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rate my team ba

I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding people’s wildcard teams, too many to handle! I know a lot of the other lads on twitter have found the same problems, post your teams below and I’ll try and get through them all when I can! You can get a whole range of advice here…Β  So over the next few days enjoy some free advice, banter and multiple team changes! Always a place for first time commenters, get as much interaction here as possible! Just log in and of you go πŸ™‚



120 comments on “Rate My Team – Wildcard Edition

  1. George

    Hey, looking at using my wildcard this gameweek.
    Team before wildcard:

    Begovic (Bunn)
    Shawcross, Johnson, O’Brien (Nelsen, Davies)
    Mata, Michu, Bale, Fellaini, Snodgrass
    Torres, Ba (Lambert)

    Team after wildcard:

    Begovic (Bunn)
    Shawcross, Zabaleta, O’Brien (Davies, Harte)
    Mata, Michu, Bale, Fellaini, Walcott
    Suarez,Lambert (Ruiz)

    RMT. Not sure whether to get an extra chelsea or arsenal player for the double gameweeks? Thoughts?

  2. mattcraigdt Post Author

    Ok I’ll kick it off, expect this to change 50 times between two teams… anyway

    Begovic, Rudd
    Tomkins, Luiz, Cameron (Demel, Davies)
    Walcott, Michu, Bale, Mata (Cazorla… yeah)
    Ruiz, Ba, RVP (C)

    That’s how I’m lining up at the moment. Walcott or Cazorla will end up on the bench, torn as to who just yet. Ruiz at home against Wigan is just too good to resist. How’s Arsenal having 4 home games in 5. Get on board! Ba and Luiz will be gone after the double to bring back Suarez for his certain hat-trick against Norwich, after that I’m settled πŸ™‚ (depending on Fellaini of course).

  3. Factor x

    mignolet (begovic)
    gibbs, walker, cuellar (cameron, williams)
    walcott, bale, fellaini, mata, silva
    suarez, berbatov (ruiz)

  4. Vikas

    Hey, looking at using my wildcard this gameweek.
    RVP,BA (Anichebe)

    Ba out and suarez in for the next GW…??
    Any other changes and suggestions??
    Whom should i CAPTAIN??

  5. Joe

    Post WC team.

    Begovic (Rudd)
    Shaw, Harte, Demel (Cameron, Davies)
    Michu, Bale, Mata, Hazard, Walcott
    Ba, RVP (Ruiz)

    I would love to play Ruiz but not sure who to bench instead. I also can’t decide between Cameron or Harte in defence.

  6. crazyasianac

    bale, mata, michu, fellaini ( puncheon)
    rvp, suarez, ba

    who do i bench for puncheon?? i want him on field forthe dgw, but i dont know who to bench… help?

    als, im taking ba out for pogrebnyak and upgrading puncheon to walcott after this gw. thoughts on that too? or should injust keep the team like this

  7. missedthebus

    Before WC:

    Jaaskelainen (Bunn)
    Ivanovich, Mertesacker, Riise, (Jenkinson, Clyne)
    Michu, Fellani, Routledge, Hazard (Gira)
    Ba, Suarez (Torres)

    Haven’t done rthe WC yet, but this is what i’m thinking:
    Jaaskelainen (Bunn)
    Ivanovich, Skirtel, O’Brien (Fonte, Clyne)
    Michu, Fellani, Routledge, Hazard (McAnuff)
    Van Persie, Suarez (Sammi Ameobi)

    Any suggestions or tips? I dont think I have a clue!

    • drew

      Would avoid Sammeobi, go for someone who will def play, Pogrebnyak etc! Aside from that team is pretty good, could you afford mata over hazard? Who would your starting XI be, its looking like a 442, i prefer 343 myself or a 352. With so many goalscoring mids theres plenty of options. Definably consider Walcott for the double aswell, i think hes a key player at the mo.

      • missedthebus

        Nice one, cheers for the advice. Porgrebnyak is a good shout. Can’t afford Mata, this team was with all in (v bad and late start to the season).I have been going 3 4 3 so far but time to get some points so 3 5 2 is also a good shout! Cheers!

  8. drew

    Well folks just played it. Not sure if im happy or sad but atleast have until the weekend to tinker. Which again im not sure if thats a good or bad thing ha. Here she is with my line up for this gw..

    Mariappa, Azpilicueta, Fonte,
    Mata, Bale, Fellani, Walcott,
    Ba, RVP, Suarez

    and the bench will be; Jussi, Cameron, Guthrie, Demel.

    All thoughts welcome. Does everyone think Mariappa is the best reading defender? and will Gutherie get games ok..was he injured at the start of the season?


  9. jmponder

    Gibbs Tomkins Cahill
    Michu Bale Mata (c) Fellaini Walcott
    RVP Ba

    Cerny Harte Pogrebnyak Stam

    I decided to go with Ba because of Chelsea’s double gameweek but I am not sold on him yet so I could be switching him out in the coming weeks. Same goes with the defense, Arsenal, West Ham and Chelsea all have double gameweeks coming up but after that I’ll probably look to other options. My bench is piss poor as I wanted to maximize my starting players and because I have been burnt in the past by leaving too many points there (Sterling for example) however, part of me is uncomfortable having such non-viable options

      • jmponder

        I dropped Gibbs for Shaw due to the double gameweek, swapped Tomkins for Demel and switched out Stam for Cameron. I think I’m pretty happy with this team for now aside from Ba who, considering Chelsea’s midfield could really become a huge asset but, like I said I am unsure of as of right now.

  10. hoggyzalegend

    Post WC team:

    Turnbull (Jaaskelainen)
    Ivanovic, Demel, Clyne, (Gibbs, Harte)
    Puncheon, Bale, Walcott, Mata (c), (Michu)
    Lambert, RVP, Suarez.

    Gonna cop between 8-16 point hit over the 3 weeks following GW 22 to get the team i want to finish the season with. But with 2 DWs in a row, i’d be hoping to offset that -16 with at least an extra 50 points from my 11 DGW players over the 2 GWs.

    After GW 22 i’ll trade Ivanovic -> Wilkinson and Lambert -> Podolski.

    After GW 23: Podolski -> Pogrebnyak and Puncheon -> Gerrard.

    After GW 24: Jaaskelainen -> Begovic, Gibbs -> O’Brien and Demel -> Davies.

    Leaves me with:

    Begovic, (Turnbull)
    O’Brien, Davies, Wilkinson, (Clyne, Harte)
    Gerrard, Bale, Walcott, Mata, Michu
    RVP, Suarez, (Pogrebnyak).

  11. Julian

    My WC team:

    Begovic (Rudd)
    Azpi Gibbs Clyne (Tomkins, Harte)
    Mata Hazard Walcott Michu (Kakaliknic)
    Lambert Berba RvP

    Any tips or suggestions would be really appreciated, thanks πŸ™‚

  12. Nick

    Thoughts after wildcard?

    Before Wildcard:
    Jussi (Guzan)
    Shawcross Vertonghen McAuley (Garrido Fonte)
    Silva Mata Michu Fellaini (Schneiderlin)
    RVP Ba Kone

    After Wildcard:
    Bego (Federici)
    O’Brien Cameron Wilkinson (Davies Harte)
    Mata Michu Walcott Hazard Fellaini
    RVP Suarez (Anichebe)

    Got 0.7 in the bank and want to get Ruiz instead of Anichebe. Also a bit worried about the defense. Want a reliable premium (Zab probably)

    But overall happy with the after wildcard team. Got Hazard and Mata for Chelsea’s DGW and will replace Hazard with Cazorla when Arsenal have their DGW. Then after all that will lock in Bale.


      • Nick

        Haha! I have made a few changes since I posted. Because I can never make up my mind. I upgraded Cameron to Gibbs with a spare 0.3 in the bank for next week to drop Hazard for Cazorla then the week after go up to Bale.

        But my main question is do you think that my defense is a little light on? If our teams are similar what are your plans for the defense? Just need some ideas as I’m a little worried. I suppose it shouldn’t matter if I have such powerful Mids/Fwds

  13. MattyZach

    Wildcard active:

    Begovic (Federici)
    Davies, O’Brien, Zabaleta (Cameron, Harte)
    Bale, Mata, Michu, Walcott (Puncheon)
    RVP, Suarez, Ruiz

    Considering dropping Suarez to Ba and rejigging Zab/O’Brien to cheaper options. But, that probably wouldn’t allow an upgrade of Puncheon to anyone other than Fellaini, and doesn’t help with the DGW.

    Anyway, thoughts?

  14. Eddy

    My team after wildcard

    Reither Gibbs O’Brien (Gorkss Harte)
    Mata Walcott Puncheon Bale (Michu)
    RVP Ba Ruiz

    I had to pick Puncheon for the double gameweek plus at only 4.9 I saved cash for other players.
    Not sure who to captain, usually RVP but Ba has the double gameweek too. Feels wrong with Michu on the bench too…

    Any suggestions??

  15. Bryan

    Guzan (Begovic)
    O’Brien Rafael Naughton (Harte Davies)
    Mata (c) Michu Fellaini Walcott (Sterling)
    RVP Suarez Ba (vc)

    I’d love to captain Ba knowing he’ll play both games but I’m afraid of Benitez’s decisionmaking… Is Bale really a must-have? I either have to completely gut my defense and downgrade Ba to Ruiz, or I have to lose one of Suarez or RVP.

    • Bryan

      Just made some changes, brought in Turnbull, Gibbs, Shaw and Demel for Guzan, O’Brien, Naughton, Davies to take advantage of the DGWs. Now it looks like this:

      Turnbull (Begovic)
      Gibbs Rafael Shaw (Harte Demel)
      Mata (c) Michu Fellaini Walcott (Sterling)
      RVP Suarez Ba (vc)

  16. Andy_k

    Before Wildcard

    Riise Rafael Huth
    Puncheon(for the DGW) Michu Walcott Mata(C)
    Berbatov Ba RVP(V)

    Pienaar Harte Garrido

    Next week Im gonna use my wildcard and bring in Suarez Cazorla Fellaini and Gibbs. Not sure who I’ll get rid of though.

    Hows that look?

    • grinpowderdiah

      Riise is out of favour for some reason, he’d be the first i’d move on.. plus Fulham don’t remember what a CS looks like either – at his price there are much better options. Rafael (for his attacking returns) is alright but again expensive.. and with Huth you can definitely find much cheaper avenues into Stokes defense (Wilkinson, Cameron or in a couple of weeks time, Wilson). Here you could definitely save some funds to upgrade your 4th/5th midfielder if you liked – otherwise it looks quite good!

      Pienaar may die out a little now Fellaini has returned, just watch for that this week vs. Swansea at home.

  17. dav087

    Current wildcard squad.

    Begovic Bunn

    Luiz O’brien davies demel Cameron

    Mata Walcott Bale Lampard Puncheon

    RVP Suarez Dzeko.

    Lampard will be a one week punt for the double then will go back to Michu. Not sure whether to go Luiz or azpilicueta and 1mil then upgrade puncheon to cole/nolan for their double.

      • grinpowderdiah

        Exactly what I’d be doing. Luiz and Puncheon will most likely play both fixtures. I’d be a little worried about Azpilicueta playing both fixtures and I think Puncheon has more chance of delivering points than Cole/Nolan in GW23.. playing Arsenal (A) in their second game may not be completely fruitful.

  18. mad romeys

    New day means new team πŸ™ Can’t make up my mind… Anyway here it is:
    Begovic (Bunn)
    Wilkinson, Cameron, O’Brien (Davies, Harte)
    Bale, Mata, Michu, Walcott (Puncheon)
    Ba, RVP, Lambert

    • mad romeys

      Wasn’t looking when I pressed the “Post Comment” and didn’t get to add a few comments…
      Thinking of trading Walcott to Hazard fir the DGW and then back to Walcott next week and Mata to Cazorla and maybe Ba to Suarez as well depending on how he fares.

      And obviously O’Brien will change between him, Harte & Davies.

      And Lambert will become Ruiz after his DGW.

      I am pretty chapped (I love that word, if it is one) with this team.

  19. dav087

    Just to everybody getting in Turnbull are you worries that cech will come back for the Southampton game? Rafa said at the time it was a 2-3 week injury, this was about 2 weeks ago now and the Southampton game isn’t for another week and a half. Just something to think about I think.

    • grinpowderdiah

      Have to say I am a little worried, but have heard online as recently as yesterday that he’s possibly still a doubt for GW23 – which eases my doubts significantly. I doubt Rafa would rush him back for the Soton game anyway, he’d want to give him the best chance of being fit for GW23 vs. Arsenal.

  20. kingcolesy

    Federici (Begovic)
    O’Brien, Demel, Harte (Wilkinson, Gibbs)
    Mata, Michu, Bale(VC), Fellaini, (Walcott)
    Ba, RVP(C), Ruiz

    Undecided if to stay with Ba to GW27, or make next weeks trade to Suarez. Have 2.3 kitty.

    • kingcolesy

      Apologies, just figured out a neat 3 week plan to get an extra game in 2 games in my team.

      Federici (Begovic)
      O’Brien, Demel, Azpilicueta (Wilkinson, Harte)
      Mata, Michu, Bale(VC), Walcott, (Cazorla)
      Ba, RVP(C), Ruiz

      W1: Az to Gibbs. W2 Caz to Fell, W3 Ba to Suarez.
      Waiting for this to backfire with pricing increases. πŸ™‚

      However, I would like to know the likelihood of this Az guys minutes otherwise I might tempt myself back to the original plan.

  21. kingcolesy

    sorry for the replies. Just realised with Suarez and Cazorla needed next week, it just costs too much to field. Guess I’ll just run without Suarez next week.

  22. grinpowderdiah

    So after saying I wouldn’t, the Chelsea DGW in R22 made me jump onto my WC. I also managed to sneak in Ba whilst he was a Newcastle player to maximise my score this week.

    Anyway, here’s where I’m at right now – with no doubt some tinkering to still be done:

    Turnbull (Begovic)
    Naughton, Shawcross, Harte (Demel, Davies)
    Hazard, Bale, Michu, Mata (C) (Walcott)
    RVP, Ba, Ruiz

    If I hear good news about Clyne I may bring him in to replace one of Demel/Davies this week.. probably Davies as his fixture vs. Everton (A) is probably the least appetising for a CS (although he has much safer JS and likelihood of attacking returns – so it’s no easy decision).

    For GW23 I will offload Hazard for Cazorla, then following that I’ll move Cazorla on to Fellaini providing he stays at Goodison. This should also free up some room to bring Suarez in for Ba – also allowing me time to review the impact of Sturridge on Suarez (I don’t think it will be significant at this stage).

    In future, I plan to offload Shawcross for Wilson when he’s back (probably in 2-3 weeks), keeping my Stoke defender and gaining a fair bit of cash. This may allow me to upgrade Ruiz for example – but at this stage I’m more than happy to keep him. Also, Turnbull will be on the chopping block somewhere down the track when Cech returns – however as he will be my bench cover behind the ever reliable Bego, this is not an urgent requirement. It’ll probably be for someone like Guzan or Federici depending on prices (I don’t want to be paying anything significant at all for a reserve keeper).

      • grinpowderdiah

        As Matty mentioned, I got in before he was changed to a Chel$ki player. Part of the reason I did is because I am 2nd in a cash league – the guy ahead of me has Ba (the last few weeks he has passed me simply because of the fact he had Ba and I didn’t).. the other part is obviously because the DGW. Turnbull is looking shakier now with reports he has returned to training.. so I may only end up with 3 anyway – which ruins my ‘advantage’ in any case.

        I could also suffer heavily at the hands of Rafatation. I’m really just banking on Rafa not being Rafa!

        • Shaun Curnow

          Spewing I didnt think about getting extra Chelsea player in whilst Ba was still listed as Newcastle, their double gameweek really threw spanner in works of entire weeks plans!

          Also anyone know why Felliani has had nearly 120K transfers in but no price change so far!! All year prices have been changing like crazy but all sudden this wildcard week nothing seems to be happening!

  23. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    Ok… Prior to realising that Chelse have 2 games this round, and post WC so will probably sneak Mata in there somwewhere… And then hoping they don’t rotate?

    Begovic (Andersen, to take the choice out of my own hands)
    Rafael, Cuellar, Shawcross – Harte, Naughton
    Walcott, Michu, Santi, Fella – Joe Cole!
    Ruiz, RVP, Ratboy

  24. Prashanth

    Hey tell me about my team i have used my wild card. Should i need any chages.

    Zabaleta, ivanovic,gibbs

    Pienaar,mata,nolan,santi cazoral,walcott

    Vanpersie,ba whom should i make captian

      • grinpowderdiah

        Absolutely not. Assuming you’ve held Bego for a while you’re going to lose – because you really should get him back in after the DGW – unless you were going to go to Guzan or something.. but still Bego is the best keeper in the game by far I think (because of the way Stoke plays of course).

        I am holding Begovic throughout providing he doesn’t get injured.. or sold to Man Utd (absolutely disgusting transfer rumour that.. probably because I am a Stoke fan – the cat is out of the bag).

  25. Craig

    Not sure when I’ll play my wildcard thinking after west ham ars game anyways thoughts would be great took a hit this week for azipillicueta
    Foster (begovic)
    Azipillicueta Davies Evans (huth, o’brien)
    Michu mata Walcott Felliani (silva)
    Hernandez Suarez Ruiz
    Thinking silva to cazorla next week then bale the week after or mabey Evans or huth to Gibbs also thinking of getting Cameron in trading puncheon in for silva leaving me with:
    Begovic (foster)
    Azipillicueta Cameron Gibbs Evans (obrien)
    Felliani Walcott bale michu (puncheon)
    Van Persie Suarez (Ruiz)

  26. Ani

    My temporary wc team. Suggest any changes you find required!

    Begovic- Federici
    Iva Tomkins Gibbs- Harte Shaw
    Mata Bale Fellaini Walcott Puncheon
    Ba Rvp – pogrebnyak

    Not sure whom to play cap.

  27. Bobby

    Iv already made 2 transfers this week and really dont wanna make a third, trying to save my wildcard for next week. But Im very tempted to swap out Riise. Im second in my league with 1028 but my mate has stormed ahead with 1078. Plus third place is 1014 so not far behind me.

    Would swapping out Riise for maybe Azpilicueta be worth it?? My bench doesnt give me any options either.

    Riise Rafael Cameron
    Puncheon Michu Walcott Mata(C)
    Berbatov Ba RVP(V)

    Pienaar O’Shea Garrido

    • grinpowderdiah

      Tricky – i’d almost suggest taking the hit for Azpi. He probably -should- play both games, which covers your -4 hit… I’d also suggest there’s a good chance of them getting at least one cleanie out of their two games as well. Garrido seems out of favour and O’Shea injured leaving you no backup (as you’re alluding to). I think you’d be better off taking the punt almost, at worst i’d say you lose -2 with the best case scenario being a fair bit better than that.

      Azpi just went up in price last night I think, so you can afford to hold that decision until as late as possible (in hope of news that either Riise or Garrido might play). He won’t go up again before GW22 I wouldn’t think.

        • grinpowderdiah

          That’s why i’d advise holding as late as possible. But it could pay off the other way – I don’t expect Fulham to hold a CS given they’ve forgotten how to and Wigan always score annoying away goals (that’s a punter speaking from experience here).

          • Bobby

            Yeah I think I’ll wait till the very last second and keep an eye on Riise and Garrido. I’ll have Β£6.1 once I trade Riise in, if you have any other suggestions for who should replace him, please lemme know! Cheers guys!!

          • grinpowderdiah

            You could go Gibbs for Arsenal’s DGW, or even a slightly cheaper option in Sagna (except you’re less likely for attacking returns here). Otherwise i’d really be looking at the cheaper defenders and using your additional cash to upgrade Pienaar – I think you’re just as likely to find points out of a value defender as you are one of the pricier guys this year (due to the lack of CS’s from United, City etc). In addition to that, you’re much more likely to get consistent points out of someone a step above Pienaar (Fellaini is a good example), so your cash is much better invested here than in defense IMO.

      • grinpowderdiah

        If your decision is Bale or Hazard on the bench, I would absolutely love your team! Bale plays QPR (A) so I certainly won’t be benching him myself, I also have hazard and i’m benching Walcott vs City (meaning Ruiz plays in my forwards – Fulham play Wigan @ Craven Cottage).

        I also wouldn’t bother with Hazard if you’re only going to bench him this week – so therefore I reckon your second option there is the preferable of the two.

        • Shaun Curnow

          Hazard has to play this week as he has a double gameweek!! But surely theres someone else your midfield/forward line thats worse than Bale.

  28. MattyZach

    Draft 2! Capitalising on the Chelsea DGW.

    Begovic (Federici)
    Ivanovic, Davies, Cameron (Demel, Harte)
    Mata (C), Bale, Walcott, Michu (Puncheon)
    Ruiz, RVP, Ba

    Then the week after I will move Ivanovic to Gibbs (Arsenal DGW) and Ba back to Suarez with my cash left over. That’s unless Ba starts both games this week, I will then use my extra dollars to get Puncheon to Fellaini or upgrade my backs.


    • grinpowderdiah

      Give or take, that’s pretty much my team – main differences are that I have Shawcross over Ivanovic and Hazard over Puncheon.

      I am contemplating doing a similar sort of thing (but probably not next week due to Liverpool’s fixtures) where I downgrade Shawcross to a cheap defender (it’ll be Wilson if he’s back) and i’ll also move Ba to Suarez.

      Next week my only move will likely be Hazard to Cazorla.. or perhaps I will go early on my Shawcross move but firstly to Gibbs/Sagna. That’ll be a -4 hit though, so not sure i’m jumping at that just yet.

      My only concern would be getting Fellaini, a lot of talk circling now that Chelsea are in for him to replace Lampard. If that’s the case, i’d be really tentative about bringing him in just yet.

      Otherwise it looks good to me!

      • MattyZach

        Thanks for the comment mate! πŸ™‚

        That makes sense, I was considering running another cheap back to allow me to get Hazard and then Cazorla, but I figure that Ruiz is probably good enough to get a game most home weeks.
        I’ve got Ivanovic purely to get on the DGW bus, then trading him to a more sustainable long term option next week.
        Considering the DGW for Arsenal next week it probably wouldn’t be the worst thing to take a 4 point hit.

        I was also thinking that Fellaini probably isn’t worth it at the moment either. While there’s so much speculation about, the longer term risk vs reward probably is too far in favour of risk.

        • grinpowderdiah

          Yeah that’s fair enough with Ivanovic, I would probably have Luiz myself but that is purely because of price only. Both are pretty well locked into the XI and both could potentially score well (not just CS’s either).

          Yep, Ruiz will rotate in and out of my squad as well – particularly at home he will play ahead of others most weeks. Plus history says anyway that one of the gun mids misses out/Rafatation comes into play etc, so he’s good backup for me anyway (if he’s not on the pitch).

          I’ll consider the 4 point hit, but it’s really gambling on a CS in one of the fixtures really – i’ll assess what my main cash league opponent does with his WC this week before I make that decision either way.

          Fellaini at Everton is worth it IMO (after the DGW’s), but the risk is only really him not being there and perhaps getting less opportunities. The only thing that bothers me with Fellaini is that he’s too far of a drop in price to get to one of the guns (Bale, Mata, Hazard, Walcott, Cazorla etc.).. so if things go pear shaped it’s unlikely you can just swap him straight to one of these guys unless your holding a couple of spare $M (what? spare cash? pff!).

      • mattcraigdt Post Author

        For Fellaini to go they will need to meet the buy-out clause in his contract, which would not only be a massive risk but a very large amount of money. I doubt anyone will buy him in January, but who knows, there are some rich people out there…

        • grinpowderdiah

          Agree – but if anyone can afford him, it’s Chel$ki.The buy out clause is huge though, so it would be much safer to wait until the summer, but like you say – who knows! It’s just worth watching anyway.

  29. Andre

    playing wildcard this weekend.

    turnbull (schwarzer)
    Mertesacker, Davies, Wilkinson (Harte, Mariappa)
    Bale, Walcott, Mata, Michu (Leigertwood)
    RVP, Ba (c), Ruiz

    Have 0.0 left over. Thoughts? Cheers

  30. Ahamed Nafeez (@skeptic_fx)

    Here’s my team after the wildcard for GW 22,
    Federici, (Begovic)
    Shaw, Evra, Davies (Hart, Pearce)
    Mata(C), Michu, Fellaini, Walcott (Kacaniklic)
    RVP, Lambert, Ba

    Have 2.1 left in my bank. Will be trading in Suarez instead of Ba the following week.

    How can I make it better?

  31. JohnnySX

    Need some advice, shall i play my wildcard and change my team big time?

    Cech (is he injured still?) & alhabsi
    Ivanovic, Bassong, Walker (bench, Nelson, Shawcross)
    Walters, Michu, Fellaini, Schneiderlin (bench, Sterling)
    Suarez, Ba, RVP


  32. RJPUK

    my team as it stands.
    Mignolet and Jaaskelainen
    Shawcross, Ivanovic, Luiz, Reid, Nelson
    Fellani, Puncheon, Sterling, Walters, Michu,
    RVP, BA and Suarez

    Power 3 upfront!

  33. pawan

    any changes/suggestions plz..

    Ivanovic zabaleta ACole (Gibbs Cameron)
    Puncheon Mata Michu Bale (Walcott)
    Lambert Tevez Jelavic

    With 2.5 in bank

  34. stiffysexton

    Federici (Begovic)
    Zabaleta, Ivanovic, Evra (Mariappa, Stam)
    Mata[C], Fellaini, Walcott, Puncheon, Snodgrass
    RVP, Lambert[VC] (Ruiz)

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