In Round Chat – GW 25

demba ba newcastleI’m sure the talk of today will surround Demba Ba and his return to Newcastle! Should be very intriguing. This gameweek has brought out a lot of captaincy differentials also, will be interesting to see who succeeds. Feel free to vent away when all goes horribly wrong, or on the off chance it pays off, let everyone know! Early transfer issues for next week can be answered also. Good luck all!


35 comments on “In Round Chat – GW 25

  1. Bayswater Toffee's Gaffer says:

    Very hard to pick what’s going to happen in the early game… QPR’s recent good defensive form has been largely against good teams (i.e. defensive bus) but have had chances to score… Do they go all out against a fellow relegation candidate or play the style of game that has been getting results? Does Samba disrupt the defensive solidity?!?! Drunken thoughts?

  2. snoidz says:

    noo! wheres Remy?

  3. Dan says:

    Samba looking a great buy after Gw 27…just annoying they face Utd the week that Liverpool and Swans dont play…amazing run of fixtures after that though.

    at least that’s the 1st leg of the multi in the bag πŸ™‚

    • Liam says:

      Samba no the other parts of the back 4 yes. 5.0 is a rip off Clint hill 4.3 = 0.7 saving

      • Dan says:

        Yeah I guess that 0.7 is paying for attacking threat… with the way QPR are playing currently…lock down and then try and steal a winner in the last 10, send the big man forward!

  4. juramentardo says:

    Bunn 11points + 2BP? YES!!!

  5. mad romeys says:

    I knew Sissoko was going to be great when he joined Newcastle.

    2 good games on the trot has me thinking, exactly the same with Fellaini and Baines.

  6. mad romeys says:

    Gosh I have missed Nani and all of his fancy passes, hope he becomes fantasy relevant, cos he is a great player and has nearly had a few assists.

    • mad romeys says:

      Hahahaha the Cottagers can’t control their lighting, there is a shortage of it at their home ground right now.

  7. Louie K says:

    Consecutive blanks will have everyone thinking now. RVP to Rooney? Or hold?

    I’ve held onto Ba for way too long. He’s gone for Suarez this week.

    Also torn between keeping Bale or tradeing down to Fellaini? Avg. almost identical points.

    • Shaun Curnow says:

      I hope everyone holds onto him otherwise my massive POD is gone!!

    • Joe says:

      I’m going to hold RVP, I reckon he will explode again soon and make those who hit rid of him regret it. I was thinking about ditching Fellaini but won’t be now. I’ve already gone Ba for Sturridge and will probably go J.Cole to Gerrard for the DGW. I’m not touching Rooney though, I’ve brought him in twice this season and regretted it both times!

      • Shaun Curnow says:

        Just ditched Ba to Sturridge for DGW coming up. Was hoping to beat his price fall but didnt 😦 Sold him for 7.9, which isnt bad as ive had him all year.

        Only reason im looking at Rooney is I dont want to ruin my entire side to get RVP in and I reckon Rooney will all but match him for remainder of year.

        • Joe says:

          I agree that Rooney is a good option and a lot cheaper than RVP, the only problem for me is that I have got him in twice already this season and he got injured both times. I’m going to use my WC after the DGW, if he matches RVP against Everton I may have to take the risk again. I got rid of Ba last night to beat the price drop,, hopefully Sturridge doesn’t get injured tonight.

  8. Shaun Curnow says:

    49 with Bale, Zabaleta, Saurez & Silva to come. But more concerning is my trade worries. Need to get rid of Ba asap but to do that I need to take 4 point hit. So is it worth going A.Cole to Davies and Ba to Rooney with -4 hit this week?

    Or is Sissoko the new Michu? Could go Silva to him and that gives me 1.5 for spending elsewhere!

    • mattcraigdt says:

      Hard to tell with Sissoko, was named in CDM but played as a number 10. If he stays there I’ll be very tempted

      • Joe says:

        So many midfield options, I didn’t watch the Swansea game but is Michu being found out playing sides for the second time? Mata and Walcott are must haves, Fellaini has bought himself at least another month, that leaves Michu, Bale, Gerrard, Sissoko and Silva as the options for the last two spots.

        • Dan says:

          yep…Michu > Sissoko will be a very popular trade after the DGW…

          I haven’t got Fellaini so its either him or Sissoko for me, althoug if Bale doesn’t fire tonight or next wk then Ill grab them both.

          Evans looking value in def too

          • Joe says:

            Maybe Bale is worth getting back after all, I think I’ll go Gerrard for the DGW and maybe then Bale with my WC. Michu is looking less and less like an option for the rest of the season, I think my midfield will be Mata, Bale, Fellaini, Walcott and Sissoko.

  9. Shaun Curnow says:

    Ended up with 71 and overall rank now 3,954. Was actually a very average round, only Felliani (30), Bale (11), Cesar (8) and Walcott/Mate (6) scored points for me!

    Ive brought in Sturridge for Ba already, was going be 1 week trade for DGW and then move him onto Rooney but call me crazy but I actually think Sturridge is better option over Saurez so might move him on instead. Sturridge just seems more consistent, has scored 5 or 6 every week so far.

  10. Dan says:

    wow ur killing it mate, very nice! I’m only 110000 odd places behind πŸ™‚

    Have done Fletcher > Sturridge already, little worried about the thigh injury but think he’s a keeper for the season so nows the time to jump on.

    Also done Gibbs > Enrique giving me four ( Michu and Davies aswell) for the DGW.

    • Liam says:

      I am going to wait until later in the week his price rise is insignificant compared to if he doesn’t play.

      I will have 4 aswell wondering whether to go 5 with Gerrard in for the week (for walcott, bale or mata)

      • Liam says:

        or even tremmel hmm

      • Louie K says:

        He may only play the second game vs Swansea. That thigh is a concern. He’ll likely be withdrawn from the England squad as well.

        • mad romeys says:

          Yeah despite Bale’s handy 11 points this week I will probably get in Gerrard for the week and if I can make it, I will do Ruiz>Sturridge.

        • Liam says:

          I didn’t see how it happened but if it is a minor strain it will take 5-14 days to heal (speeding up the process due to regular treatment but add some for his injury record of late).

          If the average person had a light thigh strain it would take anywhere from 7-21 days to heal properly. In the middle period (day 7 to 21) it could hurt when you kick the ball continuously or rather hard more then a few times.

          Source: personal experience on more then 1 occasion

      • Dan says:

        Do u have your WC left? If u go 5 DGWers it might be hard to field 11 the following week (unless one is a gk of course)

        For the Liv/Swans blank wkI’m planning on Demel > Evans, Michu > Sissoko or preferably Fellaini if I have the cash ( which is why I did the Sturridge trade before his rise as it will be tight)

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