Captains – Round 22

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Well, this isn’t gonna be easy… Double Gameweeks are always hard, especially when RVP isn’t involved. Chelsea and Southampton have the double this week, so let’s take a look at the options. A lot of them will obviously have the double, it is very hard to pick otherwise…

The Contenders:

  • Puncheon – The first double gameweek contender, however certainly not the right one for your captaincy. Could be a chance to notch against a struggling Aston Villa, however he hasn’t been the player to step up in big games so far.
  • Lambert – A much better option in my mind, Rickie has returned to form nicely in recent times, notching 25 points in his last 3 outings. He certainly has the potential for your armband, but still not worth it in my mind. Way too inconsistent, many other better options out there.
  • Bale – QPR away you say, certainly sounds like the time for a punt. If only it wasn’t a double gameweek. On one hand he could destroy QPR this week, on the other he could get booked for diving and score you a measly 1 point. With some players offering up 180 minutes the risk is too great for me.
  • Fellaini – Was right in contention for me until the transfer rumours increased. I didn’t believe he would go in January but with Chelsea struggling and a buy out clause in his contract, I believe they could pull the trigger. Chelsea are in need of another defensive mid anyway so watch out Fellaini owners. Not worth a captaincy punt this week.
  • Michu – He is in simply stunning form, taking his tally to 16 goals in 25 games this season (in all competitions). For a 6.5 priced mid that Swansea bought for 2 million pounds? Wow. Everton pretty much concede every game and Michu will surely get on the scoresheet again, however I can’t see him scoring a big enough total to warrant captaincy selection, especially in a DGW.
  • Berbatov – A home game against Wigan gives Berbatov a perfect opportunity to cash in on his form with a big outing. He is a great chance for a double figure return and if you have balls to take him on as captain, he may just repay that faith (or maybe just burn you as he did to me).
  • Defoe – A few people have asked me about Defoe away to QPR as an option, but here’s my issue. Defoe just doesn’t seem captain worthy. How many times have we said “How about Defoe captain this week?” Last week against Reading at home he looked odds on to score, but didn’t. Not for the first time. Also his highest score is just 13, and he has broken double figures only twice… Not a high enough ceiling for me, however be my guest if you want to make him captain. Just a DGW is not the greatest time to do so.
  • Hazard – Now we get into the Chelsea options. If it was RDM in charge I would be all over Hazard this week, however Rafatation is playing on my mind. Big time. I was going to bring in Hazard this week, but that was before he played 90 minutes midweek against Swansea. Likely to start both games? I just can’t be sure, which makes him to big a risk for me. Might bench against Stoke and start against Southampton, which could still turn out alright I guess…
  • Torres – No. Just no. Moving on swiftly
  • Lampard – Massive risk here, in fact chances are he won’t play the full 180 minutes. So is he worth the risk? Probably not, better options out there if you are willing to take the punt on a smokey.

TOP 3:

1. Mata – Safety first here. RVP has proven over the past couple of weeks that almost always this is the way to go. For those not wanting a risky captains choice, then Mata is your go to man. He will surely play close to the full 180 (at least start both games) and has returned attacking points in 12 of his last 13 starts. Enough said really, will probably score 12-15 this gameweek and a great choice as captain.

2. Van Persie – For those not trusting Mata to start both games, here’s your man. A home game a against Liverpool, one of the biggest rivalries in football. United average over 3 goals a game at home, RVP has scored in all but one of his starts. I expect double figure returns here, the only question to ask your self is: Will Mata start both games?

3. Ba – I am almost 100% confident that Ba will start against Stoke and bench against Southampton, that is unless Benitez plays both Torres and Ba upfront. Unlikely. This means he will have to do it either against Stoke or off the bench against Southampton. With guys like RVP and Mata in the mix, is it really worth it? Probably not.

The Punt:

Luiz – It was a thought that only popped into my head this morning, why not captain Luiz? There’s probably a few good reasons actually, but I’m going to take the risk anyway. The potential here is massive. Set piece taker, possible penalty taker also if Frank is on the bench and playing in a midfield role which has seen him go close on many occasions over the past few weeks. So not only is he a great chance for a goal and bonus points, clean sheets can be thrown into the mix also. A low scoring contest at the Britannia is almost certain, then a home clash against Southampton. Remember back to Ivanovic in GW1 with a cheeky 21 point return for those who took the gamble. Don’t get me wrong, it is a big gamble, however it’s one with enough upside to have me taking the risk! Ultimately the choice is yours, I just put the cards on the table 😉

Well there you have it, my captains round up for this week. Keep an eye out for a fixture forecast tomorrow, you can also check out the preview to this gameweek below. Good luck to all with your freshly wildcarded teams, I hope all goes well! Cheers.



10 comments on “Captains – Round 22

  1. Dan

    Yep like the Luiz punt. Fair chance for two cleanies, playing OOP, surely set for 180mins (dont do anything stupid Rafa)…

    Same thoughts as you on Ba, though I do think he’ll play some part against Southampton and I reckon is a good chance to score when he does come on, plus in the Stoke game.

    Im really worried about Mata’s gametime. Can def see him rested for Southampton game in preparation for Arsenal…played 90 mins midweek..that’ll be 4 games in 10 days???

    Ba/Luiz for me

  2. crazyasianac

    hi guys, which line up looks better?

    1. power 5 midfield
    rvp, suarez, pogrebnyak

    2. power 5 mid, but puncheon instead of fellaini
    rvp, suarez, dzeko

    if fellaini moves to chelsea, i think option two would be better, but if he doesnt, wat looks better?

    also, if dzeko stops starting, i can jst go to berba or fletcher

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