Captains – Round 24

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Finally we are back to normal service! No DGW captains so we return to the perma captain RVP. Don’t have him? Then this article is for you! Quite a few different options to look at, let’s cover the best ones…

The Contenders:

Rooney – Rooney is expected to make his return to the epl this weekend, and what a game to do it. You would think Southampton at home should pose United no threat, however they really pushed them earlier this season and have recently drawn away to Chelsea. However they’ve conceded the most away goals of any team, putting Man U in a strong position to strengthen their goal difference. I’m expecting a double figure return from Rooney, if you have him he could be a great alternative to RVP.

Cazorla – We all know what he’s capable of, remember back to his last outing against Liverpool in September? He dominated the game and scored 14, however he is seemingly lacking confidence. Lacking something anyway, he goes missing quite often in games. Not for me this week and probably shouldn’t be in your team anyway.

Silva – I’m not his biggest fan, but there are certainly plenty of them out there. An away trip to QPR should pose no problems to City and an in form Silva could spark them to victory. Not a captaincy option for mine this week but a good POD in midfield.

Fellaini – I almost had him down as the punt this week, a home game against a struggling West Brom should be the perfect chance for Everton to capitalise. I expect Fellaini to re-find the net and in doing so could post a huge score. Big risk but one that could pay off.

Suarez – If anyone was considering captaining him this week, I would steer well clear. He has averaged only 4.3 ppg against teams above Liverpool and failed against Arsenal last time around. Better selections out there this week, however from GW26 onwards Suarez looks a real good option…

Berbatov – If you have balls of steel then here’s your man. In fact even they might not be enough. A home game against West Ham is a must win game for Fulham, and I reckon they could go big. We’ve seen last season that they are capable of banging in 5 at home and if they are to do so here Berbatov will go mad. Keep an eye out for Ruiz too. Very risky though!

Ba – Torres saved himself with a last minute goal at Brentford, yes Brentford and I’m worried that Benitez might use that as an excuse to fit him in, he must be back in top form! Anyway before that moment I was sure Ba would be starting from now on as Fernando was nowhere, Demba picked up the assist for El Nino’s goal anyway. An away trip to Reading could pose a problem to the out of form blues, however Ba might be the man to carry them through. He will certainly start on Wednesday and I reckon there will be goals in this one… Ba a good risk.

Top 3:

1. Van Persie – Easy choice. Home against the lowly Southampton who have conceded the most goals on the road in the epl this season. RVP has scored in each of his last 10 games, and scored a hat-trick against them last time out. Need more motivation? He was rested for the FA cup so he’s fresh off a 10 day break. Vanners has scored over 1 goal in a game just twice this season and once in his last 20 appearances, he will be keen to change this. Even without going big on the goals front yet his 9 assists have helped him to 5 double figure captain hauls anyway (more than anyone else)! He is 30 after all, this may be his best season and he will be hungry for more goals. Games like this provide him the perfect opportunity. He has been unlucky numerous times to hit the crossbar/post (more than any player) so eventually it will click, and on that day you would hope to own him. Man United will also be keen to lift their goal difference above City’s who are just one worse off (+27 and +26). You catch my drift, and if you don’t, well, get some help.

2. Mata – A comfortable second. He is integral to Chelsea’s success, we saw that yet again against Brentford. It is undeniable. He will certainly start and he will almost certainly score points, He’s only failed to deliver twice in his last 16 starts! Consistency personified, and if you want a captaincy safety net without Vanners, this is your guy.

3. Walcott – A bit more of a risk this week with Giroud seemingly back in form, but that may be a Fernandoesque flash in the pan. He will probably start out on a wing but even so he is hard to deny. He did the same against both Chelsea and West Ham but still delivered and I expect him to do so against Liverpool. Should be goals in this game and that pretty much always spells points for Theo.

The Punt:

Bale – Yes he is considered a premium mid, but his form has been so inconsistent it would be a huge punt to captain him. Especially with 3 other great options to choose from. However those that captained him away to Villa will remember what he is capable of on his day, and it is surely just around the corner. Who can pick it? An away trip to a struggling Norwich could be it. Bale has scored in 5 out of 10 away days (he’s scored in just 2 home games), but none in the past 2. His longest barren spell this year was 3 games, he has now gone 3 games without a goal. Are the stars aligning? As an owner I truly hope so, definitely worth a punt if you have the balls!

So that’s it from me this week, who will you be captaining? Answer in the poll above, also share any thoughts you may have that I didn’t touch on in the article down below! Any guys you reckon I missed? Let me know in the comments! Seags will be back tomorrow with a big preview in the lead up to GW24! Good luck to all. Cheers.



6 comments on “Captains – Round 24

  1. mad romeys

    Leaning towards RVP, but I have this feeling that Southampton will be able to keep him quiet.
    Although last time I had this feeling I captained Suarez who scored a 1 and RVP got an attacking return of some sort, so RVP it is!!

  2. Ed

    I have Suarez right now. Should I trade him out soon? City next week seems dodgy. Plus Liverpool dont play at all in a few weeks.

  3. Tim

    I have all the top 3 options and the punt in my team at the moment.

    Too hard to look past RVP though.

    Ed I wouldn’t trade Suarez out now as it looks as though Liverpool might have a double gameweek the week before they don’t play.

    Not confirmed yet but it could see them play WBA and Swansea at home in GW 26. Something you don’t want to miss out.


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