wigan they fairly comfortably dispatched a Villa side that has now conceded 15 goals in 3 games without scoring. Ramis netted his first for the club upon his return from injury, while Kone scored one and assisted one for Boyce. Remember that alternative for Benteke? well Kone is it. At just 6.5 the man makes chances for himself, has speed, strength, and a clinical eye for goal. Less than 1% ownership too… A tasty P.O.D! I’ve had him for weeks.

Fulham 1 – 2 Swansea

Fulham only have themselves to blame. About 3 failed clearances in a row lead to Graham‘s opener, before Hernandez knocked one down for De Guzman to make it 2-0. Ruiz then scored from a goal line scramble, before Berba had looked to have equalised- only the Lineswoman’s flag denied him an equaliser. The game showed me one thing.. Ruiz is a slippery, slippery dude. In the wildcard I’m offloading Berbatov and picking up the Costa Rican magician!

Man United 2 – 0 West Brom

United screwed us before the first whistle with their team selections leaving RVP and Hernandez on the bench! Bugger. Young put the home side ahead when he smashed a ball into McAuley who turned it into his own net for an OG, before Foster continually thwarted United’s attacks. RVP proved late in the game that you can’t hold a good man down, with a goal that was something I’d score in fifa holding down the R1 button.

Norwich v Man City

What a game this was. It looked all wrapped up 4 minutes in, after Dzeko had netted his second. Pilkington made it 2-1, before Aguero‘s deft touch gave the defending champions some leeway with a classy chipped finish. Martin then popped up to make it 3-2, before Dzeko unluckily missed out on a hattrick after smashing his shot into Bunn who then pushed it onto the post and back onto him and in- own goal. Martin popped up again (who is he again?) to score his second for the game and make it 4-3, but Man City held on for a much needed 3 points. Oh and did I mention in the 18th minute Nasri was sent off for “head butting?” crazy game!

Reading 1 – 0 West Ham

As I hinted in the preview, Reading have made a habit of stuffing West Ham up over the years. Luckily I put them in my multi along with Swansea! Pogrebnyak scored an opportunistic goal from a horrendous Collins back pass, but apart from that it was a boring, boring game as Reading were happy to get numbers behind the ball. Vaz Te had a fantastic chance to equalise but missed- probably one of the top 3 misses of the season.

Stoke 3 -3 Southampton

I want my clean sheet that I was promised Stoke. They went down from an early Lambert volley, before Jones equalised. Rodriguez then made it 2-1, before guess what? Another of my defenders scored an own goal as Wilkinson chipped it into his own net. at 3-1, FPL managers and owners of Stoke’s defensive assets were reeling. Stoke then scored one back to make it 3-2, before possibly the most ridiculous goal of the year was scored by Jerome as he somehow managed to keep down a 35 yard volley and put it in the top right corner! Nzonzi was sent off making it harder for the potters, but no one should have him anyway. Another ridiculous game!

Arsenal 7 – 3 Newcastle

Let me just stop it there and list the goal scorers.

Walcot: 3
Giroud: 2

Ba: 2

The less I say about this this the better. I had NO players in this game. Walcott was knee jerked straight into my side though, the boy looks really, really impressive. Marveaux looked equally impressive and at just 4.2 he’s a steal! Ba may have played his last game for newcastle- and he made it a good one- proving that he’s fixture proof! 8 goals were smashed in after half time… Arsenal love slotting goals home at the Emirates it seems.

Everton 1 – 2 Chelsea

Everton’s chance came just after 63 seconds, where Pienaar knocked home from about 7 yards out. That was to be in for Everton though, as they continued to rattle the crossbar on three occasions. Lampard showed why he NEEDS a new contract, heading home once, before knocking another in to make it 2-1. For Chelsea, their susceptibility to crosses was again highlighted, and Luiz wasn’t as reliable in the CM slot as he has previously been. Everton made it 15 games in a row at home that they have conceded in… jump off their defence if you’re still on it!

QPR 0 – 3 Liverpool

Boring boring boring. QPR put up no fight, and deserve to go down. Suarez, as much as I think he’s a little prick, is a bloody good player. He scored 2 very quickly before Agger added a third from a Gerrard cross. Enrique owners will be happy with the clean sheet also, but he limped off and is in doubt for the trip to Sunderland! For QPR…It’s not looking good. Presume they need 40 points to stay up… They’re currently on 10 from 20 games. That means they need 30 points from the next 18 games. Good luck ‘Arry!

So, that is the week that was! For me I had such a contrasted week. First of all I didn’t have Walcott (or Suarez) so that put me behind the 8 ball, then two of my starting defenders scored own goals! If I didn’t trade McAuley this week I would have had 3 defenders on negative points. Then every one of my midfielders featured attacking returns, with Silva, Mata, Pienaar playing well before Berbatov, RVP and mainly Kone gave me something to smile about. Big week this week, the last one before the wildcard! I’m seriously limping there…

Score: 53
Captain: RVP
Lord: Kone
Loser: Wilkinson & Cuellar. 
Trades: Silva > Walcott.
Vent: Had I played without Wilkinson and Cuellar (i.e. 2 men short) I would have been 3 points better off. Stupid FPL.  Didn’t have either Walcott or Suarez. FMFPL.

Cheers guys. This’ll be my last article til mid January as I’m backpacking around Europe until the 16th…our mate on twitter @FPL_Advice_Tips will be stepping in for me, so make sure you give it a read! The man has over 1,000 twitter followers for a reason.



12 comments on “GameWeek 20 Review

  1. Bryan

    I had Marveaux and Ba but no Arsenal shirts. I upgraded Taarabt to Walcott immediately after. Very impressive from the lad.

    I knew all along Marveaux would prove to be good value at 4.2. It just took Ben Arfa/Cabaye injuries to give him a run of games. He now has 1 goal and 4 assists in about 400 minutes played, mostly substitutions.

    Depending on where Ba ends up, I might “downgrade” him to Ruiz, who, I agree, is hugely undervalued. In fact I think he’s the better player between him an Berbatov. I’ve been looking for some free $ to get Bale in the team as well, so that’s a good shot.

  2. Snoidz

    Puncheon — Fellini
    Tevez (feel as though hes losing it) — Berbs

    Scored 45, needing Torres to step up his game. Winners were Mata (c) and Ba.

  3. mad romeys

    Score: 31
    Captain: RVP
    Lord: RVP
    Loser: Garrido, Fernandez (Fergie & Hernandez), Clark & Bale
    Trades: Bale->Walcott
    Vent: I don’t think there is a word to describe how badly I need this upcoming wildcard, already have my whole team planned out so yeah, as soon as its ready I am using it.
    While I remember my team, I think I will post it, so this is what it will look like after the wildcard:
    Begovic (Bunn)
    Cameron, Mertesacker, G.Johnson (O’Brien, Harte)
    Mata, Bale, Walcott, Michu, Fellaini
    Ruiz, RVP, Anichebe
    I have 0.3 left and I am pretty happy with the squad 🙂

  4. mattcraigdt

    Score: 79
    Captain: RVP
    Lord: Walcott, Suarez, RVP, Hernandez, Mata, Berba, Johnson
    Loser: Gallas, Davies & Clark.
    Trades: None, maybe McCartney -> Demel
    Brag: Managed to hold Cazorla for his 23, then sold him instead of Walcott 😉 for Bale (massive risk). Bale scores 21, then Walcott stepped up this week to score 26 after I held him during the blank. Probably pure luck 😀

    Have my wildcard planned for after the next GW. Not too much tinkering to be done really, pretty happy with the squad. Ranked 2,000 for December, recovery is on!

    • Dan

      Could be a good thing, Ba in front of that midfield could be insane. Though will, he replace/ rotate with/ play alongside Torres is the question?

    • mad romeys

      If he does movr I would probably look at either: Berba, Ruiz ir Defoe, if he can keep his form and become fixture proof.

  5. MattyZee

    Score: 57
    Captain: Bale (god dammit!)
    Lord: Suarez, Lambert, Mata
    Loser: McAuley, Bale, Vertonghen and Mertesaker for both missing and leaving me with only 10!
    Trades: Not sure yet. Holding Bale and Michu for now, which could be risky. Might have to make a move if Enrique or Mertesaker look to miss this week.

  6. Dan

    Score: 33 (37-4)
    Capt: RVP
    Lord: Ba
    Loser: hahahaha…lets see… Hernandez, Vertonghen, AVB, Sir Alex, Cuellar, Garrido, McAuley (the last two whose 0 and -1 scores I got off the bench because the first two didnt play)…and the biggest one…me. Who trades out Suarez before QPR???…and for Herandez,and for a hit lololol Cost me a total of 19pts in the end.
    Trades: so after being taught a lesson to not kneejerk and not take hits after last GW, u think I learnt my lesson?? Nope 🙂
    Bale > Fellaini
    Taraabt > Walcott

  7. Joe

    Score: 35 (39-4)
    Captain: RVP
    Lords: Mata, Pienaar
    Losers: Cuellar, Bale, Clyne, Nolan, SAF
    Trades: Pienaar for Fellaini done before the start of the games, really wish I didn’t now!
    Vent: 4 weeks in a row where taking a -4 hasn’t turned out, am determined to be patient and never do it again.

  8. kingcolesy

    Score: 39
    Captain: RVP
    Lords: Mata, RVP, Enrique
    Losers: Bale, Clyne, Tevez
    Trades: Bale to Walcott
    Vent: Dropped in rankings this week

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