In Game Chat – GW22

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With a super sunday to look forward to, our fpl teams will keep us interested this afternoon! Those with wildcards can discuss any final moves right here, otherwise good luck all! Let’s pray for the end of Rafatation (unlikely). Follow us @FPLaddicts and me @MattCraigDT for all the action!

61 comments on “In Game Chat – GW22

  1. Joe

    I’ll kick it off, final WC team.

    Begovic (Rudd)
    Gibbs, Clyne, Ruiz (Cameron, Demel)
    Bale, Mata, Michu, Fellaini (Cole)
    RVP, Ba, Lambert

    I reckon it’s pretty strong but something will go wrong no doubt. I still can’t decide on my captain, thinking maybe Lambert but will probably go safe with Mata and hope he doesn’t get rotated!

  2. George

    Luiz, Shawcross, Davies (O’Brien, Harte)
    Mata (C), Bale, Fellaini, Walcott (Michu)
    Ba (VC), Ruiz, Lambert

    Used wildcard to bring in Luiz, Harte, Walcott, Ruiz and Ba.

    Next gameweek will upgrade Ba to Suarez and take the -3 in luiz for Gibbs or Zab.

    • Joe

      I would have played Michu over Walcott this week, Everyon are more likely to concede than City. It might be better to keep Luiz next week instead of burning the -4 especially for Zab though Gibbs may be worth it given the DGW.

  3. Liam Post Author

    Mata towing the team to a score as expected, hoping nastasic doesn’t play so I get Nelsen’s clean sheet (and a likely bonus or two).

    That would result in a rare 3 clean sheets, spewing I got federici over boruc I clicked confirm transfers then though of him instantly.

    Got to love when a double gameweek pays off in advance of the second game

  4. Shaun Curnow

    Bring in Begovic this week and what happens, Stoke concede 4 goals!! Of course it was always going to happen. IMO own goals shouldnt be counted against keeper and other defenders, just the idiot that scored them!

    Im 41 with Saurez, Zabaleta, Cazorla and also Mata (C), Ba, A.Cole to come!

    Next week thinking going A.Cole to Arsenal defender for double gameweek.

  5. Dan

    Came to my senses and captained Mata, gotta be happy with that.

    Be interesting to see who starts against Southampton.With Mata and Ba both taken off early, you’d think both will play a fair part on Wed. Terry/Cahill back may mean Luiz back to midfield??

    46 with bps for Lambert and Mata likely. 3 Chels and Lambert, plus Gibbs, Walcott and RVP to come.

    May hold my FT , or maybe Ba > Podolski for DGW.

  6. juramentardo

    Finalised my WC last moments before the round, changes Ruiz>Lambert and swapped Beg with Bunn.
    Finally some luck, ended with 62! so far.
    Shaw, Clyne, Luiz and Bunn all 6’s
    Mata (c) Walcott, RVP 3 Chel and 3 Soton to go
    Oh! Shaw doubtful:(

  7. stiffysexton

    WC I love you! RVP, Evra, Lambert, Mata as Captain and a CS from Ivanovic, was going to get Azpiilicuetta but guess we can’t have em all…

      • stevenfsexton

        unlucky to get an assist not a goal and no CS anymore though….ahh well with 2 bonus points he will still be on 9 points

        • mad romeys

          Wait… so when Evra headed it, I saw it touch Vidic so does that mran no assist for RVP and a goal for Vidic??

          Cos it was the slightest touch and the header was going in anyway.

          On the other hand, Evra is like an attacker now, he whipped out a few stepovers.

          • mad romeys

            Yeah they were unlucky to concede that goal, it was a nice save from De Gea and then Sturridge collects the rebound goal.

            But Sturridge is a good future option, Nice partnership with Suarez and he seems to be playing kind of infront of Suarez as a ST while Suarez playes as the CF. Could be a nice option if he collects consistency.

  8. mad romeys

    Red card for Koscielny, it wasn’t worth it, a yellow definetly but red… no!! Gonna be hard for Walcott/Cazorla to score any points now.

  9. hoggyzalegend

    70 points with Mata (C), Ba, Luiz, Clyne, Puncheon and Lambert to play. Looking at my first 100+ this this season. I’m hoping for a 4-2 sort of scoreline then hopefully Mata, Ba and Lambert are all the chance of an attacking return.

  10. mattcraigdt Post Author

    Well, I’ve sucked 🙁 However I do have a positive look towards GW 23, a lot of people have gone all out this gameweek. Luiz captain looking a bit ambitious with Mata getting some cheap assists, but oh well. Still another game to come 🙂

  11. kingcolesy

    im on 58, im questioning if Joe Cole next week is better than Fellaini 😛 I have already put gibbs in place of Cole(CHE). Too many damn Cole’s!

  12. Joe

    73 with Mata (C), Luiz, Ba, Clyne and Lambert to come. I’m generally happy with the constant changes made during the WC period, Lambert was a good last minute change, just hoping getting Gibbs in with an eye to next weekend pays off!

  13. stiffysexton

    80 with Mata (C), Ivanovic, Lambert and Puncheon to come. is Ivanovic>Vermaelen a good trade for the upcoming DGW? I only have Walcott and no West Hammers…..

      • stiffysexton

        yeah i have had demel all season but gave im up this week for the DGW, my backline looks like this now: Ivanovic, Zabaleta, Evra (Mariappa, Stam) which produced the goods for me this week thus far, maybe even more to come with Ivanovic….can’t see how I can fit Demel into the side with 0.0 pounds in the bank….Cazorla sounds good but that would mean dropping the in form fantasy player at the moment, in Mata…..could always get him back in the following week….thoughts?

  14. juramentardo

    84 with Mata (C), Ba, Luiz, Lambert, Clyne and Shaw to come. Have Walcott, Sagna, Nolan and Demel. Ba for Podolski or Bale for Santi?.

  15. mad romeys

    Beside the topic of the in-game chat, Lois Remy is gonna go through a QPR medical soon, is a great striker for Marseille, will he become an option??

  16. Max

    Guys waiting on next article, wondering you should post a watch
    Iist one or game week notes or even fantasy football technical area

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Review is up! Sorry it took a while, a little off schedule without Seags. He’s back tomorrow though! I will be posting a watchlist article after the Arsenal DGW, a fixture forecast will go up this week and finally, as you ask for, a technical area is written up:)

  17. Louie K

    Chelsea are shite at home! Taking the Villa thumping out of the equation, the last time it won at home was against Norwich on October 6.

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