In Round Chat – GW23

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Double gameweek round 2, I hope all that fared poorly last week can bounce back! A horrific fixture set to look forward to tonight, but it all builds to another Super Sunday! Good luck to all, feel free to vent away or discuss any tactics over the course of the next 2 days!

27 comments on “In Round Chat – GW23

  1. Shaun Curnow

    Got a massive 14 from 4 so far. Bloody ever since I got Begovic in he’s scored 1 & 1.

    Anyone got any info on Zabaleta’s injury? I see on the site he’s down as 75% chance.

  2. Dan

    Sturridge, Fletcher and Remy all looking nice options as mid price forwards.

    Im thinking Fletcher short term for fixtures.

  3. mad romeys

    Seriously considering Remy and Sturridge for Podolski and Ruiz.

    Sturridge had a great game last night and I recon he was unlucky not to score a brace with a few shots being blocked by defenders that surely would have went in.

    Did anyone watch the QPR vs West Ham game? If so did Remy play well?

  4. crazyasianac

    is it worth the extra .5 mil to get in aguero for suarez? suarez is a great player, but with sturridge possibly taking some goals away from him, and the fixtures coming up, aguero may be a better option for .5 more?

  5. Louie K

    Ba to start on the bench. This rotation is a concern. Was always on he cards though. Is he worth carrying despite the odd benching? Or go for someone who’s a lock to start such as Defoe?

    • mad romeys

      But when you think about it, Ba, in the end will score more points then Defoe or someone near his price. This is because he is more consistent. And surely as he keeps getting goals, Benitez will keep Ba a certain starter.

      So I recon he is still the best option around his price so I think keep him.

    • Joe

      Hopefully he plays a decent amount of time off the bench or doesn’t play at all. The last thing we want is to come on in the 89th minute or something stupid like that. You’re right though, Rafatation is a concern, might be looking at other alternatives but maybe worth holding for next week as he should be due a start hopefully against Reading.

      • Louie K

        He won’t leave him on the bench that long. Maybe after 60-70 minutes he’ll be introduced. The sooner the better.

  6. Dan

    not a great night so far with team selections, no Luiz or Podolski.

    Could get a hell of a lot worse if Spurs v United is called off

    • Joe

      If that does get called off, it would be one hell of a DGW with Man U and Spurs. Might be worth holding on to my wildcard for that one!

  7. Louie K

    Torres is an absolute waste of space. No touch and no imact in the first half whatsoever.

    Not looking good for the Spurs v Utd game. Pitch inspection in half an hour to decide if it goes ahead.

  8. mattcraigdt Post Author

    52 points pre-bonus, have a feeling it will be a very low scoring round so far… Fernando’s performance makes me even more certain of Ba, if he benches it is literally gifting Torres game time and costing Chelsea. He was abysmal. Almost as abysmal as Arsenal’s first half.

    On a sidenote, I just love having RVP, never let’s you down!

    • Louie K

      Ba had more of an impact in 10 minutes than Torres in 80. He looked out of place as funny as that sounds. It will hurt Chelsea one day.

  9. Ed

    Jaaskelainen was a bad idea, even with the DGW. If I trade him I end up with 5.3. Not many good options for next week at that price. Mignolet at home to Swansea seems like suicide…any suggestions??

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