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transfer-talk-premier-league-imageA bit late this week with Chelsea having a DGW, but worry not. Prices have been relatively steady post wildcard trading (for most of us) as we settle on our teams, the biggest questions now surround the upcoming DGW. Who do we need, who are worth taking hits for? I’ll have my say here…


  • Mata – The ever reliable Mata was at it again last week, notching a superb 16 points during the double gameweek. Should be locked in Chelsea’s starting XI surely and is probably your safest, most reliable pick in midfield.
  • Evra – Starting to get unavoidable now, an average of 9 ppg in his last 5 outings says enough. 2 goals and 3 assists in this period sum up his form during this run and with 8 bonus points to boot he is looking unstoppable. The only question that remains, is it just a flash in the pan? Similar to Baines’ run at the start of the season. Either way 7.1 is a lot for a defender but those willing to take the risk may just reap the rewards.
  • Lampard – Another option that is becoming harder and harder to ignore. Similar to his old partner in crime Gerrard he is starting to produce glimpses of his previous goalscoring ability. At just 8.4 he brings so much to the table with set piece duties also. 4 goals in his last 5 starts since the Aston Villa mauling prove what he can deliver. A massive gamble as he is sure to be rotated once Mikel returns, however short term he is looking a great bet.
  • Tevez – I was telling people to hold him without Kun in the side and an 11 point haul shows exactly why. He is the main man without his fellow Argentine in the side and looks way more dangerous. With Aguero looking set to return after next week however it may not be worth bringing him in just yet.
  • Lukaku – At just 19 years of age this guy holds incredible talent. Consecutive starts and 3 goals in the new year shows his potential, at just 6.5 he could be incredible value. Then again it could be just like Benteke, a hot run that will come to an end at some stage. That is the risk with young guns like Lukaku. Get him at your own risk, but there’s so much upside to be had it is getting harder to ignore.
  • Ba – While he finally scored his first goal for the Blues in the EPL, it was the fact that he started both matches, and how bad Torres looked that made Ba a winner for me. Benitez has to play the man in form and Ba is certainly that, he was very unlucky not to score or assist more in the DGW. The time has come to make a decision, do we hold him or dump him? The decision is incredibly hard for me as I can see him scoring against Arsenal, yet I want Suarez for his favourite opposition, Norwich. Tough call ahead, one thing for sure is that Ba impressed me this week and certainly looks more of a long term option now…


  • Cazorla – Even though they went down to 10 men early, he was nowhere to be seen in this game. He is very on and off and while he could light up the double as he did against Reading, he could crash and burn. Is it worth bringing him in? I’ll look at that a bit later, but his form alone certainly doesn’t warrant selection.
  • Ivanovic – We thought he was one of 2 Chelsea defenders assured of starts for the DGW. Little did we know what horrors would occur in the league cup prior to the double and he then missed out against Southampton. Not that it mattered in the end, but can we trust him? I’m not so sure anymore, Luiz looks your best bet in Chelsea’s backline right now.
  • Defoe – A few people were considering captaining Defoe last weekend. He then went and proved exactly why that was a horrible decision. Forget the fact that others had a double, he is very inconsistent. After one close shave early on he hardly registered a shot as QPR forced spurs into a 0-0 draw. He’s on for a couple of games and then he’s not, risky selection.
  • Koscielny – Simply because he cost Walcott and Arsenal a chance to beat City, while I think a red card was harsh the challenge (tackle) was still ludicrous, Arsenal are really struggling at the back. Last year I thought Koscielny was brilliant, this year he has been far from that. Consider the fact that Barcelona were looking at him and you see what I mean…
  • Rodriguez – Yes it was a dive in the end, but I do feel kind of bad for him. He knew contact was coming and in that split second he tried to move his leg out of the way, I’m not convinced he was diving for a penalty… Anyway, refs don’t give fouls if players don’t go down so there’s your biggest problem.


  • Cazorla – Quite a few people are trading him out. He has a double guys, I certainly wouldn’t be doing that just yet. The question is, if you don’t have him, do you bring him in? For me it all depends on who your benching or getting rid of. If it’s a guy like Bale I’d say no, definitely not worth it. Especially for a hit. However if it is replacing a guy you reckon will score poorly then it might just be worth the risk, a home game against West ham should surely have a few goals in it, another hat-trick please?
  • Shawcross – Yes Stoke have been poor defensively of late, but with a few easy fixtures coming up I expect to see a clean sheet or two for sure. Unless there is an option screaming out at  you, I wouldn’t be so keen on trading him out.
  • Bale – I presume quite a few people are trading him out for Cazorla/Walcott for the DGW. Very, very risky. A guy like Bale could turn it on at any time, remember his 16 point haul against United last time around? Keep him locked in your team for the rest of the season in my books.
  • Walters – He redefined the meaning of having a ‘mare’ last week. However don’t let this be the end of having him in your sides. Surely it can’t happen again, if anything it will spur him onto greatness. He scored 2 goals in the FA cup midweek and will be on a revenge mission. He could be a fantastic POD to have in your side over the next month, especially with Stoke’s decent fixtures.
  • Defoe –  Yes he can be inconsistent, but sometimes we have to put up with that. Maybe it’s the fact that spurs are inconsistent, look at Bale. Either way he will be good for a goal against united I feel and with decent fixtures around the corner I’d be holding him… Don’t swap to Ba just yet.
  • Gibbs – Worth chasing him for a double? I didn’t think so last week with Southampton’s  defenders and they proved me wrong, so it’s your call. However Chelsea will surely be a right off for Arsenal so it’s practically one game against West Ham. He could get you an assist or two but that’s a dangerous tactic, I’ll be keeping my team as is for now.
  • Podolski – Finally I finish with another DGW contender. The Pod is an interesting prospect, however he has returned consecutive points only twice in his Arsenal career. Is it likely that he will score against West ham or Chelsea? Probably, however he gets subbed around the 60 minute mark usually and could be a candidate to get rested for a guy like Giroud. Very risky selection, one which I would make with a lot of care.

That’s it from me today, captains up Friday evening! Good luck all in preparation for the DGW 23, hope all your trades come off! Cheers.



25 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW23

  1. Skoop

    Good players summary. I was all set to go Lambert>Podolski but after Lamberts last 2 games, Im finding that hard to do! Damn u double gameweek!!

      • Skoop

        Yeah cant go past that form and price tag! Maybe Ba has to make way cos RVP aint going nowhere! Alot of people are dumping Mata, not that I would get rid of him but if I did Id only get 9.6 for him, meaning I must have got him at 8.8 I think…nice pick up! I already have Gibbs and Walcott, who would be ur next Arsenal pick for the double?

  2. Bayswater Toffee's Gaffer

    Pulled the trigger early and went Mata to Walcott and Ba to Suarez for a -4 and 0.5 left in the bank. Leaves Walcott, Santi, Joe Cole and Demel for double points. Next week will be dumping Santi for Bale or back to Mata… These double game weeks are tricky haha.

  3. Bayswater Toffee's Gaffer

    He’ll be back… Walcott is very close to signing a new contract so thinkin he might celebrate by scoring a couple of hatties… And Santi will help him!

  4. MattyZee

    Deciding whether or not to swap Ba back to Suarez is probably one of the toughest decisions some of us have had all season!
    I can’t decide.

      • Dan

        Reckon Suarez will rip up against Norwich…but…personally am holding off to see how Sturridge fits in…reckon he looked great in the 2nd half against United. Could be great value imo. Will be ironed on for starts once fully match fit I reckon, impossible to ignore.

        Im punting on Podolski for this DGW, on pens with Arteta out.

  5. Ty

    A bit stuck here, i currently have RVP, Suarez and Pogrebnyak, but considered switching to RVP, Ba, and Lukaku. Do you think the combo of Ba and Lukaku will do better than Suarez and Pog long term?

  6. Snoidz

    just done Ivanovic to Gibbs. team looks like this

    Gibbs, Davies, O’Brien, Demel, Harte
    Michu, Bale, Mata, Fellini, Guthrie
    Ba, RVP, Ruiz

    1.2 in the bank

  7. Louie K

    The weather has been terrible this week in England. There’s every chance that the odd fixture could be under threat, whether it’s this GW or in the next few. Could be disastrous!

  8. grinpowderdiah Post Author

    Great article as always Matty. I can’t say I understand a lot of the trend trades that seem to be going through at the moment (Cazorla, Bale being traded out being prime examples).

    Looks like we’re going to be having the same internal debate about whether to hold Ba or move him on for Suarez. At the moment I might hold.. becoming a little bit worried about Rodgers threatening a ‘tough’ stance over this whole simulation issue. But in essence, I can’t see him not playing Suarez this weekend, where he will absolutely tear Norwich up no doubt. Also a little concerned about Suarez’s point scoring in the weeks following this game, but in saying that he’s probably still good for a few points anyway.

    • grinpowderdiah Post Author

      Also good to see you noted about Lukaku, he has flown up to the pointy end of my watchlist. Really, really like the look of him at the moment. Consistency the only real concern for me here, but it’s enough to have me worried for now.

    • MattyZach

      I had the debate too, but then decided I would prefer someone that has 90 mins pretty much nailed each week over Ba, whom probably still has to compete with Torres for his full time gig.

      • Louie K

        It would be hard to bench Ba. Scored 3 times in 3 games in all competitions. Torres is low on confidence (and has been for some time) and I’m sure Rafa knows that. I expect Ba to start vs Arsenal and Torres to come in for the 2nd leg of the league cup vs Swansea.

        • mattcraigdt Post Author

          I reckon Ba will start in the league cup, that will be his priority surely? Semi-final? He will probably start against Arsenal as well, he is very fit and played most games for Newcastle… Torres doesn’t deserve starts for the sake of it.

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