In Round Chat – Gameweek 21

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Chelsea's Juan Mata celebrates scoring during his side's 4-2 Premier League win at Tottenham Hotspur

Share all your thoughts from the first Round of 2013, Brags, Vents and all! let’s pray for less rotation!

47 comments on “In Round Chat – Gameweek 21

  1. kingcolesy

    Im slightly worried about my team 🙂 Dont think I’ll fill the 11 this week. guess if I dont take a transfer hit thats a 4 point player! Tevez, Clyne, Michu, Baird, Enrique all in total question.

  2. Dan

    Michu starting, Vertonghen back in.

    If Lukaku was assured a start every week I’d have him in my team in a heartbeat. Ruiz assists again…lots of options for those wildcarding this week.

        • Dan


          Repaid the faith after missing last round.

          Fickle game this fpl. Last GW just 3 days ago my lowest score so far, this GW could be close to my biggest…Johnson, Fellaini and Ba to come ( 67-4)

          And a good GW all round, cleaned up on my 6-leg multi! (by “cleaned up” I mean won back most of the cash I’ve lost so far this season)

          • Dan

            Also had Jussi, Vertonghen, McAuley, Silva, Walcott and Michu play so far ( with RVP and Hernandez )

  3. Louie K

    Aguero has a hamstring injury. Tevez now back in equation. He scored 38 points in 4 games at the start of the year with his fellow Argentine out.

    • mad romeys

      Martin R & Ian Harte 🙂
      Both have attacking abilties and have both tightened up at the back so yeah, and they have low ownership and Harte has a share of free-kick duties and is only 3.8!!
      So there is another option fir you to think about.

      They will also save you loads of cash so you can go big in midfield/attack.

  4. mad romeys

    Happy with my team right now as I have 51 points with three to play and there are two donuts on my field!

    And I have Kacaniklic on my bench who is sure to come on for one of Mertesacker/Gallas, so looking at my first score over 70 since about GW3!!

    • Liam

      Currently on 51 with about 5 to play. Made a few rash trades the remaining 3 games will decide if I made the right choice.

  5. Snoidz

    On 33 points with 4 to play: Mata (captain), Ivanovic, Ba and Fellini. Need big games from the boys on Thursday… Thank god for O’Brien with 15 points!

    • kingcolesy

      yes O’Briens 15 is epic, he made up for all the duds. funny fact, RVPs captaincy has outscored the average so far which is great.
      Ive got 64 from basically 3 players, RVP, Obrien and Walcott. Only Mata to go.

  6. mattcraigdt Post Author

    55 with Azpilicueta, Johnson, Mata and Suarez to come. I honestly can’t pick a scoring defender, brought in O’Brien before he had scored… but after deadline :/ I’m going all out in attack with my wildcard, who needs defenders 😛

  7. Bayswater Toffee's Gaffer

    African Nations is comin soon innit? Maybe keep that in mind while you go shopping with your wildcard!

  8. crazyasianac

    74 wid mata suarez cuellar to go. great week. woulda been even better if norwich didnt score in injury time to ruin demels cs and if assistant ref wasnt retarded and ruled out ramirezs second goal when he was onside by a mile

  9. grinpowderdiah

    Return to work means a return to reading/commenting here during my lunch breaks.. tough life.

    I’m on 65 with just Mata and Cuellar (eww) to go. I’m hoping for the ridiculous really, that Cuellar may possibly score (preferably at the other end this week), or even pull off an assist. He can’t do much worse than my other defenders/keepers anyway – managing a measly 5 points between the 6 of them. I guess that is connected to my vent for the week, stupidly bringing in Mertesacker before GW20 has produced 2 blobs for me, choosing him ahead of Reid and O’Brien as I deemed he had better fixtures (fail). So I quickly jumped off him when GW22 opened for O’Brien (bring the cash!), like Matty I did this before he scored.. but it’s certainly no consolation that he is coming off a 15 which I didn’t get a single piece of.

    Anyway, that cash addition has boosted my bank up quite a bit, which I had initially planned to use in upgrading with the Wildcard this week.. this was my initial thoughts:
    Out: Berbatov, Puncheon
    In: Saurez, Marveaux

    Downside here is that Marveaux becomes my first emergency, which I am not totally sold on his job security yet (what happens when Ben Arfa, Cabaye etc. are all back?). However I suppose he can’t be a whole lot worse than Puncheon really.

    Then discussing with Seags this morning on the old twittersphere reminded me of a superb option arising, particularly with the injury of Aguero – Dzeko. So, option 2 is:
    Out: Berbatov, Puncheon
    In: Dzeko, Fellaini

    Whilst this looks a lot better on paper, it would probably result in me benching Bryan Ruiz each week – however I suppose that’s not the worst because having Bale (who could dive off the face of the earth, or something) and Walcott (whose body may not… no I won’t even go there), along with Fellaini headbutting randoms could mean I have guys missing matches most weeks anyway. However this option is probably very short term minded – Dzeko will no doubt find himself as the super sub in a few weeks time and Fellaini may find himself at a bigger club and stuck in rotations.

    Wouldn’t mind your thoughts on Option 1 or Option 2 people? My current side looks like this…

    Shawcross, O’Brien, Williams (McAuley, Cuellar)
    Bale, Mata, Michu, Walcott (Puncheon*)
    RVP, Berbatov*, Ruiz

    I will probably find a way to get rid of McAuley as well, as at 5.4 there are much better options around. However I am sure I can work something out there.

    Enough drivel from me for now!

  10. crazyasianac

    combo of
    fellaini, defoe
    puncheon (a mid under 5.7), suarez

    my other four mids are walcott, michu, mata and bale.
    other two strikers are rvp, ruiz

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Probably option 1. I’m not sure I agree with this January wildcard to be honest. All it will do is leave us all with practically the same teams, hardly any POD’s and nowhere to move. Captain decisions will be so important, and even then RVP will produce most weeks anyway. Guys like Walcott were a POD for me not long ago, with this wildcard no way. I have the exact same midfield and now so do thousands of others. I also have the same stirkers… what’s the point? Anyway that’s my vent, stupid second wildcard. Bad idea, ruins the game.

  11. mattcraigdt Post Author

    Looks like Ba off to Chelsea btw lads, I’d be getting rid of him. Cisse could be an option but very risky with Newcastle missing so many first XI players

  12. mad romeys

    Ohh and someone please tell me how Raheem Sterling scored 260 goals last night while Luis Suarez decided to assist all 260 of them?

    And how they have a combined total score of 2087?

    But while all this happened last night, Liverpool could only manage a 3-0 win?

  13. Sid

    Hey guys how’s this team for WC-

    Begovic Jussi
    Davies Obrien Rafael Mariappa ***Mertesacker, Zabaleta, Gibbs, or Azpilicueta ***
    Walcott Bale Fellani Mata Puncheon
    Suarez RvP Berbatov..

    Leaves 0.5 m in bank

    Any suggestions..??

  14. Dan

    Complete agree tbh….everyone will have almost identical front 7/8…RVP, Suarez, Fellaini, Michu and Walcott are almost locks, with any combo of Bale/Mata/Berba/Ruiz/Puncheon.

    Bego/Jussi in goals locked.

    Seems the only real differentials will be in cheapo defenders.

    Im holding till after the DGW and hoping some if the Jan transfers mix things up a bit.

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