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Struggling to decide which 3 Chelsea FC players to field in your Fantasy Football team for game week 23? Then here’s a little something to help confuse you even more!


* With John Terry still a doubt, Rafa Benitiez has confirmed that he will in fact continue to train this week and play in a Reserves match on Thursday to help asses his level of fitness.

* Gary Cahill looks set to keep his place at centre back and so long as Terry doesn’t make a rapid return, he’ll no doubt continue to be partnered by the mighty Serbian [Ivanovic]

* Ashley Cole will continue to play at Left Back [pending any late injuries]

* Cesar Azpilicueta is my one and only concern this week. If John Terry does return, then, I can’t see the young defender holding on to his position over Ivanovic, regardless of the minutes he’s played since Rafa’s arrival.


Lesson learned? I hope so!

* Mata, as we all know to our utter horror and disgust, was miraculously rested for the first 74 minutes of their 0-1 loss at home to QPR. I very much doubt Rafa will do the same against the barbaric Stoke City [away]

* Hazard is one of my selections of the year so far; although his form has dipped and peaked more times than my heart rate whilst watching Oz Aerobics, he’s still one of Chelsea’s key-players and should be seriously considered for your team selection this week.

* Lampard, the age defining warrior who continues to shine and show a level of fitness which most Premier League players will aspire to have at his ripe age of 35. Rafa has tailored the defensive midfield position to suit him; with David Luiz in support, allowing him the freedom to play box to box – The results have proven positive. A definite contender at a reasonable price too.

* Luiz, in terms of fantasy premier league status, is a very exciting abd attractive prospect. For 6.6m, you get a defender who plays in a midfield position and is a contender for penalties and free kicks. His unpredictability and sometimes erratic style of play, could prove deadly throughout the double game week and is therefore a nailed on starter in many teams.

* Oscar/Ramires/Moses, the 3 most likely midfielders to be rotated throughout the double game week. All 3 will feature at some point of course, but, from a fantasy football perspective, I’d avoid like herpes!


* Pretty boy [Torres] vs The Beast [Ba], the most frequently asked question this week; “Do you think Ba will start both games” My answer – WHO KNOWS! In theory, Ba should start against Stoke as it’s going to be a very physical game. Ba, the bigger and stronger striker of the two SHOULD get the nod ahead of Torres, who might find himself warming that bench for a few more games to come.


Whilst nothing I’ve written above is expert journalism or new information, it just helps to break it down and give you the simple knowledge and capabilities of each player before picking your FPL team.

The Chelsea midfield is set to rotate over the two games, that’s for sure, but, I believe Rafa will have learnt his lesson and should start with Mata and Hazard in both games.

The debate between Torres and Ba will continue right up until the team news is confirmed. Half of us will kick ourselves and the other half will give themselves a pat on the back and tweet me “I told you he’d play!”

My selected 3 Chelsea players for GW22:

Defender: Ivanovic
Midfielder: Mata
Striker: Ba

I already regret not picking Luiz and Hazard for my own FPL team, but, sadly I can’t have them all.

No doubt many of you will disagree with my selections and proceed to challenge my opinion – I look forward to this.

I wish you all good luck for the double game week and a happy new year.


6 comments on “Chelsea DGW Post

  1. juramentardo

    You left out Turnbull, if Azpi is a risk and you cannot afford Luiz or Ivanonvic then would you lock in Turnbull for the DGW?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I suppose for this week, however step in goalkeepers don’t always walk in and collect clean sheets like people expect them too. Cech makes some great saves that maybe Turnbull couldn’t…

  2. Dan

    Lotta rumours on twitter that Fellaini to Chelsea will be done by the end of the week……IF he moves is he eligible to play this weekend? Some could potentially have 5 Chelsea for the DGW lol

    Personally I’m selling as I didn’t have room in my mids for Bale (but do have the cash to get him)…easy decision. Got burnt by the Ba move when he missed his game (lost my ML game by 1 point that week) so it’s bye bye Afro man for me.

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