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valueThere are many issues that face us when wildcards are available. What team structure should we use, do we need to change our structure at all?  I’ll try to explain my structure and some reasoning behind it, most of the time it is purely up to personal opinion, there isn’t necessarily a right and wrong choice. People also try to gain some value, which in itself is a big part of the game. I’ll tell you how I gain value in my team, how best to go about it and what not to do! Let’s take a look…


Just quickly on this, it is mostly a personal choice and how you want to play the game. I don’t go watching games to see if my boys can get a clean sheet, I like to invest as much as possible in attacking assets. With this wildcard I plan to be running a budget defence, stocking up in both midfield and upfront. A lot of guys are looking at Zabaleta, Gibbs, Walker and others however I feel there isn’t a defender this year that requires selection. Job security is rare, and most importantly the big clubs aren’t keeping clean sheets! We are relying on attacking returns, which is very risky. I have picked guys who will bring me clean sheets and can easily be rotated. My midfield and forward line is interesting, I’ll get onto that now.


Some said it was a myth, others have called it impossible. However all I know is that this is my starting line-up:


When you include a 5 man premium midfield of Michu, Cazorla, Mata, Walcott and Bale you would think I’m not carrying RVP. Wrong, I have both RVP and Suarez. You look at that starting 7 and who needs defenders. Then people will say, “Your defence must be weak, you have no bench”. Not really true, I have 3 defensive assets from the most solid unit in the league (Begovic, Wilkinson and Cameron), O’Brien (WHU), Davies (SWA) and Demel (WHU). Stoke grab a cleany then I’m away, I only need one or two other defenders then. After Arsenal’s DGW I will downgrade Cazorla to Fellaini (barring him leaving) and can upgrade a West ham defender to a premium.

Going back to structure for a second, I prefer to have forwards and mids I’m not thinking of transferring out, to me those 7 players are locks for the rest of the season. This means I can use my FT each week in defense anyway to rotate through fixtures. Of course injuries can occur at anytime but all my premiums are a straight swap out if I need to. Then I’m told my bench must be weak. Ruiz could easily start for me, he probably will this gameweek. Then my 5 defenders can all rotate through, no problem 🙂

The reason I have this in the value section is that everyone reckons this team is impossible to get. Too many people believe that buying and selling popular players is the best way to get value. It’s not. You may gain 0.1 or 0.2 over the wildcard but to be honest, it’s not really worth it. Some people get worried about a 0.1 price drop, I don’t even consider it. It is irrelevant if you are confident in holding the player. By far and away the best way to gain value in your team is simply to get on the bandwagon early. Sit and hold your assets and eventually they will be worth a huge amount more. I bought Suarez after his hat-trick at just 9.9. RVP was brought in at 13.4, Mata was brought in at just 8.9. I grabbed Walcott before his massive game at 8.5, Bale at 9.4 and of course Michu at 7.0. Just in these players alone I’ve gained 4.5! I got Begovic at 4.5 and Cameron at 4.5 also, another gain of 1.8. You can see that without worrying about losing a bit of value here and there, getting on bandwagons early and holding my players through their ups and downs your team can be worth an extra premium!

All I’m saying is don’t really worry about chasing value with your wildcard, you can try it and I’m not stopping you but it probably won’t be worth it. As far as this season goes it’s probably too late in most circumstances. However if you see a player about to explode make a decision early! If you see a player as a keeper then go for him, don’t hesitate. If you reckon Ba will smash it at Chelsea then trade him in quick smart! Back yourself. Too much trading is another big issue, knee-jerk a guy out and cost yourself value, then you’ll want him back at 0.5 more than you sold him for! Just some tactics to think about…

Another quick point, if there is a result in the FA cup clash between Southampton and Chelsea then I reckon we should all use our wildcards. You don’t have too, however it will allow us to bring in our share of Chelsea and Arsenal players and plan their exit now. I’m sure we will all be panicking to bring in some Chelsea assets, as long as Benitez rests the main men on Sunday 😉

Good luck for the rest of the wildcard (if you’ve used it), I’ll post a RMT tomorrow so you can all write down your line-ups and have some discussion there! Cheers.



16 comments on “Team Structure and Value

  1. Dan

    After a few drinks and coming home to watch some early morning FA Cup, apparently I had a moment of weakness at some stage and pushed the WC button….woke up to find this as my new team today:

    Jussi Bego
    Luiz Sagna Cameron Demel Shaw
    Mata Walcott Michu Fellaini J Cole
    RVP Ba Lambert

    with 2.0m in the bank.

    Keen to keep Ba over his DGW, even if he starts one game and subs on in the other he could kill it with that midfield feeding him. Joe Cole worth a punt too imo (2 assists I think last night)

  2. Dan

    5.6 and with a DGW worth a go…hopefully will rotate well with Lambert after the DGWs.

    Ba with a brace in his first game looking good. Reckon they’ll wanna give him as much gametime as possible early on to get him to gel with the rest of the team.

    Pretty sure they have a midweek game that hes ineligible for, meaning Torres will start that, leaving Ba to start next weekend vs Stoke. Then anyones guess for the Southampton game, but if Ba doesn’t start I reckon he’ll def be on at some stage.

  3. juramentardo

    After tacking a hit -4 for GW22 to get O’Brien & Cole C hoping to benefit in GW23 and now I find Riise O’Brien Clyne are all doubtful plus a DGW22!
    Should I use my WC?

    My team (GW22)
    Bego (Green)
    Cuellar Clyne Bassong (O’Brien Riise)
    Mata Walcott Cazorla Fellaini Puncheon
    RVP Suarez (Cole C)
    2.0 in the bank

  4. mad romeys

    Good enough team as a result of the wildcard??
    Begovic (Bunn)
    Cameron, Wilkinson, O’Brien (Davies, Harte)
    Walcott, Mata, Bale, Michu (Puncheon)
    Ba, RVP, Ruiz

    So sad right now. I am 1.2 short of doing a five gun midfield.
    What do you think?

  5. crazyasianac

    bale, mata, michu, fellaini ( puncheon)
    rvp, suarez, ba

    who do i bench for puncheon?? i want him on field forthe dgw, but i dont know who to bench. probably michu or fellaini, because everyone else either have great fixture or dgw

  6. Nick

    Thoughts after wildcard?

    Before Wildcard:
    Jussi (Guzan)
    Shawcross Vertonghen McAuley (Garrido Fonte)
    Silva Mata Michu Fellaini (Schneiderlin)
    RVP Ba Kone

    After Wildcard:
    Bego (Federici)
    O’Brien Cameron Wilkinson (Davies Harte)
    Mata Michu Walcott Hazard Fellaini
    RVP Suarez (Anichebe)

    Got 0.7 in the bank and want to get Ruiz instead of Anichebe. Also a bit worried about the defense. Want a reliable premium (Zab probably)

    But overall happy with the after wildcard team. Got Hazard and Mata for Chelsea’s DGW and will replace Hazard with Cazorla when Arsenal have their DGW. Then after all that will lock in Bale.


  7. isalter77

    Team after wildcard and thoughts would be appreciated.

    Begovic (Guzan)
    Wilkinson, O’Brien, Gibbs (Demel, Davies)
    Walcott, Bale, Michu, Fellaini, Mata
    RVP, Suarez (Ruiz)

  8. George

    Team before wildcard:
    Begovic (Bunn)
    Shawcross, Johnson, O’Brien (Davies, Nelsen)
    Mata, Michu, Bale, Fellaini, Snodgrass
    Ba, Torres (Lambert)

    Team after wildcard:
    Begovic (Bunn)
    Shawcross, Zabaleta, O’Brien (Davies, Harte)
    Mata, Michu, Bale, Fellaini, Walcott
    Suarez, Ruiz (Lambert)


    • crazyasianac

      imo, rvp is a must have. find a way to afford him. otherwise u will be kckng yourself every week

      • Dan

        Although I have and love having him…don’t agree that RVP is a must. Isnt one of the regulars on here killing it without having him all year?

        I do think u could do with some more DGW coverage if you’re WCing this week…only Mata and Lambert first wk and Walcott and OBrien the next. Think if ur using the wildcard u might aswell take advantage of the fixture.

        • Shaun Curnow

          Im currently 6,000 overall and havent had RVP all season, and havent had Michu since about GW10 or something. Traded him out just before he went bang!

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