What We Learnt- GW 23

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After a hectic Christmas period and my gallivanting through Europe with a backpack it’s finally time for another edition of what we learnt!

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  • Liverpool are to Norwich what Michael Jackson is to little boys- they just annihilate them.
  • Hughton will never ever start without Hoolahan and Pilkington again.
  • Fulham are about as useful as an inflatable dartboard away from home.
  • Man City have now won every game since Yaya Toure left.
  • If Pardew gets sacked he will only receive 1 year’s compensation. Watch out Alan.
  • Papiss Cisse couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.
  • Le Fondre must be mates with Russell Brand- in 7 minutes he scored twice.
  • Stoke have now conceded 13 in 4 games. Leaky!
  • Michael Owen has been ruled out for 6 weeks with concussion following his headed goal v Swansea.
  • Julio Cesar starred in goals for QPR- highlighting again how bad of a signing Rob Green was.
  • Benteke’s thirst for goals makes him sweat more than a blind lesbian in a fish shop.
  • Essentially, Liverpool have gained 38 million pounds and Sturridge for Fernando Torres.
  • I felt sick about that previous stat before I realised they spent most of that 38 million on Andy Carroll. Justice is restored.
  • Arsene Wenger claimed his side should have had a penalty, before later admitting he didn’t see the incident. Again.
  • Forget the term “whinging Pom”, Sir Alex Ferguson gives Scottish people that tag.
  • Puncheon should have laid off the vindaloo the night before a game.

That’s all I learnt this week, let me know what I missed in the comments!



27 comments on “What We Learnt- GW 23

  1. Sam Connop

    Any feedback would be appreciated, still have wildcard…should i use it this week? 0.3 in the bank. Overall rank 69,630

    Howard (Federici)

    Clyne, Mcauley, Rafael (Hangeland, Shawcross)

    Cazorla, Michu, Mata, Noble (Puncheon)

    Suarez, Tevez, Berbatov

    • Liam Post Author

      Defensive overhaul:

      Ditch Mcauley, Hangeland (what price did you pay for Shawcross?)

      Go one up one down method ie. get a premium def (5.5-7) & a really cheap one (4.0-4.5) or a really cheap one (4.0-4.5) and a moderate one (4.5-5.5)

      Get rid of cazorla for gerrard / silva / walcott

      Look at getting rid of noble for a more stable option if you have the cash

      Front 3 well its tough:

      I like the idea of Suarez to Sturridge & tevez to aguero, berbs out for a mid range in form (lambert or fletcher)

      But you could keep suarez & tevez, berbs is in terrible form and ideally with a wildcard you could move him on (few home games coming up though).


      The weakest part of your squad is your 4th midfielder (well noble you could almost call 5th)

      The next weakness is having too many mid range (underperforming defenders)

      Wildcard well if you are going to use it this week you would want to decide soon as to avoid price rises & falls. If you have kept it this long you might as well keep it until the transfer window closes (a game changer).

      Well done 69,630 is pretty darn good keep it up.

  2. Bryan

    RMT for GW24?

    Gibbs Debuchy Demel
    Mata Silva Fellaini Walcott
    RVP (c) Suarez Ruiz

    Subs: Bunn, Michu, Pearce, Shaw

    Zero leftover.

    Tough decision to make Michu vs. Ruiz, but I think I’m going with Ruiz since he’s at home vs. WHU, whereas Michu is away to Sunderland.

    Hoping Silva is worth it… A Bale hat-trick would kill me.

    • Liam Post Author

      of course your going for ruiz, bryan 😉

      oooohh Silva in for Bale thats a big call

      Defense has very little chance of getting regular clean sheets for the price you are paying. (refering to Gibbs & Debuchy)

      I can see why you have gibbs though the dgw & debuchy looks good unfortunately not a great fantasy option as good a right back as he is (newcastle are in real trouble).

  3. sooraj rawat

    What are two changes should i make?
    My team
    van persie,ba,di santo.

      • Sooraj rawat

        I am having trouble with my team especially with defence. Shawcross having bad games, nastasic not sure, figuerroa out of form, clark having bad gmes, bassong has a tough game, in midfield michu(swansea) game postponed, in attack di santo not sure he will gain point. So i want only 2 transfer and having difficulty

  4. Dan

    Also learnt that being a ball boy these days can be hazardous 😉

    Best comment I’ve heard today has been “shame it wasn’t Torres, he woulda missed”

  5. Robin

    Hey all,

    Which looks better after WC?

    1. Evra, Ba & Dzeko
    2. Gibbs, RVP & Pogrebnyak

    Rest of team is as follows:

    Begovic (Jaask)
    Johnson, Zabaleta, _____, Azpil (Pearce)
    Mata, Walcott, Fellaini, Michu (Puncheon)
    Suarez, ______, (______)


  6. templetontherat

    First praise from me than questions. Thanks largely to your brilliant advice I am not only still alive in the fantasy cup I’ve moved up over 700,000 places in the last 8 gameweeks. So thank you, I am not probably as highly ranked as most that post on here, but I am doing better at this than I ever have.
    Now to questions. If we are going to use the wildcard does it have to be for Tuesday’s games or can it be for the following weekend’s games. Secondly should I use one. This is my lineup
    Begovic (Al-Habsi)
    Lowton Clyne Baines (Hangeland, Bassong)
    Walters, Gardner, Michu, Mata, Walcott
    Benteke, Van Persie (Pogrebynak)

    • Liam Post Author

      Until Gameweek 24 ends (2 Feb 11:30 GMT) the winter wildcard can be used. Therefore it can be used after Gameweek 23 closes (I recommend to start trading as soon as GW23 lockout hits).

      Trust me on this I still have mine and have read the rules carefully

      Plans for your team:

      Get rid of Al-Habsi unless fixtures match look for a more clean sheet prone keeper or someone with more value.

      The flip side of this is Wigan usually finish strongly. The other options are Bunn (cheap), Boruc & Cesar (plenty of save points) so you unless you want the cash keeping him is an option.

      Lowton, Hangeland & Bassong have to go look for some more value

      I suggest: Davies, Distin, Dawson, a fit Wilson, Onuoha, Wisdom, Nastasic, a fit Evans

      Walters is a dead weight at that price & gardner is not much better (the occasional penalty)

      I would recommend an up and down couple of trades (walters & gardner):

      Get a cheap 5th mid (Puncheon, Maloney, Kacaniklic, N’Diaye, Espinoza)

      Upgrade the 4th as best as you can (ideally a Bale or Gerrard I doubt you will have the cash though)

      Upgrade options: Fellaini, Adam Johnson, Lampard, Gerrard, Bale

      Pog is an issue but refer to somato’s respones for options there. Might be best to keep him

  7. somato

    RMT please!

    Bego ( Federici)
    Davies Luiz Zab (Gibbs O’brien)
    Mata Bale Punch Walcott Felaini
    RVP Saurez (Pog)

    leave 1.1 in bank and WC activated.

    • Liam Post Author

      Get rid of o’brien & gibbs (if you have the wildcard)

      For O’Brien I recommend: Clyne, Wisdom, Onuoha, Dawson, a fit Wilson, Turner or R.Martin

      For Gibbs I recommend: Sagna, Distin, a fit Evans

      Use the extra cash boost from that to replace Pog for Le Fondre (I know similar…), Remy, Benteke, Di Santo, Henriquez

  8. The Plagiarist

    That looks like an absolute cracker to me Somato (although I would personally start Gibbs). Be surprised if anyone can pick holes in it. Amazed it fits within the cap with money to spare!

    As I have just activated my WC and am less than thrilled with the result, I might just do the old ‘cut and paste’ on your team. Cheers.

    • Dan

      I like it too..though Im not a fan of Gibbs (or more the Ars def) personally…in fact Im doing Gibbs>Zabaleta this wk for a hit (depending on team news)

  9. isalter77

    RMT for Gameweek 24 not sure who to play this week.

    Begovic (Federici)
    Davies, Gibbs, Azpilicueta, Zabaleta (Demel)
    Bale, Mata, Walcott, Michu (Puncheon)
    Suarez, Van Persie (Ruiz)

    Thoughts would be appreciated

  10. Mark


    Jaask 4.9 (Federici 4.3)
    Ivanovic 7.1, Shawcross 5.5, O’Brien 4.3 (Demel 4.0, Wilkinson 4.3)
    Walcott 9.1, Michu 7.5, Mata 9.7, Fellaini 7.5, Routledge 5.4
    RVP 13.8, Suarez 10.4, (Ruiz 5.4)

    I’ve included sale prices because I reckon for example Shawcross is worth keeping at this stage – if i could sell him 6.0 I probably would.

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