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transfer-talk-premier-league-imageAnother gameweek almost down, with only Arsenal and West Ham completing their DGW to come. A reasonable week for most, but no real big scores coming through. Let’s take a look at the big winners and losers from this week, some trade dilemmas facing us and what knee-jerks to avoid.


  • Davies – As a basement price route into Swansea’s solid defence the last thing I expected was a goal from the young left back! It was a bit surreal for me, the first slice of luck I’ve had in defence all season! Of course it didn’t last long, Owen had to pop up and deny me my first 15 point haul of the season, but I’ll still take it! With Neil Taylor still out for the foreseeable future he remains a great cheap option in defence if you need him. Don’t go getting him expecting more goals though.
  • Silva – He has been creating the chances to produce such returns but has failed at the final hurdle each time. Finally he got on the board with a couple of goals this week, they were due to say the least. He does look a great option but he’s been very inconsistent and while if he can turn around his finishing he will be a major contender, for now I see better options out there… Very on and off. Not what you want at 9.4.
  • Johnson – I’ve owned Glen for the better part of the year and will be keenly bringing him back into my side after GW25. A very solid option with a great potential for attacking and defensive returns. In the last 9 games he has returned a goal and 3 assists. In fact he has returned at least a clean sheet or attacking returns in 7 of those 9 games! Consider he did both twice and one of those games was away to United and you see the potential! At 6.4 he provides excellent value and a great defensive option for the rest of the season in my view.
  • Gerrard – He is the big question this week. Is it worth breaking up our set 5 man midfields for him? There’s no easy answers. For me it’s a combination of either Ba and Gerrard or Suarez and Fellaini. Fellaini is the big one for me. He hasn’t been as dominant as he was earlier in the season but he continues to return points. He certainly looked good this week. Going off track here, the point is Gerrard isn’t the issue for me anymore. He has proved to me that with Lucas back in the team he is a free man, scoring/assisting in his last 8 games!!! However will he outscore the other premo mids? That’s the only question to answer in my mind and I believe he can.
  • Van Persie – The King. That is all, don’t select him at your own peril. Expect the returns to continue and they will get even more painful if you don’t have him as DGW captaincy options dwindle. Those goals will seem doubly as important! Consider he has scored 2 or more goals only once in his last 20 outings he may be about to go big. Southampton next week, who he scored a hat-trick on earlier this season. I’m frothing at the mouth so I’ll stop, absolute gun!
  • Suarez – He is proving to me that he can still return decent point hauls even with Sturridge in the team. It is only boosting Liverpool’s attack prowess and this must be a good thing, right? I believe so, however there are some opportunities that he would have taken now being handed to Sturridge. They both look like good options but neither look like standing out from the rest. This has me worried, will we see Suarez single handedly dominate games and return big hauls again? Once again I’ll back him, but only time will tell…
  • Remy – A goal on debut makes the 6.0 striker a handy addition to the forward stocks this year. Will he beat other forward budget options like Ruiz, Berbatov, Fletcher, Lambert and co? I’m not convinced yet, hold back for this week at least. Good signs though.
  • Sturridge – Another goal on Saturday, that makes it 4 in 4 for him. At 7.3 he is certainly worth considering, but neither him or Remy have had enough time to totally convince me either way, positive or negative. You just can’t tell yet! Massive potential though, watchlist for sure!


  • Shawcross – Stoke’s all mighty defence seems to have fallen. 13 conceded in 4 games. Ugly. Is it worth having a guy like Shawcross at 6.0 then? Definitely not in my opinion. For sure hold a cheapie and don’t go trading Bego, but Shawcross doesn’t look like great value for money right now… Invest in either Johnson, Zabaleta, Luiz, Nastasic or Evans in my opinion.
  • Nolan – He still has the Arsenal trip to come but the big disappointment came to those who brought him in expecting a goal at home to QPR. He had his chances and should have buried at least one, it probably buries him as a fantasy option for most. His form certainly doesn’t warrant further selection.
  • Snodgrass – After a hot streak with his set-pieces Snodgrass is coming back to earth. With a thud. Not a great option in my mind, doesn’t do enough from open play, too much relying on good set-piece opportunities…
  • Ba – Why he started on the bench is beyond me, Torres looked like a deer in the headlights. Probably even worse, if that’s possible. Like Seags on a bender? Anyway, I’m giving him the next 3 games up until their Wigan home clash to prove himself. I believe this gives me a good enough look to see if he will score frequently if started, and if he will start each game as he should. Maybe not wise to trigger him out this week…
  • Defoe – Missed another few good opportunities against United, his form has gone off track and the returns aren’t as plentiful as many would hope. 1 goal in his last 8 starts! Time to get rid of him you say, however Adebayor is still away at the ACON. A promising fixture schedule makes me think he should be held if still owned…
  • Berbatov – Patience must be wearing thin in the Berbatov camp… 3 home games in the next 4 should spell goals and I’m hoping Berba will be amongst them. His form is not as consistent as he would like though, risky option. High risk/High reward I guess… Hold is my call at this stage.
  • PodolskiMassive loser this week for those who brought him in for the double. Sick? Pfft. Way too inconsistent, good on his day but they are few and far inbetween. Sell sell sell! Of course that would happen… Still don’t rate him long term!


Just before I list some of the players being knee-jerked so far this week, I want to mention all newly transferred in players, mainly Sturridge and Remy. They haven’t had enough time to totally settle yet, figure out their teams styles of play etc. So how can we make a clear decision on bringing them into our squads? Sturridge may be closer to settling but we still can’t make a clear call on him, doubts remain. They are massive risks at this stage, will they outscore other proven options around that mid-price forward tag? N/A!

  • Shawcross – Yes I just made the call to get rid of him, but a home game against Wigan must surely give Stoke the chance to earn their first clean sheet in 5 games. Wise to trade him out this week? Probably not, especially for a -4 hit. Hopefully he can earn some bonus points on top of a clean sheet, they are well overdue.
  • Luiz – Those (like me) who decided to hold Luiz after the DGW were well and truly shocked as he missed last weekends game against Arsenal. Wise to jerk him out? Not in my view. Similar to Ba I’m giving him until the Wigan clash before I move him onto Johnson. However if he doesn’t look like recovering from an ankle knock before the trip to Reading, things will change. In that case I will look towards Rafael as a stepping stone to Johnson…
  • Bale – He is providing a few tough calls this week. It would have been nice of him to go out and destroy United, putting any twitches of selling him to bed. Instead he has now scored in just 1 of his last 6 games. This is similar to Cazorla’s returns, his one game being a hat-trick against Villa. Worth keeping him over a consistent player like Gerrard? I’m second guessing him, his fixtures are keeping him in my side however. You can never hold a good man down for long, I hope that is the case here…
  • Walcott – I guess people are trading him out after the DGW, this is the only possible explanation. It’s a bad one. Don’t. Moving on.
  • Fellaini – Couple of points here. Firstly people were trading him out before he had payed on Monday, not a wise move. What if he murdered Southampton? He very nearly did. Secondly he has been showing enough to keep him in my midfield plans for sure, a few people are losing faith. If he doesn’t go this transfer period then he will certainly be locked in my team for the rest of the season, he is too vital for Everton’s side to be pushed deeper in midfield…
  • Ba – The most traded out player this week so far. He is closing in on a price drop so we must make up our minds soon. As I say I will be keeping him until the Wigan clash no matter what, I don’t want to miss out on him. The potential is too great. I’m hoping Torres will leave in January, it would make this decision a lot easier. However I don’t see that happening and this issue will not go away. Is he a long term option? Maybe not, but I’ll give him a little longer to prove his 8.9 worth…
  • Berbatov – Traded out by 20000 managers already! Wise? No. I’m guessing a lot are to Remy, not a great move yet in my view. Remy is yet to prove himself and if it’s to Fletcher, then I also disagree. He is a one hit wonder. Not consistent enough in any shape or form. Home clashes against West ham and Man United should hold goals, as will a trip to Norwich. Give him those 3 weeks to prove himself…

That’s it from me today. Seags has returned with a What Have We Learnt to be posted later, and there will also be a “Technical View” coming later on. More new articles coming this week so keep an eye out! Cheers.



20 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW24

  1. stiffysexton

    I’ve gone Ivanovic> Johnson. I know Liverpool have a tough next 3 games, but I didn’t realise that until after I had gone through with the trade. Ahh well, locked in now…will see how it pans out…..

  2. Joe

    I went Luiz-Davies mainly because I want my back line to get back to all cheapies. I will offload Gibbs next week, not sure who to yet then I will have enough cash to upgrade Cole unless he continues in this form. The tough choice for the upgrade will be between Bale and Gerrard.

      • Bayswater Toffee's Gaffer

        Probably gonna depend on tonight… Mids; Santi, Michu, Fella, Walcott, Joe Cole!!! Fwds; RVP, Rat, Ruiz. If Santi performs he gets a reprieve for a week if not Bale in. Or I put my money where my mouth is and dump Rat for P Cisse. ;D

      • Bayswater Toffee's Gaffer

        Its a nice problem to have though isn’t it! There’s a part of me that isn’t convinced with Lampard until he signs a new contract, why play a player every week that you don’t want? I got a feeling he will though won’t he?

  3. Robin

    Hey all,

    Which looks better after WC?

    1. Evra, Ba & Dzeko
    2. Gibbs, RVP & Pogrebnyak

    Rest of team is as follows:

    Begovic (Jaask)
    Johnson, Zabaleta, _____, Azpil (Pearce)
    Mata, Walcott, Fellaini, Michu (Puncheon)
    Suarez, ______, (______)


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