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The watchlist is back! It’s been a while after some hectic DGW’s and the festive period but it’s here to stay now! Let’s take a look at some of the best options going around in each line…


Interestingly there is a possible change of the guard here. For now Begovic holds his top ranking due to a couple of very easy home games to come, must wins if they are to have the solid season they hope for. Stoke looked pretty solid against Man City in the FA cup and Pulis will be keen to resurrect their defensive form from earlier on in the season. Mignolet closes in on him in second, if you don’t own Begovic and haven’t gained his value then he represents fantastic value at just 5.3. He is the second highest scoring keeper this season and is closing in on Bego week after week. If you are after a more expensive option then Cech is the next best placed, but priced at 6.4. If United can solidify at the back then their fixtures will hold De Gea in good stead. Usually as the season nears it’s close the bigger teams will step up defensively, something to think about…


Evra tops the list quite comfortably in defense. He has scored 2 goals and 3 assists in the last month with 2 clean sheets to boot! A run of 45 points in 5 games show what he’s capable of and with a home game against Southampton to come he could provide a fantastic POD, owned by just 14% of teams (compared to 29% by Shawcross). Baines jumps to second with a very easy couple of games ahead and some form behind him. Everton have seemingly tightened up recently with 2 consecutive clean sheets. Baines still provides a great attacking threat having created the most chances of anyone in the epl this season. West Brom and Villa to come at home spells points to me. Zabaleta has to be considered after another goal in the FA cup against Stoke. City have kept 3 consecutive clean sheets now and will look to continue that trend against QPR this weekend. Investment in their defence is looking more and more appealing, however the rotation threat remains ever present. Dawson represents some value for Tottenham, captaining the team at just 4.5. However with Gallas back from injury AVB’s rotation in defence could bite again, hence he slides in my reckoning. Glen Johnson has been in some fantastic form recently, Liverpool have kept clean sheets in every home game since the Villa thumping and he continues to gain attacking returns. One to watch after Liverpool’s tough next few fixtures, for now he slides down the rankings with games against Arsenal and City to come.


Walcott tops the list here with some stunning form, he has scored in 6 of his last 7 fixtures (one was cleared off the line against City) and has returned an average of almost 10 ppg in this period. In fact since the start of November he has scored 97 points in just 11 games! He is a must have in my opinion, playing OOP most of the time as a striker seems too good to be true. Still underpriced at 9.4 in my opinion, he’s an unbelievable player. Decent fixtures cement his place at the top, although he is becoming fixture proof. Mata comes close in second, they both have shown incredible consistency this season. Go back through their last 11 starts each and they have both either scored or assisted in 9 of them! Amazing. Now it gets difficult. I have put Bale in third simply because of his unbelievable potential, a fantastic run of fixtures also helps his cause. However he’s not showing the same consistency, with just one return in his last 6 outings. This is very similar to Cazorla’s returns, a player which I amongst others don’t seem to trust. When will Bale fit in this category? If he doesn’t score in the next few weeks, we will certainly have to question his worth. Michu and Fellaini fit in 4th and 5th respectively as mid price options, however really they are playing as premiums. They will free up the value necessary to get guys like RVP in your squad, we are incredibly lucky to have them this year… Gerrard rounds out the midfielders. He would sit where Bale does, however his next couple of fixtures do not make for great reading. However his consistency is almost unmatched, scoring or assisting in his last 8! How long can we ignore him, priced at just 9.5 but playing like he did in his glory days. For me, not too long…


RVP holds number one and will do for the rest of the season barring injury. For me, no matter how much value he represents, his consistency is unheard of. In his 21 starts this season he has scored or assisted on 19 of them, including all of the past 10. 18 goals and 9 assists to his name he leads the next best scorer in any line by 28 points. Not only this but you can almost double all of his points as he is a perma captain, he just makes life so much easier in fpl. Enough said. Suarez is a clear second however, he is locked in Liverpool’s starting XI and is immune to rotation. Whilst he doesn’t maintain the same consistency, he has a similar potential. His one issue is that he isn’t fixture proof, averaging an alarming 4.3 ppg against the teams above Liverpool. Compare this to an average of 7.2 ppg against teams below Liverpool and there’s your problem! This is the biggest difference between him and RVP. With Arsenal and Man City to come in his next 2, perhaps we should wait a couple of weeks to bring him in. Either way, a great player and the second best forward going around currently. Now it gets tighter. Ba holds third place for me with a few easy games to come. Reading, Newcastle and Wigan are all in terrible form and Chelsea should take advantage of this. I can see him starting all of these games with Torres horribly out of form and rewarding those managers brave enough to hold him (me included). As for the budget options Fletcher comes in ahead of Lambert for mine with some great fixtures ahead, however Southampton have proven already that they can trouble the big boys. Next Wednesday will be their biggest test of all. Defoe must remain in contention with some fantastic fixtures ahead.

That’s it from me today, hope you enjoyed it! We should have another technical area to bring to you this weekend and Seags brings us another conundrum, before turning our focus on GW 24 with the captains! Cheers.



17 comments on “The Watchist

  1. mad romeys

    I wish RVP would be free of injuries in my career mode on FIFA, he has gotten six 2 month injuries in the three seasons on my FIFA.

    But nice read, cheers!!

  2. Joe

    Damn you guys make it hard to stick to my plan of one trade a week, every time I have taken a hit on points it has not paid off. I have a four week plan but articles like this make it very hard to stick to it. Thankfully one of the plans is to get Gerrard in and there is no hurry to do that. I think the decision will come down to Cole>Gerrard or Demel>Evra, I’m leaning towards the first one at the moment, any thoughts?

      • Joe

        You’re not changing my mind so much as tempting me to break my one transfer a week rule with very good reasons to pick all the players you mentioned. I wish I could pick them all but I’m going to stick with my downgrading defenders to upgrade Cole to Gerrard in a couple of weeks. Thanks to you guys though for the site, I doubt I would have stayed interested in FPL so long without it.

  3. ronnieburgundy

    No mention for Silva in the midfielders? Was considering the following moves for the next few weeks:

    Out: Michu & Dzeko
    In: Silva & Ba


    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Personally don’t like him as there is just so many fantastic options! Who are you putting him ahead of? Not consistent enough for me. I wouldn’t trade Michu myself but Ba for Dzeko is a good transfer.

      • cgallagher

        I’d personally have him ahead of Gerrard in the short-term given both teams upcoming fixtures. Fellaini isnt really returning what I would have thought either at the moment (although his bonus points do come in handy). I’d guess that we might see him drop back into central midfield if Anichebe keeps showing the form he did last week

        • Shaun Curnow

          I got Silva this week. With Gerrards next 2 weeks and GW27 where capital 1 final is being played (so most likely no game for Liverpool that week unless rescheduled same GW) than think u just have stay clear of any Pool players… You just cant trust them, look at last nights FA Cup as to why!!

          If Gerrard fires over next couple and Silva doesnt, than just straight swap to him. But i really like Silva at that price as we all know what he’s capable of!

          I put him in same bracket as Bale. Not overly consistent but when he turns it on he makes up for it.

          • grinpowderdiah Post Author

            I really think Silva is benefitting from Yaya Toure not being around.. also Nasri whilst i’m at it. It’s really upto him to push forward and become a goal scoring option whilst they aren’t in the side. In the long term though, based on this seasons form I just cannot trust him. I held him for far too many game weeks and watched their games only to end up disappointed at his finishing more than anything (so many chances wasted!).

            Although he did score well last gameweek and the fact he scored well last season, I just cannot see that sort of form continuing unlike Gerrard’s form has for around three months now. The only catch with Gerrard is I won’t consider him until GW28, mainly because they’re upcoming blank in GW27. Otherwise, i’d be backing him to bring home points even against Arsenal/City (probably a lone goal scorer for example).

          • mattcraigdt Post Author

            good points on Silva, long term I still don’t rate him. Yet! as i keep saying hold off on GW27, a date for their game is yet to be confirmed and it may happen in the same gameweek! (On a wednesday)

  4. liam

    how do you find this team, 0 in the bank:
    Vertonghen, Gibbs, Cameron, Demel, Davies
    Mata, Bale, Fellaini, Michu, Guthrie
    RVP, Suarez, Ruiz

    any thoughts for changes?

    • grinpowderdiah Post Author

      Gibbs and Demel are weak points in your defense – given that Gibbs is a little bit pricier it might be worthy of looking around here (I can’t see too many clean sheets for the gunners at the moment).

      Money saved here could perhaps be invested in your midfield to upgrade Guthrie. It’d be nice to have someone who could rotate with Ruiz between Fulham’s home and away fixtures. There’s probably not a huge amount of options here but that could all change in the last few days of this transfer window…

    • grinpowderdiah Post Author

      I should say though, other than that it’s a very solid side! Not too dissimilar to my own in fact!

  5. grinpowderdiah Post Author

    This is probably one of my favourite articles – glad to see it has returned Matty! I hadn’t done that analysis on Suarez, but that is exactly the perception I had in my head – his scoring capabilities is significantly diminished in the harder fixtures.

    Agree with the rankings, Dawson is an interesting one as I really assumed he was just playing as a result of trying to increase his transfer value. Seems that isn’t the case and his body miraculously hasn’t fallen apart yet, he could definitely be worth a punt over the next few weeks at the cheaper end of our defensive lines.

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