In Game Chat – GW24

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After a mediocre first round of games, let’s hope tonight’s fixtures give us something to smile about…Chat away about all the ins, out, injuries and people who quite frankly are useless!

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  1. lepdawg

    Was going to finally ditch Shawcross this week, glad i kept him. Like you though, also thinking it’s time to replace Stoke defenders/keeper

  2. Bobby

    I swapped out Huth and Begovic for Hart and Zabaleta. Used up all my spare cash but was worth it! Just wish I picked Cisse over Tevez too. Was so close to doing it!

      • Dan

        Bit of a tricky one though as they both don’t play the following GW (27) so loading up isn’t really an option.

        Im looking at 2 from each (have Michu and Davies, getting Enrique and Sturridge after GW 25)…means one FT after wk 26 to have a full 11 for week 27.

        Another option would be to get a Pool/Swans keeper as it would make the task of fielding an 11 the following wk easier…though watch Vorm as possible transfer to Barca rumoured (making Tremmel very attractive)

        Liverpool have also just signed Coutinho from Inter.

  3. Dan

    and just to add to the confusion, Liverpool also have a game against Zenit just 3 days before the Swans game….whih could mean anything for rotations

    • Joe

      Yeah thinking that myself, I still have my WC so trying to decide whether to build up on Liverpool/Swansea players then WC after the round. Not convinced about either team at the moment though. I’ll have Michu, Davies and Gerrard, possibly also looking at Wisdom if he keeps getting a game, they might rotate him on for the Premier League games. Tremmel is definitely one to watch too. I’m not convinced burning 4 points will be worthwhile but I may change my mind.

  4. mad romeys

    Hendersen has been performingwell forLiverpool in the last few weeks, will he becomea fantasy option?

    I amfeeling pretty happy with myscore of 45 seeing as the gane average was a meer 10!!

  5. Shaun Curnow

    Scored 65 this week and now ranked 5,483. Not bad effort considering its now been 24 weeks with no RVP 😛

    Need to move Ba on this week, was looking at Giroud but have already missed one price rise 🙁 Think my plan over next couple weeks is to get RVP into my side, or you know get Rooney in there as reckon he’s set to fire up in run home.

    Thinking this:

    Silva to A.Johnson (Sunderland have great fixtures) and Ba to Rooney. Can do it with -4 point hit or do it over couple weeks for nothing!

  6. Joe

    Damn I shouldn’t do trades when I’m working night shifts, I brought in Nelsen last night for Gibbs not realising he leaves for Toronto tomorrow. I should read up more before I trade! It’s a pity you don’t get a free trade when a player leaves the Premier League…

      • Joe

        Bad news is I have already used the January WC, the good news is I still have the first WC, I’ll hang on to him until after the Liverpool DGW and WC then and hope his price doesn’t drop!

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