Captains – Round 23

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So, DGW round 2. I’m hoping for more luck than last time, I had a mare! The number 1 captain pick did deliver as expected however, let’s hope for more of the same this week!

The Contenders:

Podolski – If you want to give your heart a good test then this may be an option. He has only returned attacking points in 3 of his last 9 games. Having said that, they were 10, 14 and 11! He could be a great shout to notch another double figure haul against West Ham and produce a similar return for the double. However the options presented in midfield have even greater potential, thus I’m passing on the Pod.

Lukaku – A home game against the train wreck called Villa looks too good to be true for the in form Belgium. After 3 goals in 2 games he will surely start and is odds on to score again. However once again the potential of Arsenal’s midfielders with the double gameweek seems too good to resist, just look at Hazard’s 19 and Mata’s 16 last week. Unlikely he will better this, hence I’m not keen on the idea of captaining him. Good option though if your after a POD.

Suarez – A home game against his beloved Norwich. He has scored hat-tricks the last 2 times these teams have met and before Sturridge was transferred in I was intent on bringing him in. Now however there is a big unknown, with Sturridge surely set to start where will he fit in? I’m sure he will be amongst the points still but it could damage his scoring potential nonetheless. I’m hesitant and that’s why he’s a no go for me this week.

Tevez – A home game against Fulham. Music to an fpl managers ears if you own forward assets of the opposition. Fulham have conceded an average of over 2 goals a game away from home and it does not look good for them against the Champions. Tevez may just come into his own again without Aguero and he is a great shout for captaincy if you own him. However he has burnt quite a few people already so be wary…

Bale – He is never far away from the points, it seemed he got 3 bonus points for walking out on the pitch last weekend. He scored a massive 16 points last time out against United’s leaky defence and could profit again. He likes to get himself up and lift his team for the big occasions, this game should be no different. A good differential if you want to butt the DGW trend.

Van Persie – I had to put him in here. Chances are he will be right amongst the points again this week, I can definitely see the potential for another double figure haul. However better options out there this week. Don’t worry, he will be back as captain number 1 next week for sure!

Wilshere – Plenty of talk surrounding Arsenal differentials if you want to go against the obvious targets. I tried this last week, I failed miserably. Hence I do NOT recommend you try it here, by all means get them in if you expect returns, but don’t captain them. Wilshere is a prime example. Certainly has potential for a goal/assist, but not captain material in my eyes.

TOP 3:

1. Walcott – Easy option for me this one. He has finally put to rest the contract negotiations by signing a new 3 and a half year deal. Now to focus on the football. He’s been Arsenal’s most consistent option by far in recent weeks with an incredible 7 returns in his last 9 games at an average of 8.7 ppg. Take into account he was only denied last week by an incredible goal line clearance by Lescott and the potential is clear. Give him two bites at the cherry and he will deliver. Surely a big return to come and a captain lock in my eyes. There is only one man with the potential to better him, and that comes with a great deal of risk.

2. Mata – A safe option here. While I could have placed him third he is almost assured of returns this weekend against a leaky Arsenal and I expect another solid outing. If you don’t own Walcott (unlikely) and are looking for a safe captain option, here is your man.

The Punt:

3. Cazorla – I was going to make Nolan the punt but then I thought, is there anyone else with the potential to outscore Cazorla or Walcott? Probably not. Walcott is the safest option this week, but Cazorla is a man we all know can produce big hauls and could provide a fantastic POD. He is both the third best option and a massive punt in my eyes. He has scored or assisted in only 3 of his last 9 games. Not great. However one of those games he scored 23. Boom. If he could produce something similar to that against West ham (who he scored against last time around) then you have struck a gold mine. He also gets himself up for the big games, he could return against Chelsea as well. Potential for a massive score this week but attached to a massive risk with a guy like Theo running around. Up to you, as I say, I only put the cards on the table. Personally I will be playing it safe this week after my recent horror but if you want to play it risky, this is your best path to glory in my opinion!

That’s it from me this week, good luck to all for the double. I hope your selections pay off! Cheers.



12 comments on “Captains – Round 23

  1. templetontherat

    Had Mata as captain for the double GW and that made the difference for me in the fantasy cup against my opponent. Going Walcott for the same reason this week.

  2. Tom

    Guys whats better combination szcesny and harte or bunn and any defender 5.7 and under? thinking cameron, already got zabaleta and gibbs

  3. Brown

    Hey guys, I need one more midfielder in my team at a value of 8.8 or less.
    My midfielder is like so, Walcott,Bale,Michu,Fellaini and ??
    Thoughts on Lampard?

  4. George

    I have brought in Gibbs and Zab this week for Luiz and Davies. I’m putting the captains armband on Walcott this week with Gibbs vice. Next gameweek i’ll sell gibbs for Evra and look at upgrading Ba to Suarez if Ba doesnt make an impact. Starting O’Brien over Shawcross and Lambert over Ruiz. What do you think? Thanks.

    • stevenfsexton

      yeah sounds about right put ruiz on the bench if you have got zabaleta anyways…make sense. lambert has been consistently good all season….evra is awesome

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