Captains – Round 25

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captainsA quick turnaround this week, I’m all for it! The more football the better. RVP shocked us all by failing at home to Southampton, although to be fair they were brilliant. Even so he really should have scored, but we must move on. Will you be changing your approach this week or sticking with Robin Reliant? If you don’t own him, you have a plethora of options once again this week. Time to take a look!

The Contenders:

Bale – He was very close to making the top 3 this week, however it is very hard to tell which week he will turn it on and which weeks he will fail. After a great goal last weekend it could go either way, he usually scores in bursts. However I wouldn’t be brave enough to make him my captain on a hunch, more of a hope really. Very risky option.

Aguero – I have put him in here due to the fact that someone is bound to ask me why he isn’t here. So no, I haven’t forgotten about him. His starting spot in never safe and he isn’t in great form, so I’ll pass again.

Giroud – Giroud is an interesting one. He seems to ride the highs and lows, but never really nail down a starting spot over a decent period of time. He will most likely start upfront again against Stoke and I like him for a goal. Captain option however? His team mate takes that crown. Very risky.

Ba – I said last week that Berbatov was for those with steel balls, Ba is for those with balls the size of fucking China! Chelsea could tear Newcastle a new one, and after being rested for 2 games running Demba will surely get a run against his old club. Will he be determined to sink them? Who knows. Had to throw him in here but not for the faint hearted, nor probably those with a functioning brain.

Rooney – For those few who took my Rooney tip last week, well done! Will he do it again this week? I reckon there’s a good chance. He enjoys playing the Cottagers and they are leaking goals like no one else right now. I expect a similar result to their FA cup thumping and Rooney could be in for yet another fruitful game. Decent POD.

Michu – It’s been a while since Michu has made the captains picks, ever since he cut his hair really. Should have known. West Ham just can’t keep a clean sheet and you would think he’s a great shout this week. However I’m not convinced, the Swans have averaged less that a goal a game on the road this year. While they are very solid at the back, it’s a struggle up front. I’d steer clear of captaining him this weekend.

Cazorla – The final contender is Cazorla. It is more of a warning for those after a risk. While I agree Arsenal could put a few past Stoke, you have to ask yourself whether Cazorla is the man to do it against such a brute outfit. Perhaps it will be Arsenal’s pace that undoes them, looking at you Theo. Not for me this week, you can never predict which will be his week at all really. Very risky captains choice…

Top 3:

1. Van Persie Ok, I won’t pump him up as much this week 😉 He couldn’t handle the pressure! Expect him to bounce back on Saturday though, Fulham are leaky and he will be hungry for more goals. How many times can he hit the post/crossbar, honestly… Don’t captain him at your own peril.

2. Walcott – He is a very good shout this week against Stoke. They have some weaknesses at the back right now, especially out wide. Cameron and Wilkinson usually struggle against pacey wingers, remind you of anyone? Whether he gets the striker role or not, he is in such a vein of form that it doesn’t matter. If I wasn’t to captain RVP, this would be my first port of call… 

3. Mata – Finally it’s Mr Consistent who gets a gig at number 3. He delivered again last week and aside from a minor ankle complaint, which he has personally shrugged off he should be good to go again this week. Very safe option for those without wanting a risk but not owning RVP. Probably won’t go ballistic, but will produce for you week in, week out.

The Punt:

Fellaini – This one has been hotly debated on twitter. On one hand, Fellaini could push back up forward with Gibson returning, bringing back his goal threat and murdering Villa. Or he could sit in his preferred position deep, allowing Anichebe, Jelavic and co. to do the goal scoring and helping Everton to a clean sheet. Not much use to us fantasy managers! Personally I reckon option 2 is more likely, hence I wouldn’t be keen on captaining him. However I own him and still hope for a goal, but I reckon the chance of him smashing it are unlikely. Although I guess that’s why he’s a punt, big upside if all goes well!

That’s it for the captains this week, make sure to add your vote above and ask any questions in the comments down below. The posts will keep flowing including Seags GW25 preview tomorrow so stay tuned! Cheers.



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  2. templetontherat

    I went with Walcott but given Aston Villa’s defensive frailties (especially at set pieces) I was very tempted to go Fellaini

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